Friday, 29 February 2008

Antichrist - Anti Climax

Oh dear that was such a massive let down.
No so much Club Antichrist as Club Anti Climax!
It was a weird place, couldn't make it's mind up if it was a goth/industrial or a fetish club and unfortunately it failed spectacularly at both.
The last 5 hours were hell as we couldn't get home and so had to just tough it out which was horrible.

The burlesque side shows were quite fun although they were obviously also pitched wrong as those watching didn't seem to know what to make of them.

Amusing costume of the night went to the man who wore NOTHING other than a belt for his money. We are talking starkers here, not even shoes. Almost went into trauma when I kept seeing him!

We certainly won't be rushing back there and will probably stick to Slimes and Vendetta for the goth/industrial clubbing and there's always Torture Garden and Club Twisted should we want to go a bit kinky!

Getting ready for tonight

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Quite disturbing!

From this:

To this:

What more can I say LMFAO!

And it just doesn't get any better.................................

Awwww bless:

Aw my god!

WARNING TO PARENTS: Please do NOT let your kids loose unsupervised with a digital camera and a copy of Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop or this might happen:

It just gets worse!:

Stressful day at work

I was fuming after work today.
Once again we are trying to bypass things and rush the product out.
I get it in the ear because QA is allegedly crap and yet we release things into the wild bypassing all the QA process anyway!
And when it all goes wrong, who will get the blame? ME!

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Boring day

Not a lot to report about today as it was fairly boring. Got home from work and Sophie had made dinner which was nice. Sat and watched Hollyoaks with the kids while we ate. I then went and sorted out some paperwork and did some finance stuff before cracking on with some work.

Spent a couple of hours working on some automation testing which was at least productive and filled in the time that I would normally have spent talking to Toni on MSN but her phone line and broadband has finally been cut off thanks to S4B.

She is getting a new one on Monday though so she gave me her details and I ordered BT Broadband for her online as they are doing a free hub offer at the moment.

See, told you, boring day!

Earthquakes in the UK?

I heard there were earthquakes in the UK?
I hadn't realised things got that noisy *whistles*
Put the world on alert, shock waves expected often!

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

The Cult secret gig at the 100 Club

Oh what a night!
Fantastic stuff!
Met up with Toni in North Greenwich after work and we headed off for Oxford Street. We were both hungry so popped in to Pizza Hut for some nibbles and to kill some time. Nice meal and we left 15 minutes after doors were opening only to find no doors open and a queue, TYPICAL!

Had to wait nearly two hours for The Cult to come on (which kind of cheesed me off as I am an impatient bugger) but it was definitely worth the wait thats for sure. It was a set of classic hits and a nice intimate atmosphere (but it was rock n rolling all the way)

Outside in the queue for the 100 Club in my Surf Porn hoodie (thanks Hazel):

The back of my Surf Porn hoodie:

Toni outside in the queue:

This made me laugh (don't ask why but it did!):

Here's the set list:


Full set of pictures can be found on my Picasa web album here:

Off to see The Cult

I am going to meet Toni tonight and we are heading out to the 100 Club on Oxford Street to see The Cult.

The Cult were playing large venues on their Born Into This tour but they were playing London on the 23rd and I decided that it would be better to spend my birthday with family and friends (especially as the kids would have been cheesed off if I'd gone to a gig)

Luckily I happened to see a MySpace bulletin announcing that they were playing a secret gig at the 100 Club. Looks like I got the better deal as it will be great to see them live in a small sold out sweat box (the 100 Club only holds 350 people) rather than in one of the less intimate London venues. I can't wait, will post photos!

Nick Knowles in Asda!

Just spoken to Hazel and she said that she saw Nick Knowles (of DIY SOS fame) in Asda. Despite my requests she refused to take a picture even though she saw him three times (how disappointing is that, stalk him girly, stalk him!). Even more bizarrely she said she couldn't see what he had bought but it looked small, like nail varnish!

