Monday, 31 July 2017

A bumper crop

Today was a day of rest although I did take the time to mow the lawn which was much needed after the mad mix of rain and sun we've had of late. Toni harvested some of her tomatoes and had a bumper crop.

For her birthday she was given a mushroom grower by Jade and Aaron. It is supposed to yield regular mushrooms. This is what we found today!

Look at the size of this beauty!

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Tribal Dreams day three

The weather improved today which was a relief. Toni was feeling better too which was also great news. We took advantage of the good weather to let the tent dry out and then quickly got everything packed up before the rain came back again. It did, but not before we were finished thank goodness and not really badly.

There were meetings and socialising and the consumption of some good food. Zoe managed to grow a new set of ears:

After much delaying and lots of goodbyes we finally started our journey home. We took a slight detour though as we popped into see Pinkie who hand't made it to camp and was pretty local. A nice cup of tea and catch up was had and Toni helped her with some forms before we finally hit the road proper.

We had a good run home and I have to confess it was SO good to be back in a normal bed again.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Tribal Dreams day two

The weather was not our friend today. The wind might have died down but it rained, and rained, and rained. So much so that Toni got ill.  The fire ceremony was interesting shall we say LOL. Here's a few pictures that I managed to collect from various friends who posted on Facebook.

The weather continued to be 'inclement' but The Dolmen still managed to put in a great set and at least tonight more people were out and about being social.

It was a wet, trying day, that turned out to be really good looking back on it (apart from Toni not being well).

Friday, 28 July 2017

Crow Dancers @ Tribal Dreams

Despite the terrible weather the show had to go on and Crow Dancers hit the stage tonight to take the Dolmen Grove crowd on a journey. The set may well have had a few issues but the audience were unaware as we totally rocked it. Once again the songs took on a life of their own to weave their own magic.

Tribal Dreams day one

The next stage of our adventure was packing down our tents and then setting off in convoy once again but this time to Weymouth for the Dolmen Grove Tribal Dreams gathering.

We arrived to massively high winds and it had just started to rain. It was a great rush to get the tent up and everything in it before the rain got heavier. We managed it, just!

There wasn't a lot of socialising with everyone just desperate to get their tents put up and then take shelter. Some people abandoned the site due to the weather opting to commute every day as the weather was atrocious.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Cornwall day six

Sadly today was our final day to go out exploring in Cornwall and so we decided to head out to Healeys Cyder Farm.

We opted for the full tour including tasting and tractor ride.

Classic cards great visitors as they enter the main building.

This trolley caused some smirking :)

Not being one to miss out on an interesting new drink I had to pick up one of these!

The first part of the tour covered the packing area.

Next up was the bottling plant.

We then moved on to where the apples are pressed to start the process of creating the declicious Healeys products.

Jam factory was up next where their jams and chutneys are still all made by hand.

We took a trip back in time as we entered the old buildings to see where things were originally done with lots of old equipment.

We then went on to the tasting part of the tour. There were lots of things to try and most of them were delicious. After the tasting came the tractor ride around the orchards.

What a brilliant day we all had. Everyone had fun it was interesting and slightly intoxicating to boot! We finished the day off with a meal out together which was the icing on the cake.