Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Our Christmas Day

The day started well with us getting up at 11:45. We kicked the day off with coffee and started our Christmas movie fun with the Bill Murray classic Scrooged.
After the film it was time for sausage breakfast at which point Sam, Zoe and Aaron briefly appeared (well for as long as their food lasted). Toni and I then started prepping some of our Christmas food. One turkey greased and stuffed and in the oven with the ham prepped for cooking later and it was time for more relaxing.

Next up in our movie fest was National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

It was so nice just to have a relaxed day with no pressure or expectations unlike the Griswold family Christmas LOL.

Third up on the movie front was Trading Places (still more of a Christmas movie than Die Hard will ever be!).

Food preparation then continued with the ham going in the oven and spuds, carrots, parsnips and sprouts on standby ready for cooking. Ham then went in, crackling came up beautifully and then finally we put in all the vegetables to roast.

Dinner was ready at 20:30... yum yum yum!

The Muppet Christmas Carol accompanied our delicious meal!

The food was absolutely delicious, we ended up slightly down on green stuff but there was plenty of meat and potatoes to go around.

Following the noms it was time to open presents (this was at 22:30). This was a real break from tradition but was fun anyway.

Before Aaron decided to grab a cab home we had one round of Secret Hitler. Sam had been wanting to play it for ages but it's for a minimum of five players so he's had to wait until today!

We finished off our Christmas movies with a nice bit of Home Alone.

Merry Christmas, Yuletide Wishes & Season's Greetings everybody

Merry Christmas, Yuletide Wishes and Season's Greetings to all my family and friends. I hope you all enjoy your holidays and time off no matter how you celebrate! Le anpetu ki wo waste yuha (There is goodness in this day). However you celebrate (or even if you don't) have a fantastic day. Peace, light and love to one and all.

Monday, 24 December 2018

Monday, 17 December 2018

Tree is up

We got ourselves a nice small real tree again this year. It looks great!