Monday, 31 December 2007

VERY quiet New Year's Eve

Well that was the quietest strangest New Year's Eve ever.
Sophie was still in hospital wasn't around.
Nanny and Sam had both gone to bed early so mum, Toni and I stayed up until mum bailed out at 23:30 and really pissed me off as she said that the last two weeks had been like staying in a nursing home! I know she was referring to nanny but it still made me feel like crap.
Toni and I just watched TV into the New Year, no drinks or anything, most odd.

I guess this festive season was just my year for being festive or having fun!
Sophie ill and hospital
Missed The Wildhearts
Missed drinks with Dennis
Missed Karen's party
Missed Sara's party
Hopefully I'll get to make up for it in 2008!

To cap it all off I then got really emotional.
I miss Sharon so much and would do anything to have her back. She truly was "the one" and it just feels like a very large part of me has gone and that I'll never get that part back again. January is going to be a real shit month as there are two important "Sharon" dates coming up that I am going to find it very hard to deal with.

Hospital photos

One is not amused!

Sam in the corner!


Me having a bad hair day!

A quick nap (NOT attractive)!

Sunday, 30 December 2007

More hospital and hockey!

Got to hospital before 9 as I wanted to speak to the doctors. Decision was made not to operate today with the plan being to do it in the week.

Chieftains 4 Phantoms 6
Not a bad game but a very weird atmosphere. Loads of people there but bugger all noise despite our best efforts.

Happy Birthday Sara

Happy Birthday Sara,
Enjoy your day and I hope you aren't too hung over from your party yesterday!

Love Keith, Sophie and Sam

Saturday, 29 December 2007

Let sleeping Sophie's.....sleep

Boring day. Sophie spent most of it asleep as she had deteriorated quite badly.

Today, Sophie, Sam, Toni and I were meant to be in Basingstoke for Sara Would's birthday party, another event that I've had to miss this Xmas :o(

Friday, 28 December 2007

Galls to it all!

Sophie went to the doctors today as the good old pains had returned. She called me to say the doctor had phoned the hospital and had given her a letter to take to A&E. She came home and we called an ambulance. The crew didn't seem very impressed that all they had to do was drive us to Broomfield.

As this was a letter job rather than a 999 call this time we spent over 1.5 hours waiting and I had to ask for painkillers as she wasn't actually be being treated. We did finally get moved into CDU before being admitted once again!

Toni and I were supposed to have been going to Karen's (early) New Year party tonight but unfortunately that has had to be canned!

Oh deep joy...............

.....can things get any fucking worse?
Just found a text on mobile from Sophie at 02:42 saying her gall bladder pains were back and she has just got up and called the doctors to make an appointment. I have a funny feeling we could well be hospital bound once again! I really pray this isn't the case but the way things have been going I am pretty sure what is going to happen.

Unclean unclean!

The house is like a plague house at the moment. I am almost fully recovered but everybody else just seem to be getting worse. Mum was really rough and nanny is getting disoriented. I have a horrible feeling I am going to be looking at changing my plans for tonight and tomorrow at the rate we are going :o(

Thursday, 27 December 2007

The lurgies hits hard!

Oh dear, looks like I have spread my germs throughout the house. Everybody seems to have come down with it now. We got really worried about nanny earlier as she slept half of the day and then was very out of it when she finally got up. She did improve a bit but ended up going to bed early. Really hope she won't have it for long and recovers very quickly. Mum, Sophie and Sam also have mild doses too but its definately what I had :o(

Ah woke up dis mornin' - de diddly doo............

..........and felt a lot better than I have done.
Had a much better sleep last night. Still have a bit of a cough and a few aches but nothing like the last couple of days. Will see how I go over the next couple if hours but am hoping I can avoid a visit to the GP now.

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Grumpy man is still ill!

My health didn't improve today :o(
Taken loads of paracetamol and ibuprofen which helped a little. Toni had to go back at 12:00 which was a shame although she did have time to straighten my hair before she left. It was lovely to see her again but a shame it was for such a short time.

