Saturday, 30 November 2019

Amon Amarth @ O2 Academy Brixton

It was off to Brixton tonight with Aaron and Callum to see Amon Amarth at the O2 Academy. It was a sold out gig and the queue wrapped all the way around the block. Thankfully we were there reasonably early so only have to queue round two sides of the building LOL.

We picked up some drinks, found a good spot and then settled in for a night of entertainment.

This was a new band for me. They were a good warm up for the crowd who seemed to really enjoy them. I thought they were a bit samey and had that genre-by-numbers feel about them. They suffered a bit from a muddy mix which was a shame but certainly did their job and got the crowd engaged and fired up so all was good there.

Hypocrisy Setlist O2 Academy Brixton, London, England, European Tour 2019

Arch Enemy
This was one band I was intrigued to see live. I quite like the music but have never been 100% sold on the vocals. I have always been impressed with how Alissa White-Gluz manages such a guttural sound with her voice that would give most death metal vocalists a run for their money. She delivered the goods tonight as did the rest of the band. A great set that built on the energy that Hypocrisy had already started generating, 

Arch Enemy Setlist O2 Academy Brixton, London, England 2019, Will To Power

Amon Amarth
This was what we had all been waiting for and they certainly didn't disappoint. We had a nice mix of new and old music and a great stage show. Nobody will ever beat Rammstein for fire at a gig but Amon Amarth had a nice pyro show running.

Amon Amarth Setlist O2 Academy Brixton, London, England 2019, Berserker

It was a really good night with some fantastic music and stage show.

Friday, 29 November 2019

The Rise Of Skywalker TV spots 1 to 15 and international trailer

It's time for more Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker TV spot updates. I'll cover the latest ones plus list all the others too :)

So here we have 14 and 15

12 and 13

10 and 11

7, 8 and 9







We've also had the first international trailer released too and here it is......

Thursday, 28 November 2019

The Rise Of Skywalker featurette

I love this time of year! Nothing quite heralds in the Yule season than regular hype for an upcoming Star Wars movie. So today we have a wonder featurette for The Rise Of Skywalker

It's hard to believe how close we are now. Three weeks away.

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Empire magazine reveals new The Rise Of Skywalker images

Empire magazine has just published some nice shiny new The Rise Of Skywalker promo photos. We have some lovely Sith Troopers, some of our heroes and a brand new image of Zorri Bliss.

Here are all the covers for the The Rise Of Skywalker edition of Empire magazine.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Day off and a planned hospital visit

It was a day off today so that I could go with Toni to the hospital as she was having an operation. We'd hoped that I could be with her until it was time to be prepped and go down but we were split up as soon as we arrived and I was consigned to the waiting room. Once Toni was going down I went to investigate the cafe. They have a very nice one there so I settled in for the long haul with breakfast and tea. Not bad for less than £5...

I made myself comfortable and while waiting I read a Star Wars book on my Kindle and had Star Wars tunes in my headphones. There are worse ways to pass time I guess.

Costa kept me sane although this cup did drive me slightly insane LOL. It's beginning to look a lot like Costa!

I received a groggy text from Toni saying she was out but I had to wait a couple of hours until I could go and see her. It wasn't long before she was ready to be discharged and we got a taxi home. The operation didn't go quite as planned. In fact that they didn't do what was planned at all but they did end up doing something else which will hopefully improve things anyway. She now has to give it some time to see where things are and they'll consider bringing her in for the originally planned procedure at a later date if needs be. It's all good though and does explain some of the pain that Toni had been in. One of the positives is that she was not confined to 24 hours bed rest and could at least potter around if she wanted to.

There wasn't a lot of pottering around though as Toni relaxed on the sofa, watched some stuff, had some nibbles and then crashed out for a couple of hours. I am not surprised though as it was all a bit of a long day and an ordeal on her body. 

Star Wars countdown and Daisy Ridley recap rap

It's getting closer!

It won't be long before we ware counting down the days by watching a movie every night prior to the release!

Daisy Ridley was on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and performed this Recap Rap covering  Episodes I - VIII.

Monday, 25 November 2019

New Star Wars clip, fan video and The Mandalorian

The countdown to The Rise Of Skywalker continues and with it comes the release of a nice clip. Don't play this if you don't want spoilers LOL

I came across this rather fabulous fan made trailer mashup of the films to date showing off some nifty editing skills. Star Wars Always!

Tonight we watched the third episode of The Mandalorian. It continues to be an excellent show and there were some really nice things in this episode (no spoilers). It is apparently now the top stream show at the moment having knocked Stranger Things off of the top spot. Well deserved.....

Sunday, 24 November 2019

The (long) journey home

Sadly our time in Stratford-upon-Avon came to an end today. Mum, Toni and I went out to Benson's for a lovely breakfast and then headed back home to chill out. As we won't be seeing her again this year we presented her with her Christmas present.

The journey home started well with the coach arriving and leaving on time. We pulled in to Victoria Station 5 minutes early so we had high hopes of getting home quickly. Sadly the train we were on then got delayed before the ended up cancelling it do to a shortage of drivers, WTF? We got the next train which was delayed by 30 minutes en route. We did make it home in the end where we enjoyed a nice cup of tea.

It was really nice to see mum and fantastic to see she is recovering so well from her last operation.

Not that I am counting or anything but.......

25 days to go!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 23 November 2019

New The Rise Of Skywalker TV spots 'End' and 'Fate'

Two new TV spots have been release for The Rise Of Skywalker with some brief bits of new footage. First up was 'End'.

The second one was 'Fate'. In this little beauty we have a clear reveal of both the Knights Of Ren and also the new Sith Troopers. I was like a big kid watching this!

December 19th is not that far off now!

Friday, 22 November 2019