Friday, 30 September 2011

Club Pedestal

Can't blog tonight, I'm a little bit tied up! *grin*

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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Last.FM listening post

Here's last week's top picks music lovers!

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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

WTFing, dentist fun, 3 Term, close call, phone calls, BANG!

Today was started with a nice bit of WTFing which made a pleasant change. Sadly this was because I had to make a return visit to the dentist, this time to see the dreaded hygenist. Fortunately the experience was nowhere near as bad as I had feared and so I quite happily booked a return visit for next week. After the dentist I had to venture back into the office...

Today was a definite 3 Term day:
Jibbering gibbon

This was mainly due to the fact that I only had to be in the office for half a day otherwise I might have managed to hit my first five!

Left a little later than planned and just made the train. The door bleeps started just before I was stepping on so it was a real close call! Tea, chat, chinese, wrestling and Dexter made up the evening interspersed with numerous phone calls so I didn't really get a chance to sit back and chill (or get things done that I had planned)

Icing on the cake of the day was a badly worded email from work implying that I had done something incorrectly which really set the spark off and I saw red, BANG! I replied with a strongly worded letter clarifying the situation. I am hoping for an apology tomorrow but I am sure there will be none forthcoming sadly.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Grading of days, Starship Troopers and career advice

I have decided that I will grade my days in "terms" along the lines of my blog entry of Thursday 22nd. This will save me the hassle of explaining how crap my day has been, you can just get the feel from the number of "terms" that I use! LOL. We will run from 0 - 5 terms I think, this should about cover it.

Today was a definite 4 Term day:
Wittering cabbage
Jibbering gibbon
Festering halfwit
Billy Smart

After work it was back to Toni's for a yummy casserole and the godawful Starship Troopers. So bad it's not even good but wonderfully cheesy!

I took some time to have a motivational chat with Aaron about his plans for the future and options that could be open to him based on certain college courses. I was lucky when I did my O Levels (that's GCSE's for you youngsters out there) in that I thought I knew what I wanted to be and do (even though my plans did change) but so many people get bummed out with the stress of exams and not really knowing where they want to head career wise. Looks like things haven't really changed much in that respect.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Massively Wrecked - goffs on a boat

Tonight was a night for dressing up and painting the town black

After a somewhat frought drive through London (major delays and an ever decreasing window) we finally got parked up and got to the pier with time to spare.

This was our noble steed for the evening:

What then transpired was 5 hours of cruising down the Thames and lots of dancing.

It was a really fun night and I really hope that they put on another one. There was a little two much EBM for Toni's liking but then they split EBM/Goth between DJs on each floor so maybe for the future they could look at splitting it so that one floor is Goth only and the other is Industrial/EBM. I didn't care though as I was dancing my tits off to everything!

Driving back afterwards was far less stressful and a hell of a lot quicker and we ended the night with a lovely chicken kebab!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Three terms, Orpheum recording and Your Highness

Three terms spring to mind:
Wittering cabbage
Jibbering gibbon
Festering halfwit


Had a great night when I got home. For starters I got another Orpheum bass line recorded and sent off for mixing. Still loads more to do but it's all coming together nicely!

After this Sam treated us to Domino's pizza and we vegged out watching WWE RAW and then Your Highness. Your Highness turned out to be very silly but well worth a watch with lots of smut and innuendo to keep you going!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Last.FM listening post

Here's last week's top picks music lovers!

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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

One of those days

Today was one of those GRRRRR days. I don't think it will be long before CV fluffing becomes the order of the day. I've held out as long as I can but for every improvement I think we get things step back 5 paces. I don't think it will take much more to push me completely over the edge LOL. It was Stevo's last day today and I wonder how many more will be following him out the door over the next few months?

Still, it was a good journey home to SWF and it was nice to get in and find a nice cuppa waiting for me! Some can be so wonderful sometimes! He even treated me to a chinese and we caught up with WWE Night Of Champions before descending into the world of Scrubs.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Recording Orpheum vocals

Following on from Orpheum's studio rehearsal last week it was off to Martine's tonight for another workshop session. It was a bit nerve wracking for me as I started laying down some vocal tracks but after a few takes it was all sounding good. I can't wait until we have the final mixes done so we can get them online. Next stop, more bass lines to add into the pot!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Empire Strikes Back and an interesting use of a hearse!

It was a late start today. We got up eventually and made breakfast and settled down to watch The Empire Strikes Back. Definitely one of my favourite films. Following this we watched some of the interesting extras on the Blu-Ray discs before Toni and I packed up ready to go back to Eltham.

I managed to sleep through most of the journey back but I did wake up in time for this little gem. It really made me chuckle. What an interesting use of a hearse! Kitchens-Bedrooms-Bathrooms TO DIE FOR!

That's one way to market your company!

The evening was spent watching the remake of Starsky And Hutch and then getting miserable as the Capitals got an 8 - 0 gubbing courtesy of the Nottingham Panthers. It's not much fun being a Caps fan these days and the fan base are pretty vocal about how unhappy they are. I have a lot of sympathy for them, they should try sitting on the Management Committee!

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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Munchies, Chelmsford, Star Wars and True Blood

We kick started the day with fried breakfast at Munchies before heading to Chelmsford. We had a mooch and popped into James Bryan and had a quick chat with Tracy and John before chilling out in Costa Coffee.

Supplies and naughty ice cream was procured from Asda before we headed home and settled down for some movie view continuing out dipping into the Star Wars Blu-Ray box set.

Naturally we skipped The Phantom Menace but sadly I was outvoted and Attack Of The Clones was passed over too and we started our epic journey with Revenge Of The Sith before moving on to A New Hope. We stopped after that as Sam had to work but I am sure we'll complete the holy trinity tomorrow.

Toni and I had planned on heading out to Ipswich to go to Club Incarnate but the long journey and low funds meant that we decided to stay at home instead and so we finished the evening catching up with the last few episodes of True Blood Season 4.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Dental anxiety, Jodie and baby and Star Wars spoofs

Today was certainly an interesting one! Started off working from home before it was time to brave the big bad dentist. I've not been to one in more than two years and decided to go and try Toni's one as she said they are very good and could handle my dental anxiety. I was a little nervous when I arrived and was holding up until appointment time arrived. Sadly it then took a further 40 minutes before I was actually seen by which time I was climbing the walls and ready to bolt! Thankfully Toni was right and they put me at ease very quickly and I have now been referred for my wisdom teeth extractions and feel a lot more positive about going back there again, PHEW!

Back to work for a quick bout of chaos before I headed off to Toni's. We hopped in the car with Aaron and Gemima and headed over to Woolwich to see Jodie as it was her birthday. Had a good time there and Toni took the opportunity to coo over little baby Azalea who was very cute indeed. She has that gorgeous baby smell that all babies have not long after their birth.

Two drop offs later and it was back to SWF for kebabs and then to watch some of the bonus material that comes with the new Star Wars Blu-Ray box set. The spoofs were absolutely brilliant!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Hruškovica and Orpheum rehearsal

After a long day at work I was all set to wind down and head off. Stevo is leaving next week and persuaded me to come to a "meeting". This meeting consisted of a select group of people in a room enjoying bottle of Hruškovica (Slovakian pear brandy) that Stevo had brought in. It was very nice although I did have to stop after three glasses!

A little bit merry I pootled off to Kentish Town to meet the gang from Orpheum for some drinks and band plans prior to heading to Zed One to rehearse. We came up with some great battle plans for the future! Martine then presented us all with an Orpheum dog tag each and we then went to rehearse and had a great run through of songs!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Last.FM listening post

Here's last week's top picks music lovers!

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Monday, 12 September 2011

Big ones, small ones, some as big as....

... your leg!

Meant to post this at the weekend but due to a memory card cock up I couldn't do it until today! Here is one of Jade's home grown courgettes.

Impressive stuff!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Stools, films, photo shoot planning, the Capitals & King Arthur

Toni and I popped out shopping this morning and saw these fantastic giant toadstools by the parking bays, crazy stuff! Hand included for scale!

After shopping we picked up Jade and Aaron and headed back to Toni's.

Late breakfast was accompanied by Escape From New York. Much to Toni' disgust we then embarked on watching Season 1 of The Walking Dead. She's not a fan of anything horror or creepy due to an overactive brain when she sleeps/dreams so it could be a rough night!

Jade , Toni and I spent some time discussing the Orpheum photo shoot, reading emails and looking at sample pics and generally discussing things that we could look to do and achieve. It was all very productive.

The evening was spent getting updates on the Edinburgh Capitals first home game of the season against Nottingham Panthers. Things didn't get off to a good start when it became public knowledge that the Capitals had ordered their team strip too from the supplier and so had none. Instead they contacted Capitals fans at the local pub and asked to borrow their shirts for the night! How professional is that! Have to say that I was very embarrassed by this as I do work for them! The final score Capitals 1 - 5 Panthers which was nowhere near as bad as I had feared it might be but it didn't really make up for the awful shirt incident!

Steak , wedges and salad was a welcome distraction from the frankly hilarious Clive Owen version of King Arthur. Toni was grumbling throughout about all the historical mistakes and omissions (and rightly so). It's not even so bad it's good, it's just BAD and WAY too long!

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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Make overs, Streets Of Rage and Underworld

Today was designated as make over day. Martine came over to Toni's for hair dyeing and to try on all manner of clothing in preparation for the Orpheum photo shoot next month. Her new hair colour looked awesome and we found some good outfits for her to wear too. Photo shoot is going to be SO exciting!

While all this was going on Jade and I tag teamed as Axel and Blaze on Streets Of Rage. It was a Sega Megadrive nostalgia moment for both of us and we kicked us for 7 levels before being wiped out!

Once everyone had disappeared Toni and I treated ourselves to a tandoori mixed grill and settled down to watch Underworld. This is one cool film that I never grow tired of seeing.

Friday, 9 September 2011

We're here, where are the bands?

This is a most amusing tale for tonight. Not long ago I had spoken to a friend about going out for a drink and he had suggested going to see a band on 9th September at the Underworld in Camden. I stuck this in my diary and then bought tickets weeks afterwards.

Toni and I headed up to Camden and got to the Underworld, had our tickets checked and went inside. A couple of people were coming up the stairs as we went in and I commented that they didn't look like the type of people to have attended this gig. When we got to the bar and bought a drink it seemed very empty and NONE of the people in there looked like the sort of people that would have come to this gig. While we had a drink we observed that there was no indication from the stage that these were the bands we were looking for. Toni asked if we had come on the right night. Going into a bit of a panic I brought out the ticket stubs and realised the date said 9th OCTOBER so the doorman hadn't even checked them!

We then decided to cut our losses and run and went into Qing, our favourite chinese restaurant. While we were there I took the opportunity to check my old Facebook messages and I had definitely been told 9th September so I kind of felt OK about not failing completely. That's the last time I don't double check ticket dates with my calendar when I receive although I have never fallen foul of this before!

It was an interesting adventure that made us chuckle big style!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Relaxed day at work in tech mode and Dead Rising 2

Today was a very relaxed day at work which was nice. Things are ticking over nicely, no madness and no stress. I even got to play in tech mode for a while and help troubleshoot some issues which made a nice welcome change. I am quite liking it but I am sure it won't last *hehe*

This evening Sam and I embarked on a zombie slaying fest courtesy of Dead Rising 2. Whilst the game itself can get pretty monotonous we discover the wonderful Terror In Reality Online challenge. Think extreme Gladiators while killing zombies in bizarre ways and you might get close to what this was all about. For me it was actually better than the main game! I think I might be playing this quote a lot!

Last.FM listening post

Here's last week's top picks music lovers!

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Monday, 5 September 2011

Meh day at work, Gamer and Dexter

It was a meh day at work. Not much more to say other than that. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't good either. I have a feeling the frustration levels might be due for another rise again soon though so watch this space for more rants and fireworks LOL

Got home and chilled out for a bit with a nice cup of tea and very nice it was too!

Sam and I watched a film called Gamer which was actually very good. The synopsis is as follows: In a future mind-controlling game, death row convicts are forced to battle in a 'doom'-type environment. Convict Kable, controlled by Simon, a skilled teenage gamer, must survive 30 sessions in order to be set free. Or won't he? Reviews weren't great but we both enjoyed it.

I then started making plans to start packing up CDs and DVDs and clearing out a load of junk in preparation for our move to London which is getting ever closer. I even found somewhere that gives cash for books in bulk which will save me the hassle of listing them on eBay and also spares me the heartache of giving/throwing them away!

Following this we watched some Dexter before hitting the pit.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Bloody Mary @ Electrowerkz

Today I hit Angel and went to Electrowerkz to see Die Kur, CalatrilloZ, Cryogenica and Bloody Mary. It was weird going to a gig without Toni as it doesn't happen very often. Pre-gig hang outs with CalatrilloZ and Cryogenica before hitting the venue for the giggage!

Classed as industrial metal but sadly lacking the industrial LOL. Having a keyboard on stage and wearing a gas mask doesn't really make you industrial! These guys were a good warm up and had a good crowd with them albeit a bit too metal for me. The singer was obviously just delighted to be playing on a stage which is always nice to see.

See all the DIE KUR pics here: 030911DieKurElectrowerkz

Another fine London gig for Calatrilloz and a very well received set. The new bass player has really added to the band and makes them all seem more animated on stage. These guys just go from strength to strength and they were really impressive tonight so it was a damn shame that Toni missed it.

See all the CALATRILLOZ pics here: 030911CalatrilloZElectrowerkz

Wow! I am a big fan of Cryogenica but haven't seen them live for quite a while. They were on top form tonight and have really improved and developed a really full sound. Very chuffed to see them doing so well. Richard Lemora came on final number to sing with Carina.

See all the CRYOGENICA pics here: 030911CryogenicaElectrowerkz

After three great bands Bloody Mary hit the stage and blew the rood off! They had me dancing away and were much better than when I last saw them. A really passionate performance from the singer who was backed by some great musicians.

DJ Angel and Jon The Goth hit the stage to join in with Pet Cemetary

See all the BLOODY MARY pics here: 030911BloodyMaryElectrowerkz

What a fantastic night and a great line up. It all ended with me drinking JD & Diet Coke and chatting to Jon (from Cryogenica) in the bar. Sadly it was all over too quickly.