Spent a long time sleeping again this afternoon which didn't really leave me feeling much better. Had a brief teary chat with Sharon before I drifted off. Think I'll be heading off to the GP tomorrow if things haven't improved by the morning.

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Don't be alone, come here

The day wasn't too bad, although I felt pretty ill and had a few hours sleep in the afternoon.

Got a text from Toni saying that Aaron was going to stay with her brother Jamie and Gemima was staying at her sister Leanne's and that she would be going back to an empty house. Not a big fan of people having to be alone at Xmas so I invited her over for the rest of the evening.

She turned up at 21:45 and we chilled in the living room watching TV with my mum and nan and the kids fluttering around in the background. Even though I wasn't great company it was nice to have Toni over and stop her from being alone. It also helped make my day a little more cheery!

Xmas Day!

Sam chilling


Nan and Sophie

Bah Humbug hats rule!

We've got another puzzle for you!

Revenge of the Bah Humbug hat

Pretty in pink!

Madfish boots a go go

Sam and Sophie showing off their Madfish and Adio footwear!

Awwww, sibling affection!

Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas to all my friends and family!

Kids had an agreement with me that they could wake me up at 09:00 if they brought me tea and toast. I got the breakfast but I wasn't happy that they had done it at 08:40, grrrrrrr, little wotsits!

It was weird waking up this morning, just doesn't feel like Xmas at all. Last year I was full of joy and excitement but this year I just feel flat. It probably doesn't help that I am not feeling well either although some of that could well be linked to the fact that Sharon isn't here with me.

Hopefully the day will improve!

Lonely This Christmas

Try to imagine a house that's not a home
Try to imagine a Christmas all alone
That's where I'll be
Since you left me

My tears would melt the snow
What can I do
Without you
I've got no place, no place to go

It'll be lonely this Christmas
Without you to hold
It'll be lonely this Christmas
Lonely and cold
It'll be cold so cold
Without you to hold
This Christmas

Each time I remember the day you went away
And how I would listen to things you have to say
I just break down, as I look around
And the only things I see
Are emptiness and loneliness
And an unlit Christmas tree

It'll be lonely this Christmas
Without you to hold
It'll be lonely this Christmas
Lonely and cold
It'll be cold so cold
Without you to hold
This Christmas

You remember last year, when you and I were together
We never thought there'd be an end
And I remember looking at you then
And I remember thinking that Christmas must have been made for us
Cause darlin' this is the time that you really need love
When it means so very very much

It'll be lonely this Christmas
Without you to hold
It'll be lonely this Christmas
Lonely and cold
It'll be cold so cold
Without you to hold
This Christmas

Merry Christmas darlin', wherever you are

- Lonely This Christmas (Mud)

Monday, 24 December 2007

Decorated tree!

Some bugger decorated the tree when I wasn't looking!

And it does have the special decoration that Sharon and I chose in the Christmas Shop in Stratford Upon Avon last year:


I have just heard from Toni that she has received a letter from Nick's solicitor suggesting that she shouldn't bring Aaron to see the kids and I anymore! The letter talks about her befriending a man (22 years ago to be precise and at least 10 before she met Nick!). I appreciate that Gemima doesn't know about the divorce and so bringing her until she knows what is going on is not a good idea but Aaron has been here a few times now) Madness..........

And a thank you to Mike Babb

A thank you is in order to Mike Babb who gave me a lift to Wickford to make things easier for me to get home and then proceeded to drop me off in South Woodham Ferrers instead. Really appreciate that mate!

Xmas Eve hi-jinks in the office!


Big THANK YOU to Toni

A big thank you to Toni for dropping me off at work this morning and saving me a complete nightmare of trying to travel in using public transport.

You are a star and I really appreciate all that you have done for the kids and I over the last few weeks!

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Chieftains 4 Phantoms 6

Not a bad game over all. Plenty of effort being put in but it was clear that the bounces were never going to go our way. Still, it was an entertaining game and the Chieftains stepped it up a gear when it looked like we were going to get completely humped!.

Still, they won away yesterday beating Sheffield Scimitars 2 - 1.

In other good ice hockey news it was a 4 point weekend for the Capitals as they beat Hull Stingrays 3 - 1 away and then 3 - 0 at home.

Pre-hockey posing

No reason really other than we are all a bunch of poseurs!

Do I look good in this?

Don't look at me, I'm shy!

Sam and Sophie

The gruesome twosome!

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Trees up mother brown!

Well that's it, Xmas is officially here now! We waited until she was out of hospital but now the Xmas tree is up!

Sophie is home!

After Lakeside we went to the hospital and Sophie had managed to eat without feeling ill, and her pain had gone, so they let her come home! Fingers crossed that this will be the last visit until she has her gall bladder removed.

Stupid o'clock and Lakeside shopping

Toni and I left the house just before seven this morning *blinks*
We popped to the post office to pick up a couple of parcels and then headed off to Lakeside to do some last minute Xmas shopping. We got to Lakeside at about 07:40 and the car parks were empty. We had a stroll around the empty shopping centre before camping out in McDonalds to have a coffee and grim breakfast before we started to shop.

Our shopping complete, we left Lakeside at 11:30 (ish) and it still wasn't anywhere near manic as we had feared although I imagine it did get worse as there were already queues for the car park.

Friday, 21 December 2007

Sophie still in hospital

Sophie was still in hospital today and was told that she could maybe go home tomorrow depending how she was. Part of me has stopped getting my hopes up as it all just seems so hit and miss. Wasn't in work today so I could spend more time with Sophie. Sam had a half day as it was the last day of term so he also came to the hospital as he hadn't seen Sophie all week.

Toni came down to the hospital after work and gave Sam and I a lift home. Bummer of the night had to be not getting to go and see The Wildhearts as we had all been really looking forward to that gig.

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Xmas is getting ever nearer!

My massive Tesco Xmas shop arrived today so I think I am going to have to reluctantly agree that Xmas will be happening in our household after all, even though I'd still like to cancel!

At least I now have loads of booze in the house, that always helps! Suppose I'll have to put the damn tree up soon as well.

Sophie is a little brighter

Sophie seemed a little brighter today. Am still not 100% convinced she'll be out by the end of the week but hopefully she'll no more once she sees the doctors tomorrow morning.

The pagan origins of Xmas


Few people realize that the origins of a form of Christmas was pagan & celebrated in Europe long before anyone there had heard of Jesus Christ.

No one knows what day Jesus Christ was born on. From the biblical description, most historians believe that his birth probably occurred in September, approximately six months after Passover. One thing they agree on is that it is very unlikely that Jesus was born in December, since the bible records shepherds tending their sheep in the fields on that night. This is quite unlikely to have happened during a cold Judean winter. So why do we celebrate Christ?s birthday as Christmas, on December the 25th?

The answer lies in the pagan origins of Christmas. In ancient Babylon, the feast of the Son of Isis (Goddess of Nature) was celebrated on December 25. Raucous partying, gluttonous eating and drinking, and gift-giving were traditions of this feast.

In Rome, the Winter Solstice was celebrated many years before the birth of Christ. The Romans called their winter holiday Saturnalia, honoring Saturn, the God of Agriculture. In January, they observed the Kalends of January, which represented the triumph of life over death. This whole season was called Dies Natalis Invicti Solis, the Birthday of the Unconquered Sun. The festival season was marked by much merrymaking. It is in ancient Rome that the tradition of the Mummers was born. The Mummers were groups of costumed singers and dancers who traveled from house to house entertaining their neighbors. From this, the Christmas tradition of caroling was born.

In northern Europe, many other traditions that we now consider part of Christian worship were begun long before the participants had ever heard of Christ. The pagans of northern Europe celebrated the their own winter solstice, known as Yule. Yule was symbolic of the pagan Sun God, Mithras, being born, and was observed on the shortest day of the year. As the Sun God grew and matured, the days became longer and warmer. It was customary to light a candle to encourage Mithras, and the sun, to reappear next year.

