Friday, 29 June 2012

Club Alternative

New experience for Toni and I tonight as we headed into Chelmsford to attend our first ever Club Alternative. Rather than our usual alternative haunts which are geared up for people who consider themselves part of "alternative culture" (goths, EBMers, punks, metalheads etc) this club night was targeted at the Trans & Gay Community.

Needless to say I went in girl mode. I hadn't been sure what to expect and as I am pretty out in public I wasn't sure if a segregated night was for me. It wasn't a very busy night but it was enjoyable nonetheless. It was great to catch up with Tasha Nightshade once again and also to meet and share stories with a lady called Toni.

I also took time out to talk to Stacy Novak and Shane Marcus who run Transliving International as I have offered them some services that hopefully will help to reduce their costs.

We plan to attend the next one so hopefully that will be much busier.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Clown shoes, heat, nice dinner and stuff

Today was a day for the clown shoes! They were coming at me from all directions at one point. I was actually starting to question whether we were a professional organisation at all! It took far too much effort to put out all the fires and get things sorted but we got there in the end. Methinks some people need to have their butts kicked so that the rest of us can get one with some real work rather than having to clean up the mess created by others!

None of this was helped by the ever increasing temperature either. I was hot and grumpy by the time I got home and it was my turn to cook as well! Chicken and a cool salad was prepared and we ate out in the garden as there was a nice breeze by the time everything was ready so it was nice and cool outside although both Aaron and Gemima complained that they were chilly! PFT!

After dinner, with the kids dispersed to the four corners of the house Toni and I went into the office for tea and meringues to do some work (well Toni did and I started preparing a future blog post).

After the office duties were over it was time for a final round of shaving ready for our night out tomorrow.

I shall leave you with this little chuckle though:

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Walking, waxing, plucking dyeing!

Twas a busy day today. Quite hectic at work. Lunch was a home made bento style thing with stir fried vegetables and some sticky rice. I actually surprised myself as it was very nice. I did manage to get in nice walk, shorter than usual as I was accompanied by Stuart but good to get out.

Details are here:

Dinner was steak accompanied by the first episode of Series 1 of Teen Wolf. Not a bad show, be interesting to see if it gets me hooked and wanting to watch the rest of it will fizzle out.

The rest of the night was spent starting the preparation for Club Alternative on Friday night. There was plucking of eyebrows, waxing of chest and back followed by restoring my hair to black and the straightening it. All of this was accompanied by various groovy rock n roll tunes including Hanoi Rocks and Rolling Stones.

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Monday, 25 June 2012

One of those days, final Grimm day, more TV and then disk drive trauma

It was one of THOSE days at work today. Lots of silliness and insanity accompanied by another pointless puppet show with Billy Smart! The end of the day couldn't have come fast enough!

As predicted yesterday we watched the remaining two episodes of Grimm. It was so frustrating to reach the end as it finished on an awesome cliffhanger and now we have ages to wait until Season 2 starts! It will be worth the wait though I am sure.

We continued in TV land catching up on the latest episodes of True Blood and Falling Skies. My praise for both shows will continue as they seem to have really got things right and there are plenty of little twists to stir things up!

The day did end up a little grim though as my USB hard drive started playing up and I had to spend a couple of hours trying to nurse it back to health. I think I might have failed but thankfully all the important data had already been copied off of it. It was still sad to think that this trusty piece of equipment is now knackered.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

A Grimm day

Today was a Grimm day, literally. We watched LOTS of episodes of Grimm today. It is such a good series that we just kept on going for the majority of that day. We did come up for air every now and then (and ordered Chinese) but most of our time was spent enjoying Grimm LOL.
It started getting late and we ended up having to go to bed with just two episodes remaining, NOOOOOOOO!

Guess what we'll be doing tomorrow evening!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Woman In Black, Alphas and entertaining, Futurama and Grimm,

Toni was off to a needlecraft/sewing meeting today so it was a bit odd having the house to myself for a while. I had a quick play on Streetfighter IV and then Sam and I took advantage of Toni's absence which gave us the ability to watch some stuff that she won't, namely horror type stuff.

We watched Daniel Radcliffe try and break out of his crap acting rut in the really rather good The Woman In Black. Nowhere near as scary as I would have liked but the film had it's moments and I really enjoyed it. Still not 100% convinced by Mr Radcliffe but I preferred him in this over the Harry Potter films.

Sam decided to go and play Warhammer with Aaron so I brought myself up to date with Alphas so that I will be ready for Season 2 in a few weeks. It's another good series even if some things are a little too close to X-Men at times. Can't wait to see how Season 2 pans out following the dramatic end to Season 1.

The afternoon was spent entertaining Jade, Leanne, Shivaani, Jodie and Azalea who had come over for a late birthday celebration for Toni. Sadly the weather let us down and we weren't able to have the BBQ that we had hoped for.

Jade had to leave early and Toni brought in the bits she had made earlier and I grabbed them to become an Elder God(ess).
Behold KTulhu

Indian food was then accompanied by a Futurama fest starting with the final musical episode from Season 4 and then we wound back to the very start and did half of Season 1.

Sam and I cleared up and had a good old fashioned chin wag while Toni dropped Jodie and Azalea back home.

Our evening was nicely rounded off with some episodes of Grimm which is another really good TV series that I would recommend.

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Friday, 22 June 2012

Strikes, walking, Futurama, Falling Skies and Hit And Miss

Travel today was hampered by Unite arranging bus strikes over bonus pay for the Olympics so I had to rely on a lift from Toni but it did mean I was late in *grumble grumble*

Got well back into my stride on the walking front today with a good 3.94 mile stint that was most invigorating! I even managed a slightly more interesting route as well which made a nice change, details are here:

It was an unremarkable day at work and it was a great relief to get out and head home. Roast chicken and chips started the wind down process. We then went into TV catch up mode as we were behind on a few things. The first two progs were welcome return season premieres.

First up was Futurama which continues to impress with good storyline and plenty of laughs. Not bad considering this is now the seventh season. Next up was the second season premiere of Falling Skies the post alien invasion series. This picked up well where the last one left off and has me hooked already and longing for the next episode!

Finally we caught up with episodes four and five of Hit And Miss the trans hit woman show. I'm really not sure about this series. It has flashes of brilliance but falls foul of a lack of reality and some shocking plot holes. Things have taken an unexpected turn and it will be interesting to see how they finish off the series. It's a brave concept that is marred by the execution in places. It's definitely worth a watch though as its different from the usual shows we get these days.

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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Dredd 2012

This is one movie that I am really really looking forward to seeing. Dredd is one of my childhood heroes and this reboot looks so much better than the Stallone abomination!

Apologies if the first clip stops working, Lionsgate are clamping down on it as it was leaked out LOL

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

REVIEW: Tightsplease 15 Denier Sheer Tights (Black)

Having missed out on a recent bloggers event with Tightsplease I was sent a Look Book and a sample pair so that I could see what I missed out on. I've finally got round to actually testing these out and here are my thoughts.

Initial impression as I took the tights out of the package was that they feel quite smooth, with a nice vintage nylon feel to them. They also felt as though they would be quiet tough which is something I look for in all my hosiery. Putting them on was easy and despite some rough edges on one of my nails there were no snags or ladders created so that was a really good start.

These tights feel amazing on. Good firm feel to them and sheer to waist too which I love! It's just a shame the toe wasn't sheer/sandal style too but you can't have everything.

After wearing them all day it was a great big thumbs up from me! Really impressed and they don't lose their shape at all and are very comfortable to wear and look and feel fantastic. Now, they next thing for them to do is move out of One Size and offer them in larger sizes too.

You can buy these tights in black, fleshtone and navy from Tightsplease here:

Happy Birthday Toni

Happy Birthday to my darling Toni!

Hope you have a fantastic day.

Love you VERY VERY VERY much!

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Staring, walking, changing, No Way Out and True Blood

It always amazes me just how many people find me strange/interesting. Always loads of people ready for a second take when I'm out and about. What's so fascinating about eyeliner and nail varnish anyway? LOL. I can't wait to see the reactions as I transition more and more *grin*

Had a shorter than usual walk today but still managed just under three miles. I am really enjoying walking again and i just hope the weather stays dry as it's not so much fun in the wet. Details are here:

Got home and slipped into leggings and floral dress and went into the garden to see Toni. Turned out Leanne and Bob were there so it was more hellos ten goodbyes. Just as well they totally accept me as I am or they might have been a little shocked LOL!

Sam cooked a lovely Chinese style meal an we had fun watching WWE No Way Out. It might be silly wrestling. It I find it very entertaining and for the second time ever I was delighted to see John Cena win.

The evening was rounded off with the latest episode of True Blood. They seem to have got their edge back after a below par Season 4 which is a great relief.

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Monday, 18 June 2012

Busy day, walking, roast pheasant and fish pie

Busy day today but productive nonetheless. Finally seeing the end of a piece of work that was a long hard slog.

Also had a good 3.37 mile walk. This one was very random as I just set off in one direction and then deviated as and when I saw fit until eventually getting the homing instinct and worked my way back to the office. No chicken fillet disasters today either due to a lack of chicken fillets!
Full details, map etc can be found here:

Dinner tonight was exquisite. We started with roast pheasant and salad as a started and then followed up with some fish pie. Entertainment was provided by football highlights and an extended Have I Got News For You!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Chilling, Cauldron Of Blood, garden furniture and Indian

A day of chilling was on the cards today which was nice what with it being Father's Day and all. We got up nice and late and Sam cooked a lovely breakfast.

He then present me with a fantastic present. A Dark Elves Cauldron Of Blood for Warhammer Fantasy. Oh how happy I was! I have to admit that also pleased to have received a text from Sophie too.

