Saturday, 28 February 2009

Nice evening with Hazel

We had a nice relaxing time at Hazel's. Her new man Jon seemed a nice bloke so hopefully he'll be a keeper! He has good taste in music (we all sat watching Scuzz TV) and was very pleasant.

It made a nice change to just spend some together rather being out clubbing or in the pub (although we are all lined up for Vendetta on the 14th March!)

After a few hours we headed back via the kebab van, got kebabs and chips with cheese for Toni and I and we treated the boys to some chips with cheese. Not wanting to sit in the middle of their chaos Toni and I went upstairs, ate our kebabs and fell asleep watching Hot Fuzz.

Asda, boys, bail out!

After breakfast we went to Asda to get some stuff for dinner and then headed home. Sam had Tristan and Shaggy coming round for the night but fortunately Toni and I had made plans to go and see Hazel (and her "friend" Jon). We stuck around for a bit winding the boys up and calling them nerds and geeks for all sitting there playing Monster Huner 2 on their PSPs. We then had a stir fry and then bailed out!

Big breakfast

After dropping mum off (and a trip to the O2 shop) we were hungry so decided to go to Wetherspoons for a big breakfast. It was very nice to have bacon, sausage, eggs and mushrooms.

Goodbye mum

Today was a bit weird. We got up early and took mum to the coach station so that she could go back home to Stratford-upon-Avon. Got there a bit early so popped into Subway for a coffee to pass the time.

Coach was on time and mum went. The house will be strange now as she has been with us for the last six weeks so her absence will be very noticeable.

Friday, 27 February 2009

Friday night at the Pink Toothbrush

Toni and I went to the Pink Toothbrush tonight for the first time in ages. We met up with Cat, Mark and Glenn and also bumped into John, Katie and Abigail.
It was a good night and nice to go somewhere different for a change.

See the rest of the photos on my Picasa web album:

Change of plan for tonight!!

Toni and I had been planning on going to Club Antichrist in London tonight. Throughout the week a number of people that we know had dropped out which was a shame.

I received a text from Cat (who runs Vendetta) this morning saying that she and Mark (and some of the metal boys) were off to the Pink Toothbrush tonight and did we want to join them.

After a discussion with Toni we decided that it would be easier to go to the Pink Toothbrush rather than travel into London for Antichrist especially as AC is an all nighter and we are giving mum a lift to the coach station tomorrow morning. Much as I would have liked to go to AC it will be nice to go out with Cat and friends and we won't have to be worrying about getting back to give mum a lift.

Still no sign of that Parcel!

Grrrr, parcel still hasn't arrived. I did try calling Royal Mail a couple of times but there was no reply.

Will have to try and pick it up tomorrow now *grumble grumble*

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Website fun!

Skipped the gym tonight (naughty!) as I wanted to crack on with the Vendetta Club website. Still a bit of work to do yet but I am happy with the way it is developing at the moment.

Effing Royal Mail!!!!!!!!!!!

Grrrrrrrrrr, I hate Royal Mail.
Had a card left on my birthday (Monday) that said they had tried to deliver a parcel. I believe it was my present from dad and Stephanie. I went online to arrange delivery and set it for Thursday as they required 48 hours notice. Mum stayed in all day but nothing came, she sent me a very irate text as she needed to go and do some shopping.

Will have to chase them tomorrow!
Effing Royal Mail!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Food, tidy up and early night!

Mum made a delicious stir fry with spicy noodles and crispy vegetables and fish. Oooh it was yummy and much appreciated after coming back from the gym.

After chilling out wathcing TV, doing a bit of work on the Vendetta website (coming soon folks!) I then went and had a bit of a tidy up in my bedroom before having an early night (well, early for me anyway)

Gym again....just!

Really didn't fancy the gym tonight but thanks to mum nagging me Sam and I went anyway. I am glad we did but I will have to be careful not to fall into bad habits of skipping sessions once she goes home on Saturday as it's far too easy to not be bothered after a day at work.


Came out afterwards feeling very good.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Gym session....

....went well, glad to get back into the swing of things. Still lots of work to be done on stamina and strength for the Vertical Rush but I am definitely feeling the benefits now.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Birthday prezzies

Had a nice quiet birthday.
Toni picked me up from work and we got stuck in traffic and it took us an extra 50 minutes to get home so I decided to skip the gym!
Mum made a lovely paella and I received lots of lovely cards and goodies!

Work bought me a pink tool kit:

Mum bought me a new laptop YAY!:

Sam bought me a mug:

Toni and Sam also bought me some graphic novels:

Toni bought some fab candlesticks:

Happy Birthday to............! OK, sorry, it was a shameless plug but had to be done!
Quiet night in for me this year following on from my fun at Hellfire this weekend. On the plus side, next year is the big FOUR-O so that will be a day of excess. I have no doubt there will be a BIG party for that one!

Last.FM listening post!

Here's last week's top picks music lovers!

Top weekly tracks:

Top weekly artists:

Overall top tracks:

Overall top artists:

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Hellfire Festival Day 3

Hit me baby one more time!
Day started off with Sam and I being asked to record a sound byte for Scuzz TV which was a giggle.

Surprise replacement for Metalloid and they were totally awesome. We actually want to see Soul Destruction but they were late so we went into the main stage only to hear King Lizard announcing themselves as a last minute addition so we watched them instead as loads of people I know are friends with them. Apologies to Soul Destruction but you got dumped!

Full set of photos here:

Thrashy Nu metalish band, lots of energy. Sounded a bit samey but fun to watch. Might want to work on their image a bit LOL

Full set of photos here:

Musically very good, hard and angry but let down by cliche screamy/shouty vocals

Full set of photos here:

Old skool hardcore thrash with the odd harmony solo thrown in. Singer was bouncing around like a loon, great fun to watch!

Full set of photos here:

Good tunes with a great girl in vocals who actually sang. She'll probably hate this but she did sound a bit like Amy Lee

Full set of photos here:

Harmonised speed metal with growly shouty gnome on vocals. Musically good but let down by singer. Being called fuckers and c***s is not great for getting a good crowd response although his comment about their being more photographers than audience was funny (and true at that moment in time)

Full set of photos here:

Kind of emo but so nice to hear a singer rather than a growler. Singer takes the prize for most energetic singer. Unfortunately it did all start to sound the same

Full set of photos here:

Great show, shame singer Kory Clarke was refused entry into the UK! Thankfully the bass player had a good voice and stood in! They only played for 20 minutes though which pissed off Armitage who only went to see them and paid £1 per minute for the privilege

Full set of photos here:

The mighty Sabbat return playing tracks from their first two classic thrash albums "A History Of Time To Come" and "Dreamwaver" as well as Martin Walkyier solo project Clan Destined

Full set of photos here:

And that was that. We left before Breed 77 came on as we were knackered but what an awesome weekend and I can't wait til the next Hellfire Festival!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Hellfire Festival Day 2

Back for more!!!!!!

Pounding rhythms, strong vocals, good choruses. Good stage presence and sense of humour. Great way to start the day. For the record, I can forgive the singer for wearing LED ZEP shirt

Full set of photos here:

Angry shouty metal, unfortunately it was nothing original and could have been any other band and looked like they just come out of their bedrooms.

Full set of photos here:

Really energetic set met by a strangely apathetic audience, real shame as they were wasted. Look forward to seeing them support Death Stars

Full set of photos here:


Grrr Grrr Aaargg music, nuff said! YUK!

Full set of photos here:

Speed/power metal showing European influences. Singer is the bastard son of Justin Hawkins and pulled some of the funniest metal faces ever. They did a fantastic Iron Maiden cover and had a great song called "What is worse than the truth"

Full set of photos here:

Hardcore at its best with a hyperactive singer who spent more time running around in the audience than on stage

Full set of photos here:

Awesome band full of energy, really got the crowd going. Not sure passing Jager round the fans was wise given the age of some of them. Sam caught a Jager cap which was thrown out so he was delighted. I got a little too close to the singer for my liking, LOL, thank god for deodorant

Full set of photos here:

From Scotland, totally tongue in cheek and absolutely hilarious to watch

Full set of photos here:

Wow, Firewind were incredible live. Their European tinged meoldic metal sound was reproduced perfectly and everything was crystal clear. They really worked the crowd and lots of chanting and singing along was done, real treat was their cover of Maniac.

Full set of photos here:

Friday, 20 February 2009

Hellfire Festival Day 1

Sam and I took off to sunny Islington for the inaugural Hellfire Festival. 3 days of metal mayhem.

Tonight featured 4 bands currently touring as the Killfest 2009 tour.

Torture Squad
Brazillian thrash merchants who kicked the day off with a wonderful set, they looked totally thrilled to be playing for the first time in the UK.

Full set of photos here:

Bouncy hardcore band, great fun to watch

Full set of photos here:

Thrash legends return to blast us with some classic tracks and new material.

Full set of photos here:

More classic thrash with Overkill sounding as fresh today as they did 20 years ago!

Full set of photos here: