Wednesday, 31 October 2012

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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Earth shattering news, why George? Why?

So, today it was announced that Disney are buying Lucasfilm Ltd (and also snapping up Industrial Light & Magic as part of the deal). This was a bit of a shocker for me. It could be a good thing if it keeps the Star Wars legacy alive or it could destroy everything that I hold dear!

There is talk of Star Wars Episode 7 in 2015 followed by more films every 2 to 3 years. If they pick up some of the fantastic stories from the books that already exist post Episode 6 then I would be very happy. If they start to create their own stuff then I might be less than thrilled.

It's a thin line and I really hope that Disney don't fuck it all up.

For my own sanity here is something to lighten the mood:

Monday, 29 October 2012

Drawing Down The Moon

Toni and I went out into the garden to a glorious full moon to perform a Drawing Down The Moon Ritual. Drawing Down The Moon, or Calling Down the Moon, is a core Wiccan spiritual practice. By drawing down the light of the Full Moon, you fill yourself with Divine Light, or the Essence of the Goddess.

It was a very simple but rewarding ritual. More details can be found here:

There was a lot of fast moving clouds about so it was hard to take any pictures but I did manage to grab a couple of reasonable shots

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Breakfast, Beetleuice, Hedwig And The Angry Inch, The Glades and Downton Abbey

It was up and about early(ish) today although the extra hour from the clocks going back was most welcome!

Breakfast was an almighty fry up feast. Sausage, egg, bacon and burgers! YUMMY!

Grimm and Haven kicked off our morning. Sadly it was then marred by the truly awful Sinbad. We had decided to give this series a try but we didn't even get to the end of the first episode. It was not good at all, absolutely dire.

We took away the pain with a nice healthy antidote of Beetlejuice!

Got to love a bit of 80s cheese!

Full redemption was then achieved through the power of Hedwig And The Angry Inch. I never get tired of watching Hedwig and it has such an awesome soundtrack. Toni and I are thinking about getting matching Origins Of Love tattoos at some point:

As we had been running out of things to watch we decided to give The Glades a shot. Turns out it is a pretty good program with a great line of humour running through it. It's quite well written and isn't heavy going at all although you do have to think to try and work out the ending beforehand.

The show's premise involves a Chicago detective taking a South Florida job with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) after being falsely accused of sleeping with his captain's wife.[2] He assumes it will afford him a more relaxing lifestyle, but he finds things are more complicated than he had imagined.

A gorgeous home made curry took the edge off of the hunger pangs as we waited patiently for 21:00 to arrive and the next episode of Downton Abbey. Cake and custard in hand we sat back and enjoyed another mighty fine episode! The only downside of finally watching it on normal TV is having to put up with those incessant adverts!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Sleep in, wedding outfits, Coffee Town, Deptford Market, Downton Abbey and Facebook crap

This morning was greeted with a most welcome sleep in. It was SO nice not having to get up.

We did, however, have no objection to the postman disturbing us bringing a large package which contained our wedding outfits. They are so beautiful and were well worth waiting for. No, I won't be posting any pictures before the big day even though I would love to.

When we did eventually surface we headed to Eltham to meet Jade and have lunch at Coffee Town. Next stop was Deptford Market to pick up masses of glorious meat for a bargain price.

I spent some time trying to re-arrange some of my Facebook pages and friend lists but ended up experiencing issues and then banned from continuing the exercise.
Cheers for that Facebook, you really know how to keep your users happy! While I can understand banning people for trying to harvest friends and unsolicited messages I really fail to see how getting a punishment for using their own tools to manage my already existing pages and friends makes any sense at all!

Downton Abbey was gracing our screens again accompanied by all sorts of sweet badness and then steak and chips was the final icing on the cake! I do love my life! LOL I also LOVE Downton Abbey even though the story was tugging on the old heart strings and very sad.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Round and round

Sometimes things at work just seem to go round and round. You think you are going in one direction and then everything goes back to the start again! Or sometimes it just ends up where you thought it should have been a week ago. Oh well, who am I to argue with our illustrious powers? They do, of course, know best! LMFAO

Kebabs, Red Dwarf, The Vampire Diaries and the remainder of Downton Abbey Series 2 (plus the Xmas special) finished off the day. We are really really enjoying Downton Abbey, it is such a fantastic show and tomorrow we'll be catching up with Series 3 which will bring us bang up to date so that we can watch the final two episodes as they happen.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Coffee with Dad, Indian & Downton Abbey, wedding music

Work was meh as usual but I did manage to escape at lunch to go and meet Dad at Liverpool Street for a quick catch up and a coffee. Was good to see him and have a quick chat about the wedding and other stuff. It was certainly a much needed break.

Delays getting home were then followed by Indian food, South Park and a couple of episodes of Downton Abbey Series 2. We are almost done with that and then we can catch up with Series 3.

We've also started collating some music for use at the wedding, which has been very enjoyable.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

WFH and wedding planning

Today was a work from home day and it wasn't too bad overall. WFH doesn't always work for me but today was a day when everything was in order.

After work Toni and I headed out to the Tudor Barn to have a chat with them about our wedding. All is in order and they are almost as excited as we are! It's going to be an amazing day and its hard to believe that it's only three weekend away! Squeeee!

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Last.FM listening post

Here's last week's top picks music lovers!

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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Wicca Moon

After a less than thrilling day in the office I hot footed off to Wicca Moon in Eltham to meet Toni and the bridesmaids to go through part of our ceremony. It was a good session and everyone is now aware of what is required of them. They just have to commit it all to memory now :o)

Have to say, I really can't wait!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Foggy old London

It was a foggy day today. A VERY foggy day. It was a struggle getting up and then I had to head out into the murkiness.

Here's The Gherkin looking slightly different

The insanity of last week seemed to have disappeared slightly today which was a welcome relief.

The fog didn't disappear all day so I was treated to a lovely view of The Shard on my way back across London Bridge. Not quite so impressive now eh? LOL

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Winter is coming...

Today started slowly with a few aches following on from our march yesterday. Thankfully it didn't take too long for me to get back to normal.

Breakfast, Grimm and Haven got us set for our planned afternoon of fun.

Jane and Ian came round and we cracked out Sam's new Game Of Thrones board game. I have to admit that I wasn't that fussed about playing it but that soon changed once things were underway. Turns out it was great fun to play. Although there were some points where we have to clarify the rules it is a simple game to play with the balance of power swinging at certain points.

Alliances were made and unmade. Power shifted from tine to time and the Wildlings attacked us often! We all learned little things to take forward for future games which will just make it even more interesting to play.

I was defending the north as the Starks, Jamie was Lannister, Iain was Greyjoy and Toni was Tyrell. Sam managed to squeeze out a Bararheon win in the final round by double crossing Tyrell.

The only downside of the weekend was our boiler almost giving up the ghost. This left us having to spend Sunday with no hot water and temperamental central heating. Engineer is coming out tomorrow so hopefully that can be sorted easily as the boiler is making so very strange noises and has bugger all pressure.

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Saturday, 20 October 2012

March For A Future That Works

Today was a big day for Toni and I as we headed up to London to take part in the March For A Future That Works protest march and rally going from Victoria Embankment and ending up in Hyde Park.

More details on this event can be found here

We picked up a couple of signs en route to help us get our message across:

We made our way down Victoria Embankment to meet up with Toni's colleagues and representatives of Bromley Unison. There were a LOT of people in the starting blocks and a lot of banners and flags.

Lots of boos for Downing Street as we went passed

There was something quite ironic about this as we approached Trafalgar Square

Picadilly Circus was busy

There were lots of boos every time we walked passed a Starbucks and chants of "Pay your taxes!". It was interesting that all the Starbucks branches had at least two policeman posted outside of them. Given how little tax they've been paying it was quite bizarre to see how much protection they were getting from the system!

Fortnum & Mason did well on the boo front too. They were a bit more important though as they had about 23 policeman surrounding the store!

Another great sign!

Finally our destination of Hyde Park was in sight!

We had walked with pride, for over two and a half hours and it was SO worth it. The feeling of camaraderie and unity was fantastic. Everybody we marched with was so chuffed and grateful for the support. It was reported that over 150,000 people had taken part.

We finally managed to meet up with Shaun at the end having failed to do so beforehand and during the march. He also had a good time and it was great to see him again!

The final stage was the rally in Hyde Park with a good speech by Labour leader Ed Miliband. He did get jeered for one statement about "hard choices" still having to be made but on the whole everything he said was very well received. He pledged that if he became Prime Minister he would tax bankers' bonuses, support the building of 100,000 houses and end the privatisation of the NHS.

Here's his speech:

You can see all the pics here: 201012MarchForAFutureThatWorks

Friday, 19 October 2012

What a week, steak and Red Dwarf!

It's been a very stressful week hence me not blogging on Wednesday or Thursday. I didn't want to say anything that I might regret so decided to keep quiet for once. I know, it's a first for me but sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and say nothing. OK I'll admit that's a new one on me but it's true nonetheless *grin*

It was a great relief to get home after work where we enjoyed, THICK steak, hash browns and watched Red Dwarf. Series 10 is still just as funny and it was a great episode.

Toni and I finished the night off listening to some chants and pagan folk music to get some more ideas for the wedding as well as to help with our magickal practices.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Last.FM listening post

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