Huge Yule logs were burned in honor of the sun. The word Yule itself means ?wheel,? the wheel being a pagan symbol for the sun. Mistletoe was considered a sacred plant, and the custom of kissing under the mistletoe began as a fertility ritual. Hollyberries were thought to be a food of the gods.

The tree is the one symbol that unites almost all the northern European winter solstices. Live evergreen trees were often brought into homes during the harsh winters as a reminder to inhabitants that soon their crops would grow again. Evergreen boughs were sometimes carried as totems of good luck and were often present at weddings, representing fertility. The Druids used the tree as a religious symbol, holding their sacred ceremonies while surrounding and worshipping huge trees.

In 350, Pope Julius I declared that Christ?s birth would be celebrated on December 25. There is little doubt that he was trying to make it as painless as possible for pagan Romans (who remained a majority at that time) to convert to Christianity. The new religion went down a bit easier, knowing that their feasts would not be taken away from them.

Christmas (Christ-Mass) as we know it today, most historians agree, began in Germany, though Catholics and Lutherans still disagree about which church celebrated it first. The earliest record of an evergreen being decorated in a Christian celebration was in 1521 in the Alsace region of Germany. A prominent Lutheran minister of the day cried blasphemy: ?Better that they should look to the true tree of life, Christ.?

The controversy continues even today in some fundamentalist sects.

More positive news on Sophie

Just spoken to Sophie. She has just seen the doctor and they have said that she might be allowed home by the end of the week (I am assuming that they were including the weekend in that).
Fingers crossed that she is home by Monday!

Cough, splutter

Spent most of the night coughing and spluttering. Just don't seem to be able to shift the cough at all, it's horrible. As a result I slept through my alarm this morning and had a bit of a mad panic getting ready for work. Thankfully I made it in by 09:10 so I wasn't too late.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Sophie's status report

Have just spoken to Sophie and at least have a better idea of what is going on now.
They will let her come home again once the following are true:
a) the pain has gone
b) she can eat and drink without it making her sick
c) they are happy the infection has gone (which will be proved by a and b)

How long this is likely to take is anybody's guess but it's certainly going to be a few more days at the minimum. On a positive note she did manage to walk to the toilet on her own (albeit escorted) which is an improvement from yesterday. She also said that they don't do the gall bladder removal operation this side of Xmas but are definately looking to do hers as soon as they can in the New Year.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Send Me An Angel

The wise man said just walk this way
To the dawn of the light
The wind will blow into your face
As the years pass you by
Hear this voice from deep inside
Its the call of your heart
Close your eyes and your will find
The passage out of the dark

Here I am
Will you send me an angel
Here I am
In the land of the morning star

The wise man said just find your place
In the eye of the storm
Seek the roses along the way
Just beware of the thorns

Here I am
Will you send me an angel
Here I am
In the land of the morning star

The wise man said just raise your hand
And reach out for the spell
Find the door to the promised land
Just believe in yourself
Hear this voice from deep inside
Its the call of your heart
Close your eyes and your will find
The way out of the dark

Here I am
Will you send me an angel
Here I am
In the land of the morning star
Here I am
Will you send me an angel
Here I am
In the land of the morning star

- Send Me An Angel (Scorpions)

Hospitals, bunking off and Jeremy Kyle!

No real improvement for Sophie today :o(
She can hardly move, pain hasn't really subsided and she is just so spaced out, it's horrible to watch.

Toni bunked off again today, met me at home (after talking to sick note Sam) and then we went to the hospital. Sophie appreciates having her there (must be that female touch).

Jeremy Kyle rules! I had forgotten how good some trash TV can be and Jeremy Kyle is perfect for passing the hours in hospital. Remember folks that whatever happens there is always someone more likely to make a bigger fool of themselves than you!

Dropping like flies

Well it's not a particularly healthy household at the moment. Poor old Sam is going to be off school today as he has a really sore throat and can hardly speak. My throat hasn't recovered fully from being off last week either although I am getting on doing things.

Have just spoken to Sophie and she hardly slept all night and has had to have loads of oromorph for her pain. Have decided I will miss work today and go in to the hospital as she seems to be getting quite distresses about it all now.

Monday, 17 December 2007

Happy Birthday to Katie Webber (Pucky)

Happy Birthday Katie,
Hope you have had a great day!

Keith, Sophie and Sam

Sophie's progress

Well actually there isn't any. Have been at the hospital since 02:30 today. They believe that Sophie has a gall bladder infection now so are trying to treat that with anti-biotics and there was talk of trying to accelerate her gall bladder removal operation. She has been in a lot of pain and spent most of the day sleeping apart from the occasional lucid moment. Toni very kindly bunked off work today and drove to the hospital and spent 5 hours there with Sophie and I so it was nice to have someone there to support me.

I called Sophie when I got home a moment ago and now she isn't even allowed to get out of bed unaided so the pain is a lot worse than when she was first admitted with gall stones back in November. Am now having to consider taking tomorrow off work as well as I just don't like leaving her there all on her own.

Back to hospital again

Sophie has just come through and said that she is in more pain than she was yesterday afternoon so I am calling an ambulance and it's off to hospital again *groan*

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Hi ho hi ho, it's off to hospital we go!

Sophie had been suffering from some pains today that got progressively worse and didn't improve with painkillers so we ended up going to hospital in an ambulance at 17:30.

Unfortunately this meant that I had to blow out the pub quiz night with Mark and Sam that I had hoped to go to.

Thankfully the hospital just did a load of blood and urine tests and then gave her some morphine and told her she could go home as they believed it was just a new gall stone on the move and there were no signs that it was stuck anywhere. The only caveat was that if she started to get feverish she had to either got the GP or back to hospital for some anti-biotics.

We missed the bus to come home but thankfully Andrew and Ali were around and very kindly picked us up and gave us a lift home, thanks guys you are both great (once again)!

Good times, bad times

Ah the excesses of rock and roll do unfortunately take their toll on people!
Spent half the night blowing chunks (and no smutty remarks thank you)
I was not a well bunny but then that's what comes of not eating and then drinking far too much Jack Daniels.
Managed to catch up on some sleep but not a great deal. Was awake for hours but just couldn't bring myself to get up.

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Good times, old times!

Went to meet my old mate Dennis tonight. Dennis and I used to be gigging and clubbing mates in London back in the 80s and I haven't seen him for over 18 years despite him being best man at my wedding.

The plan was to meet up in The Ship (an old haunt) and have a catch up before Dennis went to see a friend and I went off to BGP with Robin. As it was I had cancelled BGP as I just didn't feel ready to go back there again especially as I was already getting emotional in the lead up to Christmas.

So Dennis said that I should come along to the Intrepid Fox for one more before he went and saw Pat (the landlord of the Fox). As it was Dennis' meeting with Pat got delayed and so I spent another couple of hours downing the old JD talking to Dennis (and his friend Sarah). It was just like old times even if the Fox isn't quite the same since it moved from Wardour Street. I also took some photos of old haunts for old times sake.

Me posing at Shenfield station:

The Royal George Pub

The old Intrepid Fox on Wardour Street

Gossips on Dean Street (was home of Buttz N Spikez Club)

Site of the infamous Marquee Club on Wardour Street (now sadly demolished and rebuilt as some poncy bar)

The Ship pub, used to be the worst pub ever but now is great

Dennis and I posing in The Ship (thanks to Dani the barman for taking this)

The NEW Intrepid Fox (now on St Giles Street)

Sarah and Dennis

Strange house

House is strange, very strange. Got so used to having Toni around on a Saturday but she's already gone back to London. Even Sophie commented that it was odd with her not staying longer.

Friday, 14 December 2007

We now have an Xmas tree (grrrrrrrr)

Toni came over tonight to see us which was really nice. She brought over a futon bed that a friend was getting rid of which Sophie is now going to have as her bed. As agreed we also went to Asda and bought an Xmas tree (bah humbug). Still the kids will be happy and I guess I'll have to put it up at some point! It's a shame Toni couldn't stay for the weekend, will be weird with her leaving early. Bumped into Mark and Sam in Asda and was nice to say hi. Agreed to go to the pub quiz on Sunday as there is no ice hockey this week.

Sam had some mates over for a sleepover so it was a bit crazy! Toni and I had a pretty deep discussion about my emotions and Sharon (plus admiring my new Stargazer make up!)

City Financials Xmas Lunch

From Shenfield to Chelmsford, we came, we saw, we ate fish!
City Financials Shenfield branch headed off to Loch Fyne restaurant for some Xmas delights.

Do you come here often? (l-r: Mike B, Me)

Sharing platter for 4 divided by 3 equals fat bar stewards!

Lean on me! (l-r: Pete, Me, Paul T, Mike M, Shaun)

The Flying Spaghetti Monster appears on my plate

Let us pray (l-r: Paul T [just], Steve, Roger)

Frowns and smiles (l-r: Nick, Ryan)

Food coming? )l-r: Steve, Roger, Mike B)

Cheers! (l-r: Paul T, Mike M, Shaun)

The death of my Chocolate Nemisis!

Steve plays Santa and wants the youngest memeber (Nick) to sit on his lap!

You can see the rest of the pictures here:

Wobbly emotions

Had a series of wobbly emotions this morning. I don't know why but sometimes I feel a bit guilty if I am doing really well. It's stupid as I know Sharon wouldn't want me to be sitting around moping and feeling sorry for myself but sometimes it feels like I should be more miserable when in that I am quite happy in myself (although true happiness would only be restored if Sharon was with me again but that is not going to happen). Can't say I like the fact that I won't see her again but I do know that she was and is a very important part of who I am and will be forever.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

My name's Keith and I'm an addict...........

My name's Keith and I'm an addict...........

...........a Zippo addict, where do I sign up to Zippo's Anonymous?

I think I might be becoming an addict to Zippo lighters. Although I don't smoke I now own two and love them so much that I want to buy more, they are SO cool. Somebody stop me!

Here's my first two:

There's nothing like a bit of pressure

Just want to say a big "thank you" to Sophie and Toni for getting the old pressure put on me to drag the house into the Xmas spirit! *grrrrrrrrr* LOL

Sophie said that someone had asked if we could go to Asda tomorrow to buy some Xmas decorations. I assumed it was my mum as they had been conspiring together a couple of weeks ago. It turns out that Sophie was talking to Toni on MSN and Sophie had called me a miserable git for not buying any yet! Toni said she would take her to Asda to buy some tomorrow if I agreed to it. There's nothing like a bit of pressure eh? ;o)

Oh well, if you can't beat them, kick then......oops no sorry I meant join them so it's going to be put the decorations up night tomorrow!

BEYOND THE RAVE: The return of Hammer!

Beyond The Rave

Add to My Profile | More Videos

After more than two decades of absence, Hammer Films returns to horror with Beyond the Rave, an online serial that heralds the resurgence of one of Britain’s best-loved film companies. Beyond the Rave is produced for Hammer by Pure Grass Films, from an original story by Tom Grass.

Says CEO Simon Oakes, “Hammer is a great British brand; we intend to take it back into production and develop its global potential”. The new direction pledges to maintain the same high standards that made Hammer one of the world’s most respected and influential genre companies, and to entertain both its loyal fans and a new generation of horror viewers.

Hammer - which has not released a film since 1979 – is also returning to feature production and has several exciting projects in development. With Beyond the Rave, the company wishes to give long-time followers and new audiences an early taste of things to come: original productions, using new technologies and featuring the hottest up-and-coming talent.