Toni was having a bit of a bad day so we occupied ourselves in the afternoon making garden furniture and our brand new gas BBQ. It was nice to sit and relax in the garden afterwards :o)

We then decided to suspend our plans for dinner and go and eat out at our local Indian and had a lovely meal there instead!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

More walking (silicone push-ups disaster), Rock Of Ages and Ria: Diary Of A Teen Transsexual

It was a lovely day again today so I took the opportunity to do some more walking. Managed to rack up a cool 4.13 miles and took a much more interesting route! Have to say it is pretty embarrassing doing a fast walk and then realise that your silicone push-ups have gone for a wander and trying to get them back into place discretely! Full details (of the walk, not the silicone push-up disaster) are here:

Call me sad but I am actually looking forward to seeing this. It looks cheesy as hell and very silly but somehow I suspect it is just going to work!

Dinner was made by me, a lazy spaghetti bol while Toni popped out to do some stuff for Jade. Dinner was followed by chocolate and we watched Ria: Diary Of A Teen Transsexual.  

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Back to walking and a lovely curry

Today I restarted my fitness regime as the weather has improved again. I set out on a 56 minute walk and covered 3.75 miles on a random route around the office.

As I did before everything was logged using RunKeeper on my iPhone. Exact details of my route are here:

In getting back to exercising I am also cutting out sandwiches (and crap) at lunchtime which makes me less boated and feeling better in general. I was a bit hungry when I got home so was delighted that Toni whipped up a gorgeous beef curry.

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Monday, 11 June 2012

Orpheum @ The Peel

Tonight was Orpheum gig time again. This time we were at The Peel in Kingston upon Thames supporting Achilla and November-7. On arrival at the venue we were greeted with this sight:

OK so the spelling of Orpheum was wrong but it's not often you have a small venue put your name up in lights!

The gig was great, we had an awesome sound and we were well received by those that were there even if it was a disappointing turn out overall. I guess the England v France game and crap weather might have had an impact on people coming out. Two new additions to the set went really well and it was a luxury getting 45 minutes to play in rather than the usual 30 mins.

*** Am still waiting for some photos of us playing so will update this blog entry once I have some ***

What a great band these guys were. Some great songs, intricate playing and a great set of vocals! Very well received by the audience too.

They do say that the best is always saved for last! November-7 were awesome. Think Rammstein (lite) with a strong female front woman and you'll be getting close! Really really enjoyed their set and it was a real shame that so few people got to see this amazing band!

Here they are with a funky cover of Children Of The Revolution!

It was a fantastic night in general and a great one for Orpheum. As we finished our set we were pounced upon by the singer of Achilla who invited us to open for then at the Boston Music Rooms in July. Needless to say we accepted!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

More girly fun, the best breakfast and sorting stuff

After a fantastic lay in we got dressed again. Another day in full girl mode for me including double bra for full definition!
We had the best breakfast too. Gluten free fish finger sandwiches with salad cream. Oh my word, foodgasm! We watched a wonderful French film called Potiche (Trophy Wife) which starred Catherine Deneuve and Gerard Depardieu. It's a wonderful little story and so well made/told. If you want to see something a little different the. It's well worth checking out.
Suitably rested it was then time to tackle the house again. we got so much done it was amazing. The bedroom is now almost fully sorted which really only leaves the dining room left to do. Yes, we are almost where now!
It was my turn to cook so I dished up pork chops, jacket potatoes, coleslaw and carrot and swede mash! Toni really enjoyed it which made me very happy! A couple of episodes of Red Dwarf were followed by a cup of tea and B early night!
It's been an amazing weekend. I've totally love being in girl mode and I'm actually sad that it's back to work and normality tomorrow. I really don't want to have to go back into boy mode. Oh well, that's life I suppose!
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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Girly time and waxing

After two days of being sick it was good to feel better again. With all the kids being away we took full advantage of our time!

Girl mode was fully engaged. Toni got down to some serious waxing which was actual quite pleasurable for me too. We used Veet's Easywax Electrical Roll-On device which was simply magical. I would highly recommend this for anyone that indulges in waxing.

Suitably waxed I then enjoyed slipping into some nice clothes and then we chilled out, had dinner and watched Haywire. Not a bad film overall. Toni cooked an incredible pork fillet with bacon stuffed with Camembert and spinach. It was totally gorgeous!

Following some extra dressing up we then watched Red Dwarf before hitting the pit.

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Thursday, 7 June 2012


..... off sick from work today. No fun and most certainly not what I wanted! *grumble grumble*

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Red hot Orpheum rehearsal

Tonight Orpheum descended on Storm Studios for our last rehearsal before our gig at The Peel in Kingston Upon Thames where we will be supporting Achilla and November-7. It was a great rehearsal with everything sounded really good and the new song is fantastic.

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