Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Apparently I am rich....oh, and DEAD!

Just got this fantastic email, well worth posting here as I haven't seen one as amusing as this in a while......................


Attention: Beneficiary
I am Mrs. Farida Mzamber Waziri (Chairman) Efcc Investigation Office Nigeria, there is presently a counter claims on your funds by one MRS. JANET MILLER, who is presently trying to make us believe that you are dead and even explained that you entered into an agreement with her before your death, to help you in receiving your fund $10.5M So here comes the big question.

Did you sign any Deed of Assignment in favor of (MRS. JANET MILLER)?. thereby making her the current beneficiary with this following account details: MRS. JANET MILLER, AC/NUMBER: 6503809428. ROUTING/122006743, B/NAME:CITI BANK, ADDRESS:NEW YORK,USA We shall proceed to issue all payments details to the said MRS. JANET MILLER, if we do not hear from you within the next two working days from today.However, you are advice to email the bank immediately
and confirm to them also if MRS. JANET MILLER is from you or not.

2) CONTACT TELEPHONE: +234-7027950399
4) E-mail:

Please note that you have less than 48hrs to get in contact with the paying bank before they proceed to issue all payments to the said Mrs.Miller.
Mrs. Farida Mzamber Waziri


I don't think I am dead so I had better get in touch quickly before I lose my $10.5M fortune!
It's a scam?
Do you really think so?

Wrathchild - Stakk Attakk

The next installment of "Those Were The Days: Glam/Sleaze/Trash Blasts From The Past".

The fabulous Wrathchild strutting their stuff in Stakk Attakk

Ban football from................

............... vuvuzela concerts!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Rain, rain.............

.......... WELCOME!

It rained on the way to work this morning. I was caught out as I had no coat or umbrella but I didn't care one bit. It was lovely. Ten minutes of sheer bliss as the cool droplets covered me, soaking me quite a lot! It was just a shame that it was only short and only reduced the overall temperature slightly.

Rest of the day was fairly non-eventful with the temperature slowly creeping up again although it didn't reach the really uncomfortable levels we have had recently.

Got home and started to resolve some of my PC issues before chilling out with Sam and watching WWE RAW and then The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. I'd forgotten that it was an OK film although Rachel Weisz was missed as Evelyn as neither of us were that keen on Maria Bello.

The Babysitters - Rock N Roll Chicken

The next installment of "Those Were The Days: Glam/Sleaze/Trash Blasts From The Past".

The Babysitters with their mighty anthem Rock N Roll Chicken.... keep taking the PILLS boys!

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Top weekly tracks:

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Overall top tracks:

Overall top artists:

Monday, 28 June 2010

Everyone's a winner baby.......

....that's no lie.

Oops I did it again!

I seem to have an uncanny knack of entering competitions for gig tickets and winning.
We've had Hard Rock Hell III, Bad Brains and Vains Of Jenna.

Tonight I was delighted to get an email from iTunes Festival to say that I have won tickets to see Scissor Sisters on Thursday! They are a band that I love and have never seen live before so I am really looking forward to it. Wonder what else I might in tickets for? LOL

You have to be in it to win it people!

It certainly made up for the unpleasant heat that we are currently enduring. I can't wait for it to start to cool down again!

Tigertailz - Livin' Without You

The next installment of "Those Were The Days: Glam/Sleaze/Trash Blasts From The Past".

Livin' Without You from those Welsh glam bastardz Tigertailz

Sunday, 27 June 2010

BBQ and Germany v England

Toni and I went over to Karen's with all the kids for a BBQ and to watch the Germany v England. We had another great time although I was the only one that enjoyed the football result. Paul couldn't believe how bad England were.

On the plus side of the football result, well for me anyway, Germany are now through to the Quarter Finals and all the England flags have started to come down already. It was so nice as we drove back from Karen's to see the majority of cars and houses stripped of the flags and everywhere just looking normal once again.

When we got home we watched the final episode of Dr Who before heading to bed. I can't believe we have to wait until Xmas to see more :o(

Vain - Beat The Bullet

The next installment of "Those Were The Days: Glam/Sleaze/Trash Blasts From The Past".

Today it is the turn of Vain with the glamtastic Beat The Bullet!

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Cryogenica album launch @ The Gaff

Tonight I pootled off to The Gaff to see my friends in Cryogenica at their album launch.

It was most odd as this was billed as a "metal night" but Cryogenica are simply NOT metal, most odd. Had a chat with Jon and Carina before the evening kicked off, four bands in all..............

It's a shame the bill had wildly misplaced acts as I actually quite liked ECHO VIRUS but my head was in a different place so they didn't really fit the bill. The play technincal thrash/death metal, the vocals are very grrrr arrgghh but musically they were technically excellent. I'd love to see them in a different setting where I could really appreciate them.

See all the ECHO VIRUS pics here: 260610EchoVirusTheGaff

ZANGRYUS served up some European flavoured femme metal. Still didn't really fit the bill but weren't bad at all! They had good melodies, chugging riffs and Yngwie style solos. The singer had a great set of lungs on her and it is refreshing to see a female singer in a metal band that isn't a skinny minx.

See all the ZANGRYUS pics here: 260610ZangryusTheGaff

Now this was more like what I had been expecting tonight. LAST JULY were a great goth/electronic band. Singer Alixandrea started them off by saying, "We know there are loads of goths at the back, we aren't a metal band so you can come forwards now!" QUALITY! They were very danceable and got the evening back on track with some really strong songs.

See all the LAST JULY pics here: 260610LastJulyTheGaff#

With the evening running over schedule CRYOGENICA finally hit the stage at 23:20. Sadly this meant that my evening would be cut short as I would have to leave before the end of the set to get the last train back to Eltham. The set started strongly and new guitarist Scott really fills out the sound and beefs it up nicely. I only got to hear three songs which was a damn shame as it appeared that Richard Lemora was gearing up for a guest appearance at some point, TYPICAL! They were sounding good though so hopefully things will start to go their way this year.

See all the CRYOGENICA pics here: 260610CryogenicaTheGaff#

It was another good night out, just a shame that I had to leave early but I have now found out information on the night buses so I won't be leaving before the end in future!

Pierced again & whistle stop BBQ

Toni and I ventured off to GB Tattoos today. The plan was to for me to have my retainer removed and the ring put back in (I'd taken it out for my operation but couldn't get it back in again myself)

In theory this was a simple exercise however it didn't quite work out like that. I started off having two more ear piercings and then it was time to get the ring back in, or not as it transpired! After much pushing, pulling, canulas and clamps we cam to the realisation that my ring was 1.2mm but the retainer was about 0.5mm. As result the hole in my nose has slowly started shrinking leaving it impossible to get the ring back on. This was bloody annoying as the people who sold me the retainer had measured my ring and told me it was the right size GRRRRRR

I then decided to have my nose sort of repierced using the existing hole as a guide. Here it is........

Toni also had a couple of extra ear piercings.

Once we were suitably punctured we popped in to see Karen as we were in the area. It was only supposed to be a quick hello but we then ended up staying for a drink and a quick bite to eat from the BBQ before we headed back. We had a really nice time and ended up getting an invite to come back tomorrow for more drinks and BBQ and to watch the Germany v England game which we accepted.

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Ruby Slippers - Mon Cheri

The next installment of "Those Were The Days: Glam/Sleaze/Trash Blasts From The Past".

Mon Cheri is one of my all time favourite songs but for some reason Ruby Slippers never got the fame and fortune they deserved!

Some awesome photos

I was doing some surfing this morning looking for some photos for tattoo inspiration and came across a couple of wonderful pics that aren't tattoo inspiration but are certainly worthy of being blogged:

Firstly I bring you a delightfully named drink with an awesome can:

So I bet you have always wondered what "god" listens to....... well thanks to this cheeky bit of graffiti the question has now been answered:

Friday, 25 June 2010

Meeting Sam, Ingerland, Chinese & Old School

In a very rare occurrence, Sam decided to come to Toni's with me this weekend. After work I met him at Shenfield and we travelled to North Greenwich to meet Toni.

We popped in to Asda on an ice cream raid where too much money was spent on goodies although it will all be eaten as it is supposed to be hot all weekend.

I was "delighted" to find some Ingerland ice cream which thankfully we didn't buy. Strangely the boy on the tub looked like Aaron LOL

In other Ingerland news The Sun with it's tacky cliche headlines relating to the foolsball also had this little gem tagged to the picture of the tits, sorry I meant page 3 model! I wonder if these were her own words LMFAO

Cooking dinner was seen as a bad idea so we opted for Chinese and sat around the table sharing food and chatting which was a novelty.

We finished the evening off watching the hilarious Old School.

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Lord of the rings: The Fellowship Of The Vuvuzela Worldcup 2010

Now this is mildly amusing!

Dogs D'Amour - How Come It Never Rains

The next installment of "Those Were The Days: Glam/Sleaze/Trash Blasts From The Past".

This time I bring you Dogs D'Amour performing How Come It Never Rains

Doctor Who: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Daleks (The Peter Jones-y Edit)

I love The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy and I love the Daleks so this little gem is a joy to behold!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Nice surprise, steak, True Blood!

Today was a slow day. Things just seemed to drag on and on. I was really looking forward to going home as Toni was coming over. It was wonderful to text Toni to say "Almost home time" only to get a text saying "Just as well really, I am sitting in the car outside your office". This made me VERY happy, so much so that I ended up leaving work 45 minutes early.

Pleasant drive back ended with a stop off at Asda where we picked up some yummy rib-eye steaks for Sam to cook as a belated birthday meal for Toni.

The steak was gorgeous and we had it with chips, crispy salad and garlic mushroom. Sam did us all proud!

Rest of the evening was spent watching some WWE and just chilling out.

Last of the Teenage Idols - Looking for a Lady

Ah me, those were the days!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

World Cup Fever.............

......... well not really fever but it was hot today!

The afternoon was a bit of a write off at work as our ex-boss decided that we would watch the England game and then popped out and came back loaded up with masses of beer, nibbles and 7 large pizzas from Pizza Express. Now that's what I call a result!

Those of us who have smartphone all installed vuvuzela apps so we could annoy the crap out of our colleagues along with the shite noise from the game on TV. Apparently some football was played and England won although I didn't think it was the most convincing performance I have ever seen.

After the game was over it was time to head home, another RESULT!

Got home and had a wrestlefest with Sam as we caught up with the Fatal 4 Way pay per view and RAW before finishing the night with the awesome Dr Who episode from Saturday.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Home alone, TV and iPhone IOS4

Unremarkable day at work, lots of time spent feeding back information from my meeting yesterday. Once again our spirits are dampened! Just wish they'd get on with sorting out our new contracts so we know where we stand and then give us a firm date for moving to London!

Got home expecting to spend an evening catching up on wrestling with Sam only for him to message me as I got in to say that he was out and wouldn't be back until tomorrow! Typical, all my plans out the window and pretty annoying as I'd have gone back to Toni's if I'd known he wouldn't be here. Oh well, ended up just chilling out, did some web stuff, watched some football (yes I was THAT bored as it didn't involve England or Germany). I then watched a fascinating documentary called Nazi Hunters, which was about Josef Mengele, before chuckling to some repeats of Mock The Week and QI.

Had a chat with Toni on MSN and then tried to have an early night but it was so hot and muggy that I just couldn't get to sleep and ended up laying in bed listening to music and messing about with my iPhone and the upgrade to IOS4 (which is very nice indeed so if you have an iPhone and haven't upgraded yet then you should!)

Last.FM listening post

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Happy Birthday Sandra Marchant

Happy Birthday Sandra Marchant

Hope you have a great day

Monday, 21 June 2010

Meeting new colleagues and family birthday meal

Today was quite flat at work not helped by the fact that I was suffering slightly from the excesses of my drinking session at the BBQ. To make it worse I had to go to London in the afternoon to meet some of the new colleagues at Wall Street Systems (the company that have bought us out). It was all a bit strange and the atmosphere in their office is completely dead unlike ours which is very chirpy and happy. I hope we can bring some life to it once we all move up there.

After my trip to London it was back to Toni's as Jade was cooking a birthday meal for Toni. Made a change for me to be back there before anybody else. Jade made a gorgeous lasagne and then we had coffee and gluten free cake and watched Pirates Of The Caribbean before having a much needed early night (and more fun *grin*)

Sunday, 20 June 2010

BBQ at Leanne's

Despite me feeling a little bit ropey we went over to Leanne's for a BBQ. We went over via taxi so Toni could have a good drink on her birthday! It was a gathering of family and neighbours and was a great laugh. A few JDs later and I had settle in quite nicely!

It was nice to meet new people, get on with them straight away and then be able to just be myself and have a fantastic time for the rest of the night.

Gail (this is the respectable one, I won't put up the one of her flashing her boob!) :



Maggie and Rachel:

Anthony and Leanne:

I didn't want the evening to end but as it was a school night we sadly had to get a taxi back home again rather than carrying on partying!

Happy Birthday Toni

This is a message to a very special beautiful woman.
Hope you enjoy the day and your presents

I love you very very much.
You are a wonderful woman and I am very lucky to have you.



Happy Birthday Joy

Happy Birthday Joy

Hope you have a great day

Saturday, 19 June 2010

I Nation & Sybreed @ O2 Academy

Toni and I headed off to Islington to the O2 Academy to go and see I Nation supporting Deathstars. We had seen Deathstars before so weren't that bothered originally and then it turned out that our friend Dylan's band I Nation were supporting so we decided to go. What made it even more of a must was that Charlie Webster (original Hollywood Doll drummer then guitarist) was going to be playing with them.

We had a bit of a posing session before we left:

On the train:

In da club!

I NATION were fabulous as usual. Really nice to see them on a big stage. Adding Charlie to the line up has really beefed up the sound. They were much better than the last time we saw them and they were good then.

See all the I NATION pics here: 190610INationO2Academy

These guys weren't really our cup of tea and although a lot of the audience seemed to enjoy them they just didn't really fit with the line up for us and completely killed the momentum that I Nation had built up.

See all the SYBREED pics here: 190610SybreedO2Academy

Will have to be honest, we didn't get this far! We walked out to the foyer just before Sybreed finished and had a chat and hung out with Charlie and Dylan from I Nation for a while. We then decided that as we had already seen the Deathstars do an awesome show last year and owing to the fact that Sybreed had killed the excitement for us we decided to bail out.

We then headed back to Eltham for chinese and then a little late night fun (which more than made up for not seeing Deathstars again!)

More football nonsense!

The continued annoyance at shite INGERLAND nonsense continued with this wonderful little piece in a bridal shop in Eltham......

Oh well, it will all be over soon!

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Friday, 18 June 2010

Lena rocks!

If only this was going to come true!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Busy doing nothing....

....nothing the whole day through. Actually that's a lie, it was quite busy at work today and the mood continues to lighten. We have now been told that the plan is for us to move to the London office in early July but there has still no talk on how we are going to be compensated for the additional travel time and expense of working in London. They need to sort this out quickly as a lot of people are concerned about it!

Got home and had a chilled evening, caught up with WWE RAW and NXT and enjoyed ribs and rice (thanks to Sam, the rice was a newly concocted recipe that was gorgeous)

Rest of the night was spent chatting to Sam, listening to some classic thrash along with KISS and Avenged Sevenfold and doing some HOLLYWOOD DOLL web work before packing all the bits I need to take to Toni's this weekend.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Hollywood Doll rehearsal

Had a really good HOLLYWOOD DOLL rehearsal tonight. Finished another two songs and have everything else nailed down quite nicely.

We have now also managed to reschedule our recording session so July is going to be a busy month for us. More gigs are coming in and we still have a photo shoot to do as well. Busy busy busy!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Glitzine reviews

More reviews are up on!

Bullfrog – Beggars & Losers
Call the Doctor – CTD
The Fire – Abracadabra

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