Drawing inspiration from the works of Bram Stoker and Anne Rice as well as from eighties classics The Lost Boys and Near Dark, Beyond the Rave, a vampire story set in England’s underground party scene, is a combination of traditional horror themes and contemporary setting and characters. The story follows the last hours of freedom of local soldier Ed, who is flying out to Iraq the following morning. With the help of his best friend Necro, he spends his last night in the UK tracking down his missing girlfriend Jen, last seen partying with a bizarre group of hardcore night-time ravers led by the mysterious Melech. But as he catches up with Jen at a party in a remote forest, Ed discovers that Melech’s crowd, who are hosting the event, are looking for more than a night of fun, and that not everyone will make it through to dawn…

Directed by director Matthias Hoene, known for his award winning shorts, commercials and music videos, Beyond the Rave features performances from Nora-Jane Noone (The Descent), Jamie Dornan (Marie-Antoinette), Tamer Hassan (Layer Cake, The Ferryman, Eastern Promises), Sebastian Knapp (28 Days Later, One Point O), Les Simpson (Dog Soldiers, upcoming Doomsday), Lois Winstone (When Evil Calls) and Steve Sweeney (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels). There are also special appearances by Hammer legend Ingrid Pitt, Sadie Frost (Bram Stoker’s Dracula) and Phil Bush (lead singer of The Cazals).

Beyond the Rave’s special effects will be handled by Tristan Versluis, one of the UK’s best new FX artists, whose credits include Jake West’s Evil Aliens, Billy O’Brien’s Isolation, Adam Mason’s Broken and The Devil’s Chair, and more recently Edgar Wright’s Hot Fuzz and Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd.

Producer Ben Grass concludes, “Beyond the Rave was inspired by Tom and my own experiences of raves: the great highs, and the demons that can lurk in the dark before dawn. It's jam packed with great characters and encounters. The narrative hurtles along to a big, juicy conclusion, and all along it's peppered with great tunes and visceral action.”

Terry Pratchett has Alzheimers :o(

Just found out that one of my favourite authors, Terry Pratchett, has been diagnosed as having Alzheimers :o(
Totally gutted to hear this as I remember what it was like when my nan had it. Still, he reckons there are a few books left in him yet which is great news.

Statement can be found here:

And the BBC site has a good article here:

He hasn't lost his sense of humour though!

Pratchett said his statement should be interpreted as "I am not dead" and that he had taken the news "philosophically" and "possibly with a mild optimism".

"I know it's a very human thing to say 'Is there anything I can do?' but in this case I would only entertain offers from very high-end experts in brain chemistry."

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Stupidly busy at Xmas

Oh my, I won't have time to sit and think this Xmas as I have just realised that I am going to be stupidly busy (this is a good thing by the way). I have so much planned from the 21st onwards that its all going to be a bit of a whirlwind YAY! I am actually starting to looking forward to it all now :o)


.........had a few tearful moments today as I was moving some stuff around at home and looked at some of the things of Sharon's that I have. God it's so painful thinking what I have lost. It never goes away even when I am having good days. Found a load of things that she gave to me last Xmas and that was really hard to deal with........

Still sick

Off work today as my throat is no better and I was running a temperature when I woke up. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow as I hate being stuck at home.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Dial 0898 Trash Queen!

My throat hurts, urggggggghhhhhhhhh.
If you fancy a saucy late night call then dial 0898 Trash Queen and my husky voice will be pleased to talk to you LMFAO!
Seriously though, it's no fun and hasn't got any better despite a day of rest :o(

Sophie's telephone interview

Sophie had a telephone interview with Vodafone this morning and has been told that she is through to the next interview stage so she now has another telephone interview with them on Thursday morning. Well done Sophie!

Gargling razor blades

Off sick today :o(
Throat feels like I've been gargling razor blades and it's really uncomfortable if I cough. Not happy!

Monday, 10 December 2007

Well done Sophie

Sophie has been called back on Thursday to do some work/training on Thursday afternoon and a decision will be made on whether or not she gets offered the job after that.

She still have the 2 interviews to attend in the meantime and on top of that she has now been offered a telephone interview with Vodafone.

Fingers crossed that something comes of all this.

Good luck with your job interviews Sophie

Sophie has THREE job interviews this week. She is has been working so hard applying for jobs so hopefully something will come of these interviews.