So here is (with his DIY SOS chums), photo not courtesy of Hazel LOL

Monday, 25 February 2008

Feeling rough today

Was well rough today. Woke up feeling rotten but managed to drag myself into work. Was aching all over, sore throat, runny eyes and nose and really wanted to go home.

Got in and watched some TV with the kids, made dinner and watch some more TV and feel a bit better now. Hopefully the worst of it has passed and it isn't going to develop into anything more.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Chieftains 3 Flames 4

I think I went to hockey tonight, was feeling a little fragile and would rather have stayed in bed but it was hockey so had to be done!

Not sure if it was just me feeling flat or whether it was not a particularly exciting game. A fairly even start ended the first period with a 0 - 0 scoreline. Things went down hill after that and the Chieftains were sitting at a 1 - 2 deficit at the end of the second. The third period started badly and the Chieftains were sitting at 1 - 4 with about ten minutes left. I really it was game over at the point but the Chieftains battle hard to get themselves back in it to 3 - 4. Unfortunately they couldn't get that final goal for a draw but it was great to see them battle so hard to close the game up in the last 5 minutes.

Lazy day and quiche

Had a really lazy day today. There was a surprising lack of hangovers but we were all a little sluggish! Sam surprised us by making a lovely bacon and mushroom quiche (with gluton free flour so Toni could eat it too). What a star, he's getting really good a cooking.

Lots of sleeping and lounging went on and not a lot else.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Party on dudes!

Wow, what a party!
The evening kicked off with a very pleasant surprise as Sophie and Sam had conspired with Toni to get me a cake (on top of the one my dad brought). Contrary to one comment I received tonight the number is 38 and NOT 83!!!!!!!!

Now blow and make a wish (OH MATRON)

Sophie and Sam got very drunk (not that you can tell from these pictures of course):

What label?:

One of those "I love you" moments!

Weebles wobble but drunks fall down!:

Guitar Hero on the Xbox 360 was the main entertainment and we jammed good with weird and gilly (and the pissheads from Mars)

Sophie is, a punk rocker:

Aaron and Sam in a rock off:

Throwing shapes Status Quo stylee:

Far too much alcohol was consumed. It was great to have some good friends around me and I was delighted that Sammy turned up later on (after her line dancing).
We all crashed out at around 05:30 after LOTS of Jack Daniels and working our way through Rocky Horror Picture Show and Little Shop Of Horrors DVDs. Roll on the next one! (ADDENDUM, we also watched SPINAL TAP!)

Toni and I:

Mark and Sammy:

You can see ALL the pictures on my web album: >>> HERE <<<

Feeling rough, think I might cancel

As I was feeling rough (and I had had so many people unable to make my planned evening of fun) I was a little down and was sorely tempted to cancel altogether. As it happened Hazel's plans changed and it turned out she could come after all and Mark said that he would come regardless and so I decided to go ahead (and boy am I glad that I did)

Lunch with dad (and a lovely cake)

Dad popped over at lunchtime with my presents (some Star Wars novels that I had asked for) and also a fantastic cake that Stephanie had made for me:

We all went mob handed to The Lodge for lunch which was nice. I was starting to feel a little worse for wear as I think I had a cold coming.

Bedknobs and broomsticks

Well no broomsticks actually. Toni and I drove into Chelmsford today to pick up a bed that she had just bought on eBay. I knew my garage would come in handy one day as she is keeping the bed in there for now until she sorts things out back at home.

Birthday presents

It was a good morning with lots of lovely presents!

A large tin of yummy Cadbury biscuits (from Toni & Aaron):

A dashing pink scarf (from Toni and Aaron):

Jack Daniels (from Sophie & Sam):

An Ian Rankin novel (from Sophie and Sam). This was quite amusing as I'd actually asked for some books to boost my Rankin collection (but I meant fantasy author ROBERT RANKIN but the kids got me Ian). I am not complaining though as I've heard that the Ian Rankin books are good:

Faintly disturbing!:

Friday, 22 February 2008

Full house

It was a full house tonight. Toni came with Aaron and Sophie's boyfriend Shane was also staying over ready for my party on Saturday. Toni made lasagne which was most welcome after my little drinkies session.

Birthday drinks with JBO

Popped to Chelmsford after work today and went to James Bryan Opticians to meet everyone and go out for a birthday drink. Unfortunately James was busy doing stuff in the shop so couldn't make it and John had a prior engagement (but we have agreed to keep in touch and go out pubbing/clubbing very soon). Went to the Nag's Head with Tracy, Bev and Sandra and had a Jack Daniels or three. Was good to have a catch up and chin wag and they've invited me out for a curry in March :o) Big thanks to Bev for giving me a lift home!

The Flying Spaghetti Monster has been spotted!

Yes it's true all you heathens and naysayers! Bow down and worship his noodly appendage, the Flying Spaghetti Monster is alive and well!

FSM spotted in Russia (1957)

FSM spotted in Germany

Iron Man

Oooh the good movies just keep on coming!
Iron Man is out in May, YAY!

Weapons designer Tony Stark is in Afghanistan to introduce his new missile design to the Air Force until the unit he is traveling with is attacked and Stark is taken hostage. Injured by shrapnel embedded near his heart, he is ordered by his captors to assemble a missile for them, and they give him access to a workshop. He puts his creativity to use by assembling a bulletproof suit of power armor, complete with pacemaker and flamethrowers, and uses it to free himself. Back at home, he becomes Iron Man, developing a flying suit with the red and gold scheme and advanced weapon capabilities.

The trailer:

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Birthday blow outs

Ya Boo Sucks!
I am sulking. Had hoped to have a load of people round on Saturday night for a few drinks and nibbles to help celebrate my birthday but most people are either busy or have blown me out :o(

Was totally gutted tonight to get a call from Dennis to say that he had double booked and so wouldn't be able to make it now after all.

Am sure I'll have a good night but the rapidly diminishing number of friends likely to be attending is quite depressing.

School meetings zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Just got back from a meeting at Sam's school about work experience! OMG how boring was that. Someone should send these people on a training course on giving presentations. Half an hour of snooze-a-thon that could have been quite comfortably reduced to just over 5 minutes of relevant information. The poor kids have to sit through it all again tomorrow in assembly and then the school are sending a letter home! Somehow I think the letter would have been perfectly adequate.

Sophie and Sam

Hehehe, Sophie and Sam have been taking pictures together together again, here's the ones that are fit for public viewing!

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Coming to a cinema to you this summer, the long awaited sequel to Hellboy!

Writer Mike Mignola described the story he had developed, with director Guillermo del Toro, as one that focused on folklore and fairy tales, rather than the more pulp elements of the first film:

"It's not Nazis, machines and mad scientists but the old gods and characters who have been kind of shoved out of our world. I kind of equate it to the whole American Indian situation. The Indians were shoved onto reservations. You had your old, wise Indians who said, 'You know, this is the way it is. We can't fight anymore. We just have to accept our fate.' You then have your Geronimo character saying, 'Or we could just kill the White Man.' That's kind of the situation we have in the film. We have our elf characters resigning to the way things are and then there's one saying, 'Or we could take the world back.' The main difference is - what if the Indians had a nuclear warhead? The elves have their equivalent of the weapon that is too terrible to use. What if this guy decided to use it?"

Here's the trailer:

Things to do when I get old

Was talking to my friend Amanda this afternoon (the mad woman who made me the lollipop) and we were talking about what will happen when we get old.

She said to me, "Yeah you go from this life as you entered it, helpless bald, in a nappy and dribbling PMSL" to which I replied, "and swearing like a trooper".

She replied, "Yeah the joys we have to look forward to, swearing and being able to get away with it"

So we mused on having tourettes in old age and getting away with it and I said that I am going to go around hitting people with my lollipop

Amanda laughed and said, "Now that would be funny, headline news............... old man with tourettes beats up bossy teenager with a giant lollipop"

So I now have my mission in life, to get to old age and make that headline come to fruition!

An eerie glow

I forgot to post this picture from last Saturday night's venture to the Pink Toothbrush. The table Hazel and I were sitting at had a strange green light pointing at it which gave some superb X-Files stylee effects!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Update on nan

Mum phoned me tonight just to give me a quick update on nan. She still seems to be settled in the home. Mum has warned me that nan had tried her best to write in my birthday card and so not to worry when I receive it. They went out to get nan's hair done and in the taxi back the drove near where mum lives (and nan used to live). Nan said that she used to walk around that area and that she used to go for long walks. Mum didn't say it was where she used to live in case it upset/confused her but it was nice to see that some memories are still lurking in her head.

Dog eat dog...


Poor old Hazel had to take May to the vets today as Halley had tried to savage her while they were at Dan's (her ex) house.
Bizarrely Halley is a Labrador and May is a Doberman!
She is probably going to have to rehome as they can't be kept together as this is the second time that this has happened now. Poor girl, I know how heartbreaking it is having to rehome a pet and this will be so hard for her.

What a waste of time

Went to Orthoworld with Sam this afternoon and it really seemed like a complete waste of time. They had a very quick look in his mouth (about 30 seconds), we had a short chat about whether or not he was still sucking his thumb and when we convinced that he wasn't they said to go downstairs and make an appointment to begin treatment! 1.5 hours travelling for less than 5 minutes in Orthoworld, what a farce. On the plus side Sam is having his teeth done on the NHS so they will look nice and it will be free!

Long time no see

Had to get something from the Post Office today so I walked to school with Sam. Was a nice surprise to bump into Zoe and Ron at the train station and have a quick catch up. All change for both of them as they have both started new jobs.

Sophie update

Got a message to say that Sophie is OK to come out of hospital (with lots of steroids). As I had the afternoon off anyway to take Sam to the orthodontist I ahve now taken the whole day off to make sure Sophie gets back OK.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Sophie, here we go again *sniff*

Had a text from Shane at 21:30 saying that she was having an asthma attack and was calling an ambulance with her. Took a couple of texts to get him to admit that she had been smoking. I said that the hospital would need to know. I suspect it's a combination of smoking and the very cold weather that has brought this in. Shane has gone to the hospital too, he is with her now and is staying with her. I feel really helpless as I can't even get there.

Take it easy!

Anyone remember that old Cadbury's caramel advert, the one with the silky toned rabbit?
Go on, you know, this one!

Well Pete McDonald at work does a disturbingly good impression of the smooth talking bunny (so disturbing in fact that I feel traumatised whenever he does it)

Mike Babb being the kind loving soul that he is produced this for Pete and I! (and the words of Achmed The Dead Terrorist spring to mind here.............)

Infamy infamy! GOALIE/SIEVE

Hahahahaha, someone from Romford captured me on video on Sunday doing the GOALIE/SIEVE chant.
I should probably sue but it makes me laugh that they think my actions are worthy of:
a) filming in the first place
b) publishing on the internet

Stupid bloody

Got a call late last night informing me that my delivery would not be coming as the van had broken down. It was supposed to come between 21:00 and 23:00 and they called me at about 22:45!!!! Was not best pleased but there was little I could do about it and so I rescheduled delivery for today between 17:00 and 19:00.

I was very surprised when I got in to work this morning to have a missed call and voicemail from saying they were calling me to re-arrange my delivery, they even had my name wrong as they said the message was for Mr Chudley! Called them back and my delivery was already set and arranged so god knows why they felt the need to call me to re-arrange and it's pretty inexcusable not having my name right!

My shopping had better turn up tonight or I shall go ballistic.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Nandos North Greenwich

Having not see Toni all weekend we arranged to meet up this week so after work I headed off to North Greenwich to meet Toni. Went to Nandos and had dinner and then went and chilled out in Starbucks. It was nice to see her again and just spend a couple of hours chilling out after a long day at work. Even the crap train journey home didn't take away from the evening.

LastFM listening post 18/02/08

My top weekly tracks:

My top weekly artists:

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Romford Raiders 5 Chelmsford Chieftains 4 (after OT and penalty shots)

Sam and I trekked over to Romford today to see our first ever derby at the Raiders rink. It was even more tense than the Chieftains 4 - 3 win after penalty shots a week ago!

Chieftains cruised to a 0 - 3 lead by the end of the 1st period but the Raiders managed to claw one back to make it 1 - 3 at the end of the 2nd. Referee Smith kindly gifted lots of penalties to the Raiders and the end of the 3rd period the game was tied 4 - 4. Into sudden death overtime we went and after more nail biting we ended 4 - 4 and no more nails and a weak heart as we went to penalty shots.

Regular penalty shots (3 from each team) ended 0 - 0 so it was into sudden death. A further 4 penalties and neither team managed to find the net, unfortunately on the 8th set Chieftains missed but the Raiders managed to slot one home. It was a tense game with a great atmosphere but I hate it when it goes to penalty shots. Still the Chieftains got a much needed point and in our fight against Romford to make the last play off spot we are now 1 point behind but have 2 games in hand so its not over yet.

Unfortunately the Capitals failed to beat the Vipers tonight (losing 3 - 6 ) and so their bid to clinch a play off spot is getting slimmer and slimmer.

Charlotte and Emma do Kilimanjaro

My friend Rob's daughter Charlotte is doing a charity climb of Mount Kilimanjaro for Multiple Sclerosis and the Essex Well MS Therapy Group.

You can read about their exploits here:

Not sure I like this

It's so weird not having seen Toni all weekend. When she has other things on she usually makes it up for ice hockey but not this weekend unfortunately. I've had a good weekend but it does feel strange with her not being around.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Pink Toothbrush

What on earth I hear you all cry! Pink Toothbrush on a Saturday night? I thought you said you'd never do that again!

OK, OK, I did say I wouldn't go back on a Saturday night but Hazel needed to get out (and break in a new dress that she had bought) so I reluctantly agreed. I didn't glam up as it just felt weird enough going out clubbing without Toni.

Thankfully the music was nowhere as bad as last time so it wasn't torture being there. The usual bunch of fashion victims were there so as usual I took a few pics in the interest of science!

The phantom glass collectors were in full force tonight and I had a great laugh winding up one guy about it all who took it really well and kept deliberately trying to sneak our drinks away. Highlight of the night was when a different collector took my glass of Jack Daniels that I had only just bought. I ran to the bar to complain and the guy I had been messing with verified that the other one had indeed taken my new drink so thankfully I got a replacement.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a few snaps from the Pink Toothbrush:

Hazel in her knew dress (which was far shorted than she was comfortable with HAHA)

That old queen is back again (how does s/he get in all my photos?

There's Murder (sorry, No-one) On The Dance Floor

Scientific research revealed a few people in danger of having the fashion police called on them:

Oh dear, a girl in shorts and tights and another in a sparkly top (which looked far worse in the flesh as the sparkes were sequins). Red jeans girl just about escapes except she has awful slingbacks on!

More shorts and tights, YUK YUK YUKKITY YUK!

Nice cleavage! Builders bums are bad, women with builders bums are badder!

And last but not least I'll throw this one in cos Hazel fancied him:

Strange things are afoot

No not at the Circle K (look it up, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure) but in the Toni Scott household. Had a quick chat with Toni. Seems Nick had sent her a whole bunch of texts where he suddenly wanted to sit down and talk about their divorce and sort out things like the kids, maintenance, the house etc etc etc. Sounds to me like he has (finally) suddenly realised that he can't run from all this stuff and he has to deal with it all sooner rather than later, especially as the Decree Nisi has been requested.

Will be interesting to see exactly how this pans out (and whether or not he is serious about dealing with things swiftly).

Chieftains 3 Bracknell Bees 0

Yes you read that right!
The Chieftains won tonight and Andy Moffat got himself a shutout and a well deserved Man Of The Match award. Bit of a strange game really and I am sure that our goal was touched by the hand of God today as Bracknell just couldn't score despite putting 49 shots on Moffs. Goalie, Sieve chant was in full force and to top it all off quite nicely I won £55 in the 50/50 draw so everyone was a winnner!

Popping in to say hi to old friends

Sam and I popped into James Bryan Opticians this afternoon en route to ice hockey to see who was in. Was great to see Sandra, Bev, Claire and John again and we had a bit of a catch up (well as much as we could with them working). Have invited them all out for a drink this Friday after work for my birthday. Will be good to all meet up again socially as we haven't done it for a while.

Lazy days

Woke up with good intentions this morning to do lots of stuff as (as Toni is at her nan's all weekend with her mum and kids so wouldn't be seeing her) but it didn't quite pan out that way. Did a couple of loads of washing and some hoovering before deciding that I really couldn't be bothered to do any more.

Instead I decided to settle down in the living room and watch the first four episodes of X Files Series 1 as I hadn't watch them for so long. Brought back some very happy memories of how good the X Files was.

Spoke to Dennis for an hour having a good old catch up. Was nice to hear him being a bit more positive about thing. His job is far from perfect and the money isn't great but he has at least managed to prevent himself from being kicked out of where he is staying which is great news. He's now at least working and trying to find a better job while he is at it.

The morning has been really strange knowing that I wouldn't be seeing Toni at all over the weekend.

Friday, 15 February 2008

Star Wars geeks

At work today we were discussing inconsistencies in sci-fi plots and we got round to talking about why the clone army was commissioned in Star Wars Episode 2: Attack Of The Clones.

Being the complete geek and Star Wars nut that I am I decided to make it my mission to uncover the truth to show that although it wasn't touched up in the film it was not an inconsistency and could be fully explained. After much tail chasing I managed find out some facts on Sifo-Dyas, the man who placed the order of the clone army to be created.
I found a thread on the Star Wars forum that ran to 405 pages so quickly gave up reading that.

Sam and I watched all the extras and deleted scenes from The Phantom Menace, Attach Of The Clones and Revenge Of The Sith but still drew a blank trail.

In the end I discovered a wonderful timeline document that ran to 1200 pages and was pulled together from just about every Star Wars source imaginable and found this:

"As a result of Qui-Gon Jinn’s death and the Senate’s use of Jedi as tools of their will, Count Dooku, a respected Jedi Master (former Master of Qui-Gon and former Padawan of Yoda), leaves the Jedi Order. He soon comes under the influence of Darth Sidious (Palpatine), who intends to use the fully-trained Jedi, with a bit of Sith training to add to his skills, as a replacement for Darth Maul as his Sith Apprentice. Before he will do so, though, Dooku must complete a final test. Dooku’s old friend, Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas, had been far to close to Dooku in the last few years. More importantly, Sifo-Dyas has sensed the gathering darkness in the galaxy and has taken steps to prepare the Republic for the coming dark times. Sifo-Dyas goes to Kamino, where he commissions a clone army for the Republic, striking a deal with Prime Minister Lama Su. All that remains is to find a suitable template for the clones, which Sifo-Dyas assures Lama Su will be forthcoming. Before he can find a suitable template and send him to Kamino, Sidious sends Dooku to confront Sifo-Dyas. In his final test to become a Sith Lord, Dooku kills Sifo-Dyas, earning the title “Darth Tyranus” and leaving the existence of the clone army a secret known to the Dark Lords of the Sith, which will allow Darth Sidious to manipulate the confrontation he needs to gain control of the Republic all the more easily. As for Sifo-Dyas, the circumstances of his death are unknown to the Jedi, who remain unaware of the involvement of the Sith. Dooku returns home to Serenno, where he uses his family’s fortune to begin building up a fledgling Separatist movement, aimed at direct conflict (a decade from now) with the Republic, as part of the Sith’s scheme to dominate the galaxy."

So there you are, Star Wars geeks rule and JOB DONE!

Nothing Else Matters

Isn't it funny how a song can just grab you and you love it so much that you seek out alternative versions. One of my all time favourite Metallica songs is Nothing Else Matters which totally blew me away. Then I heard the versions that they did with Chris Isaak (an acoustic one) and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra (for the S&M album). I am sure there are loads more but here are some of my top favourite versions of this son. Enjoy....................

Metallica (original version from the album Metallica (The Black Album)

Metallica & The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra (from the S&M CD/DVD)

Metallica & Chris Isaak (Acoustic version)

Gregorian Monks

Lucie Silvas

Apocolyptica (Four dudes with cellos)

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Beer and Blue Harvest

When I got in from work today I cracked open a bottle of beer and Sam and I settled down to watch Family Guy: Blue Harvest (their Star Wars spoof).

It was absolutely hilarious and just what I need to chill and relax. We then proceeded to watch a few episodes from Family Guy Series 1. I am now a firm convert to the Family Guy cause with Stewie being my favourite character:

Shame Sophie wasn't here too then I would been a true Family Guy!

Can I Stay

Can I stay here with you till the morning
I am so far from home and I feel a little stoned
So can I stay here with you till the morning?
There's nothing I want more than to wake up on your floor
So lay with me in your thinnest dress
Fill my heart with each caress
Between your blissful kisses, whisper
Darling, is this love?

So can I stay here with you, till the day breaks?
There's something you should know
I ain't got no place to go
So can I stay here with you, till the day breaks
How happy it would make me to see your face when I wake
So lay with me in your thinnest dress
Fill my heart with each caress
Between your blissful kisses, whisper
Darling, is this love?

So can I stay here with you till the night time
I've fallen sad inside and I need a place to hide
So can I stay, here with you, through the night time
I've fallen so sad it's true, now won't you take me to your room
Lay with me in your thinnest dress
Fill my heart with each caress
Between your blissful kisses, whisper
Darling is this love?

Whisper to me, is this love?

- Can I Stay (Ray LaMontagne)

Decided to listen to Ray LaMontagne on my mp3 player this morning as it's Valentine's Day. It brought back lots of very happy memories for me. Almost every night I would light candles in the bedroom before Sharon came through and put on Ray's "Till The Sun Turns Black" CD. It has such a soft, relaxing and romantic vibe about it and it is great to chill out and snuggle to. It was so lovely to hear those songs again and be able to just picture how things were.

The song is about a love that is just blossoming and it's all new and warm, and you don't want that person to leave and you don't want to leave that person. How just wanting to be "near" someone is enough, to breathe the same air... and yet it's new and you wonder is this love?
Because love should feel this good...
Love should be wanting to fall asleep and wake up to the same person for the rest of your days...........

....and that leads me on to the next song in the next entry.............

Gone Away From Me

For a while
I sat there staring at the photograph
For a while
I cried and tried not to make a scene
There was a time,
When we were young
I used to make her laugh
But life is long,
My love has gone away from me

Gone away from me
Gone away from me
Life is long
My love has gone away from me
Gone away from me
Gone away from me
Life is long
My love has gone away from me

Lately I
Can’t seem to find myself no sleep at all
Lately I
Just lie awake here and dream
Of the time when she was mine

Felt like I had it all
But life is long,
My love has gone away from me

Gone away from me
Gone away from me
Life is long
My love has gone away from me
Gone away from me
Gone away from me
Life is long
My love has gone away from me

Yesterday’s gone
Yesterday’s dead
Get it through your head
And walk away
Yesterday is gone
Ain’t no use hanging on
To a memory that only causes you pain

For a while
I sat there staring at the photograph
For a while
I cried and tried not to make a scene
There was a time,
When we were young
I used to make her laugh
But life is long,
My love has gone away from me

Gone away from me
Gone away from me
Life is long
My love has gone away from me
Gone away from me
Gone away from me
Life is long
My love has gone away from me

- Gone Away From Me (Ray LaMontagne)

It's Valentine's Day but it all feels so lonely

This week has been VERY weird. For the last two years I would be busily preparing for a wonderful Valentine's Day with Sharon, buying and making cards and gifts for her. This year I kind of feel lost. Went to Brentwood on Monday with a friend from work who was after a gift for his wife and I wanted to be buying things, choosing nice presents and cards, writing poems and words.


I remember my first Valentine's Day with Sharon. It was wonderful and so romantic. She made me salmon with a wonderful sauce, new potatoes and crisp veg. The table was strewn with little hearts and candles. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and it really made me cry. I made her a homemade card, a CD of some love songs and a special folder filled with poems that I had written for her. I really wish I could go back there again, it was such a perfect moment in time.

Valentine's Day

My insides all turn to ash, So slow
And blew away as I collapse, So cold
A black wind took them away, From sight
And held the darkness over day, that night

And the clouds above move closer
Looking so dissatisfied
But the heartless wind kept blowing, blowing

I used to be my own protection, But not now
Cause my path has lost direction, Somehow
A black wind took you away, From sight
And held the darkness over day, That night

And the clouds above more closer
Looking so dissatisfied
And the ground below grew colder
As they put you down inside
But the heartless wind kept blowing, blowing

So now you're gone
And I was wrong
I never knew what it was like
To be alone

On a Valentine's Day
On a Valentine's Day
On a Valentine's Day
On a Valentine's Day
On a Valentine's Day

(I used to be my own protection)
On a Valentine's Day,
(But not now)

On a Valentine's Day

(Cause my mind has lost direction)
On a Valentine's Day,
On a Valentine's Day

(I used to be my own protection)
On a Valentine's Day,
(But not now)
On a Valentine's Day

(Cause my mind has lost direction)
On a Valentine's Day,

- Valentine's Day (Linkin Park)

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Chieftains quiz night

Went to Chelmsford City Football Club tonight for a Chelmsford Chieftains quiz night. Got a lift from Brighton Tiger and then spent the first hour talking to Nolan, Mike Marostega and Andy Hannah. Lots of people arrived that were already in teams so I was starting to fear that I would be teamless. To my relief my friend Ruth turned up with Vicky and as they had no team either we all agreed to stick together and hijack a team. we ended up pitching up with Pete, Pauline, Charlie, and a woman whose name I don't know (Westie?) along with Andy Hannah and Ruth and Vikki's friend Tim who turned up later on. We weren't last and we weren't first but it was a good laugh.

Comedy moments of the night were me having to worship Andy Hannah as I promised I would treat him like a god if he was right about Ikea being a bird (which it was) and Vikki spluttering drink everywhere when she drifted off into another world stressing about an ex and I clicked my fingers in front of her face and said, "You're back in the room!". Thankfully she found it funny, as did Ruth and Tim!

Andy Hannah and baby Jessica

Pete, Charlie (and Pauline just creeping in)

Pauline, Brighton Tiger and the mystery woman (Westie?)!

Tim and Vikki (with Mikey Robinson sneaking in)

Mikey again!

Ruth, me, Mikey, Tim & Vikki

Ruth and I

Donna and Brighton Tiger

Andy Hannah cherishes the picture of Scott McKenzie that he won in the raffle!