Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my family and friends.

Hope you all have a great night and a fantastic 2009!

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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Turkey and beef sandwich and Eastenders and NHL09

Snack tonight was a delightful turkey and beef sandwich accompanied by a catch up on Eastenders from last night.

Following this I indulged in more NHL 09 on the PS3, ice hockey video games, you gotta love 'em!

Oh what a big kid I am!

Happy Birthday Sara

Happy Birthday Sara

Hope you have a great day

Love from Keith


Lunch with Sophie, Sam and Shane

After I had dosed myself up with ibuprofen Sam and I went to Chelmsford and met Sophie and Shane. We had a mooch around and then went to Pizza Hut to take advantage of the lunchtime buffet lunch deal. We were in there for ages just chatting and chilling before we decided we should let them have the table as they had big queues.

After lunch Sophie, Sam and Shane went back to Galleywood (Sam is staying with Sophie and Shane until after New Year) and I made my way back to SWF.

House was VERY quiet with nobody in at all, not sure I like it too much. On the plus side Toni is coming tomorrow and we'll be painting the town read for New Year so its more like a calm before the storm LMFAO. Spent a couple of hours playing on the PS3 before settling down to watch he Capitals v Bison webcast.

Rough night!

Had a really bad night last night.
Couldn't get to sleep and when I did it was very disrupted and I kept waking up. Think I probably managed about 4 hours sleep in all, not good. Woke up with a headache from hell and had to dive for the ibuprofen immediately.

Monday, 29 December 2008

A sad day

Today was a sad day.

Mum was going back to Stratford upon Avon today. Before she left she made a sort of Shepherd's Pie but with leftover turkey and ham instead of mince and sliced potato on the top instead of mash. It was absolutely delicious.

Toni, Sam and I drove mum to Chelmsford to drop her off at the bus station. We then popped into HMV so that I could pick up a couple of BluRay discs in the sale. I picked up Sweeney Todd, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands and The Crow

Toni had to head back to London at 19:00 as Gemima was returning from Cornwall with Nick so it was a bit odd to have the house with just Sam and I in it again. We did manage to occupy our time catching up on a load of wrestling that we hadn't seen yet.

Still, Toni will be back on Wednesday ready for New Year fun and frolics! YAY!

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Ice hockey and TGI Friday

After another wonderful lie in (I can really get used to these LOL, it will be a shame once my time off is done and it's back to work again).

Once we had all got up we decided that we would go to Romford to watch some ice hockey as the game was Romford Spitfires v Chelmsford Chieftains, haven't been for a while and mum enjoys it too. Sam wasn't too keen until food was offered afterwards LOL.

As you would expect from a local derby game it was a chippy and exciting affair which the Chieftains won 6 - 2. Toni found it very hard to get used to the netting rather than plexi all round the ice pad.

After getting lost exiting the ice rink we then headed out to chav city (sorry, Bas Vegas) where I treated Toni, mum and Sam to a lovely TGI Friday dinner.


Mum and I:

Sam refusing to have his photo taken again:

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Lazy day

Today was defintely a lazy day (and why not!)

Toni went to Asda and Sam and I amused ourselves further on the wonderful Little Big Planet.

Early lunch today as Sophie and Shane were being collected by Fi (Shane's sister). Miracles do happen at Xmas it seems as Fi arrived almost 30 minutes early so she came in and had a cup of tea while we finished lunch and Sophie and Shange gathered their belongings.

Once again the evening was dominated by Sam and I on Little Big Planet (thankfully its the sort of game that people can enjoy just watching others playing it).

Later on we decided to have some more food (it's Xmas, it's allowed!) and we all sat and watched Casino Royale on glorious BluRay HD vision.

Friday, 26 December 2008

Boxing Day fun

Today was like Christmas Day all over again. Sophie and Shane came over and we did round two of presents. It was lovely to be able to have them over.

Toni and Aaron had to shoot off to her sisters, where they also did Christmas MK 2 with all of her family. It was a bit weird with her having to disappear for a while but I know she had to go.

Sophie, Shane, mum, Sam and I chatted, played a little on the PS3 and had a lovely buffet lunch.

The afternoon was spent in fits of laughter playing Little Big Planet, a very very VERY silly game but so addictive.

Toni returned later on and say amongst the madness (and did some knitting). She was knitting a dolly and I asked her to knit me a Sack Boy (the star of Little Big Planet).

Sam wearing the free gift from his Family Guy series 7 DVD set that Sophie bought him:

Toni looking fab in the new dress that I gave her for Xmas:

Let me in:

Sophie and Shane:

See all the pictures in my Picasa web album here:
26/12/08 Boxing Day

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my friends and family!

It was a good day. Toni and I made a real disaster of doing the Santa thing for Sam and Aaron. Everybody went to bed late which wasn't a good start. Toni and I watched DVDs in bed (well she fell asleep quite a lot) and then we attempted to do the Santa thing at around 02:00. Seems we managed to wake both the boys up, I gave up trying to open Sam's door quietly and just hung his stuff on the door handle. No sooner had we gone back to bed than the rustling started LOL.

It was nice to wake up at a pleasant hour and good hear my mum doing stuff in the kitchen.

Mum made sausages for breakfast which started the day off well.

By midday we poured drinks for everyone and then Sam was postman and handed out the presents.

We had a fantastic Xmas dinner (thanks mum and Toni for making it so lovely) and this was followed by no activity at all, watching TV and more eating and drinking.

All in all it was a good Xmas, a little strange with Sophie not being there, but was full of cheer and happiness




A puzzled Sam trying to work out what his small present is:

TGI Friday vouchers YAY!

I wonder what this could be? LOL

Sam being very pleased with the second part of his present:

Grubs up:


Tuck in:

See all the pictures in my Picasa web album here:
25/12/08 Christmas Day

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

A bit cheesed off!

With it being the last day of work before Xmas our beloved boss decided to bring in some beer and nibbles for those of us that were in on Xmas eve. What was even better was that he had also brought in champagne for us too (or so I thought). He handed a few bottles out around the office and there were two left. He then walked passed me with both bottles, gave one to Arek (who sits at a desk behind me) only for the final bottle to disappear. So that meant everybody that was in got one apart from me. I am sure that it was merely an oversight and not deliberate but it wasn't a great way to finish off the last day before Xmas.

Xmas videos

Here's a few festive videos to enjoy!

Hanoi Rocks - Run Rudolph Run

Twisted Sister - Oh Come All Ye Faithful

Soho Dolls - Dead By Xmas

Last day at work!

Last day at work today and thankfully we do finish early (hopefully very early). Had a bit of a rest this morning as Mike picked me (and will be dropping me home again, you are a star!)

Almost there

Finally got nearly all the tidying done and the last of the Xmas prezzies wrapped up.
Am totally knackered now

Tuesday, 23 December 2008



Got in from work tonight and managed to kick Sam off of the PS3 for 5 minutes so that I could have a bash at Sonic Unleashed! It's an awesome game, just a shame that I had so much to do that I couldn't keep playing it LOL

After I had eaten it was time to do a load of tidying up and moving around of things ready for Xmas so no more PS3 for me.

ugh zzzzzzzzzzzz

That sums up how I feel this morning. Tried to have an early night but failed and then didn't sleep well. Getting up for work was a real struggle. It's going to be a caffeine fuelled day today methinks!

Monday, 22 December 2008

Turning on the Xmas lights


The latest Haynes manual.........

..........I want one!

Chatting with Gloria

Had a nice set of text exchanges with Gloria today. Was nice to talk even though it was via text. We both feel the same about Xmas, it just isn't the same without Sharon around but we'll try and do our best to have a good time anyway.

It was strange as she seemed to think that I would think differently but I had to let her know that my feelings for Sharon have never gone away or subsided and that I still miss her more than anything.

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Sunday, 21 December 2008

There's no i in team......

.....but there is in Keith, Linda and Toni and unit.

Mum, Toni and I put together my new TV unit this evening so that the PS3 could be safely parked. It was definitely a case of teamwork as we all played valuable roles in assembling the thing but it was a great success and the living room looks great with it in place.

Another action packed day!

After cups of tea Sam and I set about setting up the PS3 (our new toy that we bought together). Have to say it is pretty awesome, really glad we bought it.

Lovely breakfast of toast & marmite (thank you Toni)

Following breakfast, Toni & mum went to Asda to stock up on things and Sam and I stayed at home and played on the PS3 :o)

We then drove over to Sophie & Shane's and dropped Sam off and mum, Toni and I popped back into Chelmsford to go to Argos to get a couple of units that mum was buying me.

We then went back to Sophie & Shane's, via Lidl so that Toni and mum could get some more Xmas goodies, for a cup of tea & to give Sophie her baby gifts from (uncle) David and Nelly. Here are a few pics:

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Busy day

Day started off with Toni wrapping presents and me doing "stuff"
Following that we went to Chelmsford to meet mum at the bus station. Sophie, Shane and Sam were there with mum when we arrived. It was good to see mum again.

As the hungers had set in we all decided to have lunch at Wetherspoons and very nice it was too (and a VERY welcome change from Pizza Hut)

After lunch Shane and Sam went back to Sophie and Shane's while mum, Toni and I went to do some Xmas shopping. Got the last of the bits that we needed so job done!

When we got home I watched the Capitals webcast, mum watched Strictly Come Dancing and Toni prepared dinner

Had a lovely dinner of meatballs and rice (although not as nice as Toni's usual home made ones)

Toni & Sam went upstairs and had a chat and mum and I watched some awful old film on the TV.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Perfect end to a Friday night

Toni came over.

What more could you want! LMFAO

The Paranoid Squirrel

HA! Found it.
My old mate Armitage does a podcast and after a bit of searching I have found it (and started syncing it to my mp3 player.

Check out The Paranoid Squirrel here:

You can dive straight in and listen to the podcasts here:

Back safe and sound!

Sam and Livvy returned just after 01:35, it was such a relief for them to get back. Turns out Sam's battery had died (something I shall have words about LOL).
Karen turned up 5 minutes later to pick up Livvy so all ended happily.


Time to be worried now.
It is 01:10 and Sam and Livvy have not returned home yet.
Have tried ringing Sam but his phone is going straight to voicemail.
I shall be having words!

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Junk food

After my walk I went to the "kebab van that isn't really a van" and bought a chicken kebab and chips & cheese for dinner. Yummy scrummy!

And for those of you that are new to this and are wondering what the "kebab van that isn't really a van" is all about, here goes:

Quiet walk and reflections

After my mad tidying up frenzy I decided to go for a little walk to get some food. Everything was very quiet and peaceful and as I walked along breathing in the fresh winter air I looked at all the decorated houses and remembered the times that Sharon and I used to go for a stroll around SWF (usually with Jack the Westie). Was quite emotional thinking back on those wonderful times when we just wandered around on together just enjoying the tranquility of the night. I sang a few songs and had a chat with Sharon and smiled (with a tear in my eye).

Not amused and tidying up

Got in from work today only to find that Sam had buggered off to The O2 to see The Mighty Boosh with Livvy without doing any of the washing up. Needless to say I was NOT amused as he has been at home all day.

After I had done that I then got down to the mammoth task of tidying up and straightening the house out before mum arrives on Saturday.

Most of it is done now, just a few things to sort out tomorrow night and first thing on Saturday but my panic is over.

Manic day at work!

Really busy at work today with everybody seemingly going great guns to clear things out of their queue before Xmas hits us!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Warhammer and stir fry

Not together though!

Had a very enjoyable Warhammer battle with Sam when I got in from work today. I hate to admit it but I am starting to get the hand of it all again, guess that means I am still a geek LMFAO.

Toni arrived while Sam and I were playing and made a lovely stir fry which we ate while watched Batman: The Dark Night.

Back to work

Real struggle to get up this morning. Two days off had me in "no rush to get up" mode. did manage to haul myself out of my pit and then get Sam up on time though. Even got to the station with enough time to buy my ticket!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The Landlord

Bad taste Xmas cards

I thought these were mildly amusing but then I am a sick puppy! Courtest of b3ta's "Xmas Cards Challenge" here:

Last but not least, this is dedicated to someone known to some of us (who shall remain nameless to protect the not-so-innocent:

Monday, 15 December 2008

One day............

"Probably" the best GHD advert in the world ever?

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Day off and working!

So how does this work then? I took today and tomorrow off as I had two days holiday left (and we aren't allowed to carry it over) and yet was signed in to work from home just after 08:30 and then signed off again at around 11:30! HEHE the things we do to help out!

Sunday, 14 December 2008

The Quireboys @ The Forum

Sam and I went to see The Quireboys at The Forum tonight.

First support band , The Whybyrds, weren't too bad at all, a bit like Georgia Satellites "lite" in some respect but a good way to warm us all up.

Next up was Mary McBride. Not sure how she ended up being picked for this tour as she just didn't seem to fit in with the general vibe and provided one of the most wooden performances I have ever seen. Their final song started off as Honky Tonk Women but unfortunately Mary decided to sing the lyrics to Amazing Grace instead, BLEURGH!

Some of you may have noticed my earlier blog about a certain Armitage Shanx. Well tonight he and I met up for the first time in over 20 years! Was good to see him again and we still have so much catching up to do. Here we are:

The Quireboys were awesome as ever. Spike seemed to be having a real blast and enjoying himself.

See more pictures on my Picasa here: 141208TheQuireboysAtTheForum#

When we got back to Liverpool Street station (after loads of delays) we went in search of food and were pounced upon by a girl (called Jess it transpires) who had been on the same train as us heading into town (she was off to Camden to a GRRR GRRR ARGH Death Metal fest). She was a little worse for alcoholic wear and requested that we help her get to the train. We went the only shop that was open to get food (only Sam and I just had coffee and she bought a panini).

The panini looked foul, it was roadkill and the chicken tasted like fish (she persuaded us to both try it, thank god for coffee to take the taste away).

The roadkill:

Me after sampling said roadkill:

Turns out Jess knows a few of the people who go to Evolution, including Ric, Katie, Charlie and "scarey" Peter Carey. I have been tasked with getting Ric to take her to "death metal grr grr argh" night on a Friday at Evo and to send him this photo.

She won't see me though as I HATE the Evolution GRR GRR ARGH death metal nights LMFAO

"Interesting" girl, very drunk, and said "innit" a lot *cringe*. It was a relief when Sam and I had to get off at Wickford and met Toni (who had kindly agreed to come and meet us to take us home to save getting a taxi)