Saturday, 30 April 2011

Property viewing, gardening, Blade Runner & Black Books

Toni, Aaron and I quizzes back to Eltham to go and view another property. Sadly Sam didn't come as he was too tired from a mega hectic night at work. The property was OK but it looked a lot better in the pictures than it do in reality. The master bedroom wasn't that big although the en-suite was nice. It was also a worry that there was no O2 signal there at all which would have caused us all issues. It's always good to view a variety of properties but this was one for the no pile.

After a quick snackette we headed back to SWF. I am ashamed to admit that the state of the front garden finally got the better of me be I ended up getting the lawn mower and strimmer out *grumble grumble*

One lovely stir fry later and it was time to chill out. Ice cream provided a welcome addition to Blade Runner: The Final Cut and then some Black Books for a bit of hilarity.

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Friday, 29 April 2011

NO Royal Wedding, Lightbulb Cafe, Due Date and Blackadder

I am proud to say that I did NOT watch the Royal Wedding today. I really don't see what all the fuss was about. Fair play to those that got excited and felt this made them feel British, whatever! I have since seen some pictures and do at least agree that the dress was gorgeous but the rest of it has thankfully passed me by, it's just a shame that it will take a week or so for the media to stop reporting on this.

We drove back to SWF in the afternoon and ended up going to The Lightbulb Cafe for a very late big breakfast/lunch! It did fill a large hole I have to admit!

Sam had to go to work tonight so Toni, Aaron and I spent the evening watching Due Date (an OK film with a couple of really funny bits) followed by a large smattering of Blackadder (episodes from Series 2 and 3).

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Crazy day & house viewing

It was another crazy day at The Asylum! There is still far too much work to do for just the two of us but we are chipping away at it slowly. Thankfully the two extra tasks that we had feared were about to drop on us didn't appear although I expect they will next emerge next week!

We did however get some news about some internal changes (an interim measure prior to a proper re-org).

In the evening Toni, Sam and I went and looked at a property together. It had great potential and is definitely onto consider. We are looking at another place on Saturday. It does make your head hurt a hit doing all this searching and evaluating!

It will all be worth it in the long run but the whole process is both nerve racking and exciting at the same time and we've only just started LOL

Rounded the day off with some Sam made pork chops accompanied by The Boat That Rocked!

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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Kitty air and Hollywood Doll

Received a wonderful text today from Toni saying that Gemima has chosen me a present. How cool is this car air freshener?

Toni went to view a property today which she said was really nice. A second viewing had been arranged for Sam and I tomorrow so we can see it too.

While Toni was house hunting and viewing I was at Maple Studios in Southend for a Hollywood Doll rehearsal. Everything is sounding nice and tight for our gig at The Twist and the set order is now decided including a little added extra ;o)

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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Back to the madness, Orpheum, duck fun and house hunting

It was with great "joy" that I returned to the madness of The Asylum/The Dungeon today. At the moment it's just down to Stuart and I to field everything as Dom is away on holiday and we don't have a replacement for Hez yet so needless to say it's all a bit hectic!

After working for 9 hours I then hit the trail to Arnos Grove to meet at Martine's for an Orpheum session. This was an interesting experience, five people in a small room plugged into a PC working on various bits of songs that needed fine tuning, but it was definitely worthwhile doing.

During a break Fin presented us all with a delightful present......HILARIOUS!

Fin and Andy dropped me back at Toni's which was much appreciated as it would have been a long trek back from Arnos Grove to Mottingham. I was greeted with a lovely stir fry and then Toni and I went through a load of properties that she had found on Rightmove with a view to us going to view a few of them to get the ball rolling.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Stratford shopping, paella and moving talk

Final day of our trip to Stratford involved a bout of shopping. Sadly Games Workshop was closed so we contented ourselves with Mystic Dimension and then a browse of a load of market stalls and onto The Creaky Cauldron.

When we got back to mum's she had prepared a fantastic paella lunch for us :o)

It was a lovely weekend seeing mum but sadly the time came when we had to head back.

Our journey back was filled with talk of Sam's options for the future and by the end of it we were heading towards him probably coming out of education and then looking for full time work (probably at Games Workshop). It was also agreed that realistically it was going to be London that we were going to move to rather than SWF. Scary but exciting times ahead as we try and find somewhere suitable for us all!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Dinner at Lambs

We went to Lambs Restaurant for dinner tonight. It was my treat for mum's birthday. Fantastic food and service. It's not the cheapest meal in the world but boy is it worth every penny!

My starter was Crispy Chilli Duck followed by Rib Eye Steak and then Creme Brulee.

The starter was the perfect foreplay leading up to a steak-gasm followed by a pudding-gasm!

If you ever fancy having a quality meal in Stratford upon Avon then please consider going to Lambs. Be warned, you may well have to book!

Mary Arden's House

We spent today doing the tourist thing and all went off to Mary Arden's house. It is a working farm sticking true to the principles that were formed back in Shakespearean times.

Mischief on the bench!

A nice selection of animals

We had a spot of lunch while we were there. They had some gorgeous drinks too.

The drinks:

Mary Arden's Farm Patter

I have to say that whenever I am out it is always good to see some nice big cocks on show!

It's all a bit cramped inside the house:

Well for some of us anyway!

We watched a glorious falconry display that never ceases to amaze me:

See all the pics here: 240411MaryArdenSHouse

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Bacon butties, hot Stratford shopping, Dr Who & NYR!

After a lovely sleep we were treated to bacon butties for breakfast today :o)

We then all hit Stratford to do a little shopping. The weather was gorgeous and it was really hot so I was not exactly in my element as I don't do heat. Orange shop saw mum walk away with a new mobile phone. Next stop was boots so that Toni could get an ankle support as she was getting some pain in hers (and had no real idea why).

In what could have been a fatal trip we then hit WH Smith and Waterstones in search of books! Toni, Sam and I all walked away with purchases but it was nowhere near as bad as it could have been as we are all book fiends!

Costa became a sanctuary as we enjoyed their fantastic air conditioning and coffe/tea and cooled off a bit. It was to out amusement and annoyance that we discovered that their gluten free chocolate brownie was listed as containing wheat! Now that WAS a mystery. Toni registered a complaint and will be following it up!

Our final stop was Games Workshop where more money was spent than had been originally planned with Toni starting her Dwarf army and me boosting my Dark Elves. Sadly for Sam the new Tomb Kings aren't out for another two weeks so he has to wait.

Fantatsic entertainment was provided with the first episode of the new Dr. Who series which was really good and had us all shouting "Noooooooo" when the cliffhanger arrived. A really strong start, let's hope they can keep it up for the rest of the series!

Dinner was a home made Greek meze and then we sat around and read and I watched Game 5 of the New York Rangers v Washington Capitals series. With the Capitals leading 3 - 1 in the series the Rangers HAD to win this one. Sadly in traditional New York style they managed to completely choke on this game and ended up losing 1 - 3 meaning that the play off dream is over having lost the series 4 - 1. BAH HUMBUG! Think I'll choose the Capitals as my backup team for the next round!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Stratford upon Avon to see mum

Today we headed off to Stratford upon Avon for the weekend to see mum. We started off with a big breakfast at The Lightbulb Cafe in Basildon.

Co-Pilot took us on a new route that turned out to be quicker and prettier than our previous ones. When we arrived it was time for tea and a crash out and relax. We gave mum her birthday card and presents which she was delighted with (some jet jewellery from Whitby, a clanger with sounds, Shakespeare playing cards and a Floppy Shirley.)

Yahtzee, mucho vino, Have I Got News For You and QI whiled away the hours until silly o'clock!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

To Eltham, to SWF, to Burnham for Tron and Halo

It was with great relief that I left work today looking forward to a four day break.

First stop was Eltham to meet Toni and Sam, have a cup of tea and chill out. We then headed back to SWF and were very naughty and indulged in another pan special from Kebab Van and started watching new fantasy series Game Of Thrones. It shows a promising start and I can't wait to see the rest of it.

After food we popped over to Burnham to see Stu and Nic and indulge in a little Halo Reach multiplayer and watch Tron Legacy. We shall be making a point of seeing them more often as it's been ages since we last spent time with them.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

More dungeon madness, pan special, Hollywood Doll rehearsal & NYR

It continues to be madness in the dungeon in a never ending battle. It's just relentless at the moment and nothing ever seems to ease up! I don't mind pressure and busy times but we seemed to have reached a new level of insane. I just hope things get better after the easter break.

Went back to SWF and whizzed off with Toni to get food which turned out to be the pan special from Kebab Van. A wonderful blend of mixed kebab meat, salad and garlic sauce served on a bed of cheesy chips (instead of pitta bread). This was accompanied by Friday Night Smackdown.

After food it was off to Southend for a Hollywood Doll rehearsal. Despite having a break for a while we were really tight and we hardly had to work on anything which was reassuring. Two more rehearsals to go and then we have our next gig at The Twist in Colchester with Trash Monroe and Devilish Presley on Saturday 7th May!

When I got home I had a quick cup of tea with Toni and she crashed out while I decided to torment myself by watching Game 4 of the New York Rangers v Washington Capitals Stanley Cup Play Off series. Fingers crossed they get the win and tie the series at 2 - 2! Let's Go Rangers!

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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Happy Birthday mum!

Happy Birthday mum!

Hope you have a great day. Presents coming your way this weekend

Monday, 18 April 2011

Welcome back Pete, SWF and back and The Green Hornet

Today was a good day as it saw the welcome return of Pete McDonald. Having had 3 months off last year due to an accident he came back for a couple of works and aggrevated the injury only to have to have another 3 months off!

He finally made it back today, albeit limping and wearing his boot, but made it back he did!

In preparation for this we set up a few surprises for him on his desk:

His 'hero' Bob Crow (NOT)

A small collection of Bug Buster cards from the PC cleaning company

The whole view:

Work was following by a quick drive to SWF and back to get Sam and pick up a few bits and then we chillaxed with spicy rice and watched The Green Hornet.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Dark 7 Festival @ The Underworld

It was a brave move deciding to create a night of live bands performing EBM style music. Bits of it worked well and other bits less so. There wasn't a massive crowd there by any means but they were certainly one of the loudest I have ever heard.

There is always time to pose!

Tonight will be brought to by the D&Vs! NO, not diarhoea and vomiting! Tonight will be brought to you by Danceability and Visuals in a one off rating system.

A band with a great guitar industrial sound. They did a good Prodigy cover (Omen) with support from Cease2Xist. They were a good warm up band and got those EBM arms flailing.
D: 7
V: 7

Boring band to watch but VERY danceable. They had some fantastic tunes. If you closed your eyes you could well have been dancing to a DJ set at Slimes or Antichrist. Good songs but need to work on the presentation a little.
D: 8
V: 2

Almost didn't start as the keyboard rig collapsed during set up! 10/10 for the saves from both guys!
Music seemed disjointed and didn't really flow but this might have been due to them experiencing technical difficulties throughout their set which was a shame. Singer was very angsty!
D: 3 (sadly most of the crowd were in the bar for their set)
V: 6

Normal service has been resumed! Slight delay to the start of their set as the singer went to the bar and dragged everyone back through to the dance floor. Genius!
Great fun to watch, punk rock EBM! Did a fantastic cover of I Wanna Be Your Dog by Iggy & The Stooges!
D: 9
V: 9

Global Citizen were the reason I came and they didn't disappoint me. A tad slow for the EBM crowd perhaps but there were still plenty of people dancing. It should be noted that Global Citizen are more like a slow fuck than a rave gang bang!
D: 9
V: 10

Although these guys didn't really do much for me they had a heaving dancefloor and a great crowd reaction, so they were doing something right. Agnes sometimes looked a little awkward on stage but she played her supporting role well and Richard showed that you don't have to be limited on stage when stuck behind a keyboard.
D: 9
V: 8

I first saw these guys at Evolution in Westcliff on a Vendetta night. Tonight they had a fantastic entrance. System:FX fortunately are a very visual band but it was a real shame that Deb was stuck right at the back, so her moves were lost a bit. A great set of songs plus some new stuff and a stage invasion at the end from Cease2Xist and the singer of Ghost In The Static. The crowd loved it and they rounded off the night very well.
D: 9

Whilst it might have been a little over ambitious staging an event like this, I think overall it was a success. A lot of EBM bands are hard to watch but on the whole there was plenty of visual flair on offer and the tunes spoke for themselves. Here's hoping that it was successful enough to warrant a return in 2012.