Good luck Sophie,
Love Dad

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Hockey fix and silly hats

Well that was another closely fought game. End result was Chelmsford Chieftains 3 - Guildford Flames 5. I don't mind losing games when they play like that. It was really exciting, lots of good play from the Chieftains and despite Mikko Mattila buggering off they pulled together well.

When Chelmsford scored for their first goal and I started the GOALIE/SIEVE channt Brighton Tiger dumped a hat adorned with sieves on my head from behind, and here it is............

Sophie, Sam and Toni thought it was hilarious! It's a shame that one of the Guildford Flames shouted, "You look a twat" but I did reply with, "at least I am not playing one".

Slimes, JD and Goth n Roll

Last night Toni and I went to London to meet Karen and her brother Chris for an (all) night on the town. We were going to go to the Intrepid Fox as my mate Dennis was DJing but by the time we got to London we decided to give it a miss especially as it was the Fox's 10th Anniversary party and we weren't sure if we'd have got in. Instead we headed off to the World's End in Camden to get in a few before heading off to the Slimelight in Islington.

When we arrived at Slimes the bouncer asked if any of us were members. We replied no and he said that we have a problem then as Chris was wearing blue jeans and white trainers and Slimes has a strict dress code of NO blue jeans and white trainers. Fortunately I had a pair of black jeans and a hoodie in my back so he had to get changed in a backstreet and the bouncers let us in.

It was a 3 floor night so we bypassed the EBM/hardcore dance floors and set up camp in the goth room and boogied the night away. Much JD was drunk and dry ice was inhaled! Got a bit tearful at one point as Toni and I went to the basement cinema and watch The Crow and that film always makes me think of Sharon.

Something went wrong with the coffee and although it tastes like crap we could only manage to get one cup and that was the worst ever and was practically cold so that early hours boost that we normally need just wasn't happening.

Crawled out of Slimes at 07:30 and got the tube back to Liverpool Street where proper coffee and a bacon and chees baguette helped restore a small amount of life. Got home and went straight to bed for a few hours.

Here are a couple of photos taken on Karen's phone:

Karen & Toni

K.T.Glitz & Toni

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Noses pierced!

Sophie and I got our noses pierced at Hepcat Tattoos in Chelmsford today. We seem to make a habit of getting our piercings done at the same time LOL. Claire Hepcat was the best piercer we have seen so far and comes highly recommended.

Sophie went first and she winced quite badly when the needle was inserted. I was OK until I saw her do that and then I got a bit chicken so needed Toni to hold my hand while mine was done *embarrassed*

Check out the Hepcat Myspace pages:

Claire Hepcat:

Hepcat Tattoos:

Katie Hepcat:

Five months

*sigh* Five months today since my beautiful gorgeous angel Sharon was taken away from me. Still feels wrong. Had a few moments to myself just to take it all in again.

Friday, 7 December 2007

Pink Toothbrush once again

I think I must be becoming some sort of Pink Toothbrush addict LMFAO!
Hazel, Toni and I ventured out to a Friday night at the Brush. This was Toni's first experience of Friday "Alternative Night" at the Brush and it was a vast improvement on the awful Saturday "Indie Night" that she had previously experienced. Hazel was there to take photos for her HV Photography venture.

I managed to pull! Some bloke came up to me when we first got there and said he really liked my dress and asked where I got it. I told him it was eBay and he said it was cool and toddled off. Later in the evening he waited for Toni to nip off to the loo and then sauntered up to me bold as brass, started grabbling my arse and told me it was gorgeous! I just thank you and Hazel's face was a picture!

The other weird moment was being in mid conversation with Toni and Hazel and a girl just grabbed my arm, spun me around and stood close to me while her friend stood the other side and a man she was with knelt in front of me and someone took a picture! I have no idea if they thought I was someone in a band or they just liked the way I looked but after the photo they all disappeared LOL. Most odd.

Here are some photos that I took:


Some old goth queen!

Hazel and Toni

Here are some of Hazel's pics: