Monday, 31 March 2008

Putting on the Glitz (hopefully)

Saw a reposted bulletin on The Spazz today about a singer looking for musicians, including a bass player, to form a glam/punk band. Obviously this caught my attention and so K.T.Glitz sprung to life and got in touch with him to find out what its all about. Obviously I have no idea if this will go anywhere or even if I'll get an audition but the Trash Queen Lollipop Shock is suddenly getting very excited at the thought of making music again!

Spoke to mum

Spoke to mum just to see how she was today. She is a lot better than she was on Friday thats for sure. She is off to the registrar tomorrow to register nanny's death and then she is going to start work on the funeral arrangements for nanny. I did tell her that Sam had hinted that he might want to go.

New office

As expected the morning was taken up moving all our stuff from downstairs to our new open plan office upstairs and then setting everything up. All went relatively smoothly and so it looks like it's business as usual tomorrow (with the exception of a lunchtime curry).

My new desk

My new desk again

Pete is either scared or about to give me the finger

Mike B playing peekaboo

Nick taking a quick "break"

Not quite finished yet!

Sunday, 30 March 2008

I've sacrficied the goat...........

...........not a bizarre satanic ritual as you might be thinking but rather I have am now clean shaven and have sacrificed my goatee for a while (just to see what its like without it again!

Blaze 3 Capitals 2

Oh well, that's the Capitals out of the play offs thanks to a 4 - 2 aggregate win for Coventry Blaze. It was always a tall order for them to be able to get past the Blaze but after yesterdays 0 - 1 loss I had hoped that they might salvage something. It can't have helped that they were missing Dino Bauba and Mike Stutzel but that's life.

Now all I have to do is decide who to support at the play off weekend, my decision was made even hard by the fact that Nottingham Panthers also got knocked out tonight.

Think it might have to be Cardiff Devils

Lounging around, eating and sleeping

That's what the weekend is all about!
Had an incredibly lazy day today. We got up about 10-ish, had some breakfast and watched a Fast Show DVD and then crashed out for a few hours! After our snooze we then set about the important task of getting rid of our roots with a splendid dose of hair colour!

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Capitals 0 Blaze 1 play off webcast

We watched the Capitals v Blaze webcast tonight hoping that the Capitals would take a good strong win tonight into tomorrows game in Coventry so that they could make it to the play off weekend in Nottingham.

Unfortunately the Capitals ended up losing 0 - 1 (a reasonable result against the Blaze) but they also suffered the loss of forward Mike Stutzel who took a nasty eye injury from a Blaze stick and although he was released from hospital he was told not to play tomorrow as the injury will heal 100% but might not if it sustained further damage.

So long, farewell.........

... auf wiedersehen goodbye!

Dropped Sam off at the school this morning for his departure to the USA for a week of snowboarding with the school. He was really excited about it and I am sure he'll have a fantastic time.

It will be much quieter (and a little less smelly) without him around for a week!

Here he is in his snazzy William de Ferrers "Ski Trip 08" sweatshirt ready for the off:

Friday, 28 March 2008

Goodby nanny, love you

Mum phoned in tears tonight to inform me that nanny had passed away. Thankfully it was painless and while she slept. Mum was there as the home had called her in (obviously suspecting that nanny didn't have long left).

Although I was expecting it it was not news that I was ready for at that moment in time. I felt a sudden pull at my heart, masses of emotion welling up, painful reminders of Sharon being taken from me and then there was a calm, as if nanny and Sharon were with me telling me it was alright, and that everything was fine.

It was really hard telling Sam and he was in tears (and I had to tell Sophie over the phone as she was away). I'm so glad that Toni was there to support me as it would have been even harder otherwise.

I'm going to miss you nanny (as are Sophie and Sam), we all have many happy memories to look back on.

Getting ready for a chilled weekend.

Once I was home from work Sam and I tidied up the house and we made sure that he had everything that he needed for his trip away. I made dinner so it was ready for when Toni arrive, which was a novelty as she usually makes dinner. After that we went to Asda when bought Sam the final essentials (lots of pants and socks).

Lazy day getting ready for the move

It was a lazy day at work today. Got in at the usual time and started to crack on and then it was decided that we were going to down tools and start preparing for our move upstairs. Made a nice break and then we got to leave early too as all our machines were packed away. Most of Monday will be a write off too :o)

Thursday, 27 March 2008

I want Toni's new boots

*stomp stomp harumph*
I want Toni's new New Rock boots, they are lovely.

Haven't bought new shoes for ages, perhaps it is time to shop again!

Nearly all packed

Spent time this evening packing up Sam's bag ready for his snowboarding trip to the USA this weekend. Thankfully just about everything he will need was washed and to hand (with the exception having to buy him some more socks and pants, I swear to god he must eat them or something).

Day trip to London & lil bit of stress

Well lucky old me!
Shelton informed me yesterday that his home electricity was going to be out for 4-5 today so he would have to be working from Tower 42 rather than home. As such he invited me to go to meet him and take Stuart along (our new QA guy) so they could be introduced. Made a nice relaxing day, couple of hours out of the office and a pub lunch too!

Went to the loo in the coffee shop at Tower 42 and couldn't but laugh when I saw the hand dryer, just had to take a photo!

When we got back to the office I had to prepare a build for one of our clients and as things progressed I got a bit stressed as it was clear that there was still a big pile of dingo's kidneys surrounding a clear way forward (although new system has improved things a bit). I am sure it will all get better given time.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Play Off fever is approaching!

Well this past weekend my beloved Edinburgh Capitals defied all their critics and grabbed the elusive 8th play off spot so now have an extended season. All they have to do is come out on top from two back to back games against league champions Coventry Blaze this coming weekend and they'll be on their way to the play off weekend at the National Ice Centre in Nottingham.

Speaking of which, I have now had it confirmed that I have tickets for Toni and I to attend the play off weekend, we have crash space waiting for us at Shaggy's and I have a half day next Friday (4th April) to get home and prepare.

If the Capitals make it then the weekend will be absolutely superb but even if they don't it will be a fantastic weekend of play off hockey and excessive alcohol intake!

Long day

It's been a really long day today. Don't know why but it just seemed to drag on and on and on. Work was busy and productive but time didn't fly by at all unfortunately.

Have to be honest I can't wait for the weekend even though I have no real plans as such, just want the working week to be over!

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Good luck Sophie on your first day!

Good luck on your first day at work Sophie!
Hope everything goes well, you have a great time and make some new friends.

Happy 18th Birthday Zoë

Happy 18th Birthday Zoë

Hope you have a great day!

Love from Keith, Sophie and Sam!

Monday, 24 March 2008

Chilling and procrastination!

I put my strange dream to the back of my mind and then started the day slowly just chilling out and doing nothing much at all. Toni and Aaron were supposed to leave at 12:30 but neither of them wanted to leave and so managed to put it off for another 2.5 hours and left at 15:00.

I can't imagine what it must be like back in London for Aaron to not want to go back. I know Toni doesn't want to go because I am so fabulous so that is totally understandable LMFAO!

Spent the rest of the evening just pottering about doing nothing very much at all. It all seemed kind of empty once Toni and Aaron had gone home after such a great weekend.

Strange dream

Had a really strange dream last night.
I dreamt that we were kind of all living in the now but Sharon just suddenly appeared out of nowhere as if she had just gone on some sort of sabbatical. It felt really odd because I had to explain to her that she was no longer with us. She asked when the funeral was and I explained that it had already happened months ago.

I spoke to my friend Angie about it (as she was most likely to have had a similar dream) and her take on it was that it could be her way of trying to communicate with me. It's very unnerving as the following day you believe that they are still alive almost and you are not sure if its a dream or its actually happened.

She said that with me telling Sharon that she was dead could also be her way of letting me grieve and come to terms with it in my sub conscious. Angie also suggested that maybe Sharon just wanted to be close to me to let me know she is still around me.

I wasn't left with any bad feelings from the dream but it did kind of leave me feeling a little out of sorts for the rest of the day.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Gotham 9 at Camden Dingwalls

7 hours, 7 bands, NUFF SAID!

This was one hell of an extravaganza and a fantastic day.

Toni and I started our day with a trip to Soho to browse a few of the more lurid retail outlets for a giggle before heading off to our favourite Pizza Hut for our usual meal of a combo platter, nachos and Pepsi Max.

Toni and I on the tube:

The Gotham 9 line up:

Slow atmospheric style with lovely harmonic vocals. Shades of All About Eve from time to time. Not bad at all and this was only their second gig down amongst us scary southerners.

Razorblade Kisses:
I absolutely adore the image of this band. The whole Japanese visual kei style is wonderful. Toni thought that the girls couldn't sing and although you could deem this to be true it actually complimented the image in a bizarre way.

Novus UK:
Kind of dancey EBM light music. Nothing out of the ordinary although the singers wardrobe crisis was most amusing! The angle grinder made a fan visual (and had a lot of the poseurs running for it in fear of their hair!

Bloody Mary:
The singer had probably the best stage presence so far although the body armour just made him look like a transformer and the bondage tape on his fingers gave the impression of a limp Edward Scissorhands! Not great but entertaining.

Marc Almond style vocals over some sweet dancey tunes. Nothing special as far as the on stage image was concerned but great music and delivery.

Star Industry:
I love this band although they had to be seen as a big bunch of poseurs as they hit the stage in their sunglasses, having been setting up for ten minutes without them! Good music, Sisters style vocals with a heavy goth background. The cover of Depeche Mode's "Enjoy The Silence" was fantastic.

What can I say. FUN FUN FUN. Great stage presence, very theatrical and didn't take themselves seriously at all. A great way to end the show!

See a full set of photos (there are LOTS) on my Picasa web albums:
Here: 230308Gotham9AtCamdenDingwalls

Carrying on from my PT theme there were a couple of "what not to wear" types there (didn't take photos of all of them)

Nice top but ditch the black bra and the bag my dear!:

Balloons aren't aren't goth and they get in the way of people behind you!:

Berets are NEVER good!:

I don't care if you are the singer of a band, your pants suck!: