Saturday, 31 January 2015

Star Wars mode engaged and Rangers get the win

Today was one of those days where plans went out the window. Not in a bad way as such, we just put off something until tomorrow. Instead it was a day of chilling, We watched a bit of hockey and I spent a lot of time looking at Star Wars pretties on eBay and Amazon. Some purchases were made and all will be revealed once they arrive :) I might have to pick up a copy of this to make sure I am getting a bargain!

A quick catch up with King Of The Nerds was followed by The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi. Yes folks, we are full on back in Star Wars mode again! We are now considering watching the whole of The Clone Wars again!

New York Rangers v Carolina Hurricanes was our live hockey game of choice. Rangers came out flying and were leading 1 - 0 after a Rick Nash shot at 06:30. Not content with sitting back Dominic Moore then made it 2 - 0 with a lovely short handed goal. First period ended with Rangers leading 2 - 0. Shots on goal were NYR 8 and CAR 15.

Hurricanes surged forward in the second with Lundqvist making some great saves. Hurricanes grabbed one back at 05:38 to make it 2 - 1. Rangers always seemed to be on the back foot in this period with the Hurricanes getting more scoring chances. Second period ended 2 - 1 to the Rangers. Shots on goal were NYR 13 (21) and CAR 10 (25).

Third period saw the Rangers coming out like they meant business. The crossbar made an excellent save for the Hurricanes! Chris Kreider extended the Rangers to lead to 3 - 1 at 10:16. Dan Boyle then slipped one in at 10:37 to take the Rangers to 4 - 1. Period ended with a much needed 4 - 1 win. Shots on goal were NYR 16 (37) and CAR 7 (32).

...and on that happy note I will leave you with Dan Boyle and Dancin' Larry!

Friday, 30 January 2015

Star Wars: The Original Years Volume 1 plus new Marvel Star Wars #1

Look what arrived in the post today! Marvel's Star Wars: The Original Years Volume 1. This little beauty is an incredible heavy and beautifully produced omnibus of the first 44 issues of  the original Marvel comic book series. It's gorgeous.... My childhood all bound up in a huge deluxe package from Marvel!

Also arriving this week was the launch of the brand new Star Wars comic book series from Marvel. They have quite a few variant covers with this release. I haven't bought all of them as there are way too many but here's the ones I do have! Yes, you have read that right, they are all issue #1

I thought I was being extravagant splashing out on EIGHT variants. I could see there were many more but there was no way I could afford many more. After a bit of research today it turns out there were SIXTY NINE variant covers! Talk about a licence to print money! If money was no object....... but it is LOL!

Thursday, 29 January 2015

All change and Rangers in a slump

Yesterday was a day of reflection and deep thought for Toni and I. Her senior management have decided to become totally rigid and make stupid demands which would effectively stop Toni having any flexibility with her working patterns. Having read the emails myself I am totally disgusted with their attitude. We talked a lot last night and have come to the decision that the best option is for Toni to hand in her notice and then she can stay at home and ensure Pam gets proper care. I've made it clear that Toni should take a good couple of months of just chilling out and enjoying her time with Pam before she even things about returning to work. She doesn't have to, we will get by and I'd rather she was happy than just working for the sake of it just to bring a few extra shekels in. I'm sure the right opportunity will present itself in good time and she will return to work again, there's just no rush right now.

So, on to today..... Toni went into the office and had a meeting with her line manager and formally handed in her notice. Needless to say she was upset with Toni's decision but fully understood her reasons why. She has asked Toni to get in touch with her should the time come that she feels she wants to return to full time work. So that was that, Toni's last day will be February 26th and then she'll be free to relax and unwind from the stresses of trying to balance work and make sure Pam is looked after properly and can concentrate on things that really matter :)  It's all good!

As for me, had a really good day at work. Lots of things all pulling together nicely in the right direction. We've had a minor team shuffle, a new small team formed and an overview of where we are going over the next year with our product(s). I'd actually have to confess to being quite excited about it all.

Ignoring the disaster that was hockey the other night it was back into the fray tonight with New York Rangers v Montreal Canadiens. This was a critical game to get back into third place and out of the wild card spot again. Also on at the same time was Boston Bruins v New York Islanders and although I would normally want the Islanders to lose, they needed to win tonight to keep the Bruins below the Rangers. First period ended 0 - 0. Shots on goal were NYR 10 and MTL 11.Sadly the Bruins were winning 2 - 0 at the end of the first.    

Second period started with some good play from the Rangers.Nothing really exciting happened though and there weren't a lot of scoring chances. The period ended tied 0 - 0 still. Shots on goal were NYR 6 (16) and MTL 8 (19). The Bruins were leading their game but 3 - 2.

Third period started end to end but neither team could break the deadlock with both netminders making great saves. Bruins won their game 5 - 2 with five minutes left in the Rangers game so a win became critical! Disaster struck with 4.17 left as the Canadiens took a 0 - 1 lead. Thought it was going to be 0 - 2 with the empty net but the Canadiens doinked the puck off the post. Sadly the Rangers couldn't pull one out of the bad and lost the game 0 - 1. Shots on goal were NYR 8 (24) and MTL 7 (26). Rangers need to start turning things around ASAP if they want any chance in the Play Offs!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Last.FM listening post

Here's last week's top picks music lovers!

Top weekly tracks:

Top weekly artists:

Overall top tracks:

Overall top artists:

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Struggling to get up, muddled worms and Rangers lose to rivals

Getting up in the morning is a struggle these days. Early nights seem to be a thing of the past and crashing out on the sofa just doesn't make up for any loss of proper sleep. To make matters worse the "improvements" at London Bridge are really starting to be a pain in the backside for getting to work easily.

It was a good day at work. Facilitating meetings as part of the Scrum Master role is becoming second nature LOL. Toni has now decided that I am a Scrumbley Egg Master which went quite nicely with my mishearing Kanban today and having Campervan in my head. We seem to be getting all our worms muddled up (for all you youngsters that was a Two Ronnies reference and you should go and check it out). It was nothing to do with me but there was much hilarity when a few of us turned up for a meeting in the right room only to discover that the organiser had gone and set up in the wrong room so we all had to relocate! Priceless! There is more to my job than meetings but looking at my calendar every morning does start to feel like this:

After a drought of live hockey for the past week we got back to things in style with a classic New York Rangers v New York Islanders rivalry. The first period was fast and uneventful with both teams having chances. Islanders broke the deadlock to go 0 - 1 up with 1:55 left in the period. Rangers were trailing 0 - 1 at the end of the first. Shots on goal were NYR 10 and NYI 17.

Islanders continued what they started in the first and were 0 - 2 up less than five minutes into the second. Rangers fought hard but just couldn't get the puck past Halak. Second period ended with the Rangers down 0 - 2. Shots on goal were NYR 18 (28) and NYI 11 (28).

The Rangers really upped the pressure but an unlucky bounce extended the Islanders lead to 0 - 3. The pain got worse as the Islanders took advantage of a 5-on-3 power play and made it 0 - 4. With the win out of sight I was just hoping for one goal to break the shut out. That prayer was answered as Hagelin scored on the power play and ended Halak's shut out streak. The game ended with the Rangers losing 1 - 4. Shots on goal were NYR 13 (41) and NYI 10 (38). What a disaster! That was NOT the way I wanted to get back into my live Rangers hockey fix!

Monday, 26 January 2015

Laptop back, cracked back, Galavant and a Royal Rumble

Got my laptop back today. Nicely rebuilt which meant that there was now a load of software that I had to install on it once again. Bit if a pain but not the end of the world I guess.

After work it was off to the osteopath for the first time this year. Had a bit of a going over but he was really pleased with my progress. Seems like things are really coming together on that front which is great news. Next appointment is now two months away so my aim is to start making the gaps longer and longer after each visit now.

Game casserole accompanied the final two episodes of Galavant, our musical fantasy that has earned our love. We weren't disappointed! There was no closure at the end, we were left wanting Season Two. Will there be one? Who knows. I'll be disappointed if we don't get to see any more but unless it had some pretty good ratings (and it seemed to be a bit of a secret show) it is unlikely to get a continuation I fear.

Finished the night off with the WWE Royal Rumble PPV. It was nice to see The Ascension get a push and a win although they should ditch the silly make up.Divas match was passable and at least had some wrestling in it. Tag Team championship match was OK but nothing to shout about. I enjoyed the Lesnar v Rollins v Cena Triple Threat match. Can't get enough of Cena getting seven shades kicked out of him LOL. I really didn't want Cena to win and I don't really like Rollins so I was delighted that Brock Lesnar retained the belt.

The Royal Rumble match started well. The return of Bubba Ray Dudley was a great surprise. Sadly the Bray Wyatt domination routine just made it boring. Thank the Goddess for Daniel Bryan coming to kick some life back into it. Spirits were lifted slightly with the brief entrance of MizDow but it was short lived. From then on in it just got really boring. Roman Reigns won and The Rock put in an appearance *snore*. One of the most disappointing WWE shows I have seen in quite a while.  

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Letter from the House Of Commons

Forget to mention this the other day. I received an envelope from the House Of Commons which I really was not expecting as I've given up on my local Tory shyster replying to any of my enquiries. Turns out it was a letter from Tristram Hunt MP (Shadow Secretary of State for Education) inviting me to a reception at the House Of Commons for LGBT History Month. I can only assume this was because of my membership of LGBT Labour as I have no idea how else I would have been invited. Saying that, I am delighted and look forward to attending. Guess I'll have to make an effort and dress the part! Now, what shall I wear? LOL.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Bacon, Ancient Aliens, Nerds, Star Wars and a hockey fix

Today was kickstarted by two bacon sandwiches on crusty bread from the cafe round the corner. To clarify, my day was but Toni's wasn't because she can't have crusty bread! (happy now? LOL). I did offer to bring her something else back but she didn't want anything. A perfect start to the day, for me at least anyway.

 Many hours were then consumed watching H2's (that's a second History Channel) Ancient Aliens series. Some interesting stuff in some of the episodes mixed up among the usual pile of bollocks LOL. Toni raised an interesting point in that these programs always focus on how aliens "could" have provided the ancient people with technology and skills but could it not have been more likely that they developed these things themselves but for whatever the reason they have been lost over the aeons. I guess it's down to what they consider would actually sell a TV show to the masses and aliens are probably seen as more "interesting".

An entertaining first episode of King Of The Nerds season 3 was then followed by Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith and Episode IV: A New Hope as I was feeling a little bit deprived of much Star Wars viewing of late. I'm sure we'll do some more tomorrow!

Due to the All Star Game break we have been missing hockey since last Wednesday. To get a bit of a fix we watch the Ducks v Flames game from Wednesday . We are keeping everything crossed that we will be able to get the stream of the All Star Game tomorrow evening via NHL Gamecenter Live. Fingers crossed on that one!

Friday, 23 January 2015

Slow start and a good day

Having drunk copious amounts of Jack Daniels last night I was a somewhat sluggish heading into work today! Not hung over, just a little foggy! Picked up a bottle of Lucozade Energy en route and I was soon right as rain.

It was another good day, I like good days! Took a bit of a set back on some handover stuff but I wasn't going to let that annoy me and it will all work itself out in the end I am sure. The only downside was that yesterday my "new" laptop had gone to IT for a couple of things to be done to it and at the end of today I still hadn't got it back. I wouldn't mind but the tasks to be completed were actually very simple. Fingers crossed I will get it back on Monday.

Food and TV catch up saw the night out....

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Phil Lewis @ The Underworld

I was off to Camden after work today for my first gig in some time. I started off meeting my friend Mal in the World's End for a drink and catch up. There was a lot to catch up on as we haven't seen each other in "some years"! Much drinking and much hilarity meant that we weren't fussed at all about missing any of the support acts. It was really good to see him and so many memories came flooding back, most of them good LOL. 

We managed to make it down into The Underworld during Phil Lewis' first number so our timing was good! Now for some history.. Phil Lewis shot to fame with his band Girl back in 1978 and then rekindled his success with L.A.Guns in the late 80s so he's been doing this for some time now. I've seen a lot of artists from back in the day trying to give it another shot. Phil not only looked bloody fantastic but still has the notes too! Tonight was a greatest hits set of Girl and L.A.Guns songs. He might have been working with a hired band who had started learning the set three days beforehand (turns out they were the support band) but everything fitted nearly into place and the few people who were aware of this low key gig were treated to some brilliant renditions of old favourites.

My Number

Here's the set list:

...and here's a couple of slightly tipsy posers enjoying a bloody good night out!

Fantastic night, great to meet and catch up with Mal and then be treated to a mighty fine performance.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Last.FM listening post

Here's last week's top picks music lovers!

Top weekly tracks:

Top weekly artists:

Overall top tracks:

Overall top artists:

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Pam scare, Tyla & Dogs package and Rangers win in overtime

Had a bit of a scare today as Toni called me at lunchtime to say that Pam had been having chest pains and an ambulance was at the house. I left works and rushed home as quick as I could. Thankfully by the time I had arrived the ambulance had left and the paramedics had decided that Pam hadn't needed to go to A&E but we were to call them straight back if she got worse. We had to put in a call to the GP to arrange to drop off ECG results plus new prescription. Hopefully this sort of thing isn't going to be more regular!

There was a lovely parcel waiting for me when I got home. I recognised the writing and knew that this was a package that I had been expecting from Tyla J Pallas (of The Dogs D'Amour fame). Inside was a beautiful hand decorated and number box to hold the CDs from the Chard Urton Blues Treasury.

I asked for the "KT & Toni Forever" inscription. "Gold Rings On You..." added ad hoc by the man himself!

Also included in the package as an array of books, DVD and CDs. Yes I am a bit of a fan girl!
That little lot should keep me busy for a while!

It was hockey night again as New York Rangers took on the Ottawa Senators. First period was a quick one, with some free flowing hockey but sadly no goals. Period ended 0 - 0. Shots on goal were NYR 9 and OTT 7.

Second period started with the Senators applying some pressure but at 09:29 Kevin Hayes broke the deadlock and gave the Rangers a 1 - 0 lead. At 13:38 the Senators even things up 1 - 1 after a Rangers turn over. Senators then moved 1 - 2 ahead with a good play at 14:41. Period ended with the Rangers trailing 1 - 2. Shots on goal were NYR 17 (26) and OTT 14 (21).

Senators controlled the play at the start of the second. It was short lived though as the Rangers tied things up 2 - 2 with a lovely shot from Chris Kreider at 02:42. Third period ended tied 2 -2 and si it was into overtime! Shots on goal were NYR 8 (34) and OTT 13 (34).

Overtime was a bit scrappy  but Carl Hagelin got the Rangers 2 - 3 winner at 02:55. Shots on goal were NYR 1 (35) and OTT 1 (35).

Monday, 19 January 2015

New (old) laptop

Well I took possession of a work laptop today. It's not a new one but one that was hanging around but it's pretty damn good. The spec is much higher than I was expecting and it more than meets my needs so I am very happy. It's a Dell E6320 with a 2.8GHz i7 CPU and 8GB RAM with 500GB hard drive. Could have been much worse and as I am not a power user anymore

The only downside was that nobody new what the admin password was so I had to wipe it clean and reinstall Windows 7 Professional on it. This if course did give me the advantage of a completely clean system to start with. 

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Breville toasies and another Rangers win

Nice lazy Sunday today. I did a bit of tidying up while Toni and Sam did a Tesco run. We then had great fun with our new Breville toastie maker! Breakfast/lunch was toasties made with random fillings!

Perfect start to the day!

As an added bonus the New York Rangers v Pittsburgh Penguins game was an early starter which meant no stupidly late bedtime on a school night! The only downside was having to listen to the MSNBC commentators. 26 seconds in to the first period Rick Nash made it 1 - 0 Rangers. Rangers then pushed things to 2 - 0 with a great shot from Derrick Brassard at 06:08. Penguins pulled one back on their third power play at 15:08 to make it 2 - 1. First period ended with the Rangers leading 2 - 1. Shots on goal were NYR 12 and PIT 11.

Rangers came out strong in the second and it was 3 - 1 at 02:39 with Rick Nash bagging his second and going top of the goal scorers in the NHL with 28 goals this season so far. Derek Stepan took the Rangers 4 - 1 up at 05:34 with a great power play goal. Penguins then swap goalies. Rangers put on a lot of pressure this period and locked down the Penguins well. Second period ended with the Rangers leading 4 - 1. Shots on goal were NYR 12 (24) and PIT 7 (18).

Third period saw the Penguins looking like they meant business. They had reduced their deficit to 4 - 2 at 04:16 after some dire defence by the Rangers. Rangers woke up after that and Derek Stepan scored his second and made it 5 - 2 at 06:15. Rangers won the game 5 - 2. Shots on goal were NYR 7 (31) and PIT 15 (34).

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Looking at a camper van and Galavant

We were up far too early today. First of all we had to drop Zoe off to go and meet a boy that she hasn't seen for years who happened to be in town. After this Toni and I went off to view a camper van. We've been looking at them for a while now and this was the first one that we've been to see to try and get an idea of size. It wasn't a bad vehicle but there were enough little things to make us pass on it. On the plus size we now have a reasonable idea of what we are looking at.

Today I made an amazing discovery. It is a TV series that is being run as a mid-season filler while Once Upon A Time is off air. It's name is Galavant and I can't praise it highly enough! It's a fun musical fantasy show.

We have managed to get and watch the first four episodes and now have to wait until tomorrow for the next two. I cannot recommend this series highly enough, it has to be seen to be believed. Here's the trailer!

...and if that wasn't enough here's Downton Abbey's Hugh Bonneville in fine pirate singing form:

Friday, 16 January 2015

Great day, The Man In The High Castle and Rangers back to winning

It's great when work is enjoyable and today was another good day! Productive meetings, lots of thoughts to process and ideas to work on. This is going to be a long journey to bring things together but I think it will be both frustrating, fun and rewarding in the long run. Finally had my work email address changed to match my real name as well which I am very happy about.

We started watching Amazon Prime's take on Philip K Dick's The Man In The High Castle.

This is a vision of the world if Germany and Japan had won World War 2. Admittedly I didn't make it all the way through before crashing out but this wasn't a reflection on the show, just me being knackered. I didn't think it was too bad. A little slow to start perhaps but certainly has some potential. I've not read the book but apparently there are a fair few differences but that's to be expected in this day and age I guess.

Following on from two games of New York Rangers disappointment I was hopeful that things would be different tonight against Columbus Blue Jackets. The game didn't start well with the Rangers not getting a shot on goal in the first seven minutes. This was not great given that they haven't scored at all in their last two games. It soon picked up after that with the game going end to end. First period ended 0 - 0. Shots on goal were NYR 13and CBJ 14.

Second period was a good start for the Rangers. We had a nice little non-entity of a fight and then at 05:59 Marc Staal made it 1 - 0 Rangers. The scoring drought is over! Chris Kreider had a breakaway goal from a Derek Stepan pass to put the Rangers 2 - 0 up at 10:10. Period ended with the Rangers leading 2 - 0. Shots on goal were NYR 11 (24) and CBJ 10 (24).

Third period started well with lots of pressure from the Rangers. Blue Jackets pulled one back at 03:16 to reduce the Rangers lead to 2 - 1. With 1:26 remaining the Rangers had a goal disallowed after video review due to puck contact being made higher than the crossbar although it was really close. Rangers were back to winning days with a 2 - 1 win! Shots on goal were NYR 2 (26) and CBJ 12 (36). The third wasn't pretty but they did what was required!  

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Settling in, Sam's toe and Rangers are shutout again

It was a good day at work today. I am settling into my Scrum Master role OK now and am feeling less like a spare part than I did before. There is actually plenty to do and get involved with without having to be an active member of a development team.

After work I met up with Sam and went to see a podiatrist with him as his toe (the beast from the graphic warning blog entry) has been playing up again and was in need of attention. This was at the Eltham Osteopathy Clinic where Toni and I are seeing the osteopath, just so happens they have podiatrists too. Podiatrist wasn't too impressed with the original work that was done. We both learned some fascinating science about how tow nails grow and form. Sam had originally wanted to go in and demand that he have the toenail removed but he listened to what his options were and made a sensible choice IMHO. There was some cleaning up and minor snipping of the nail (plus some pain for Sam) and some bandaging up then it was time to go. Sam said it felt better already! He has to go back in three weeks for a check up (unless it gets worse) and then we'll see if things are much better, if he needs another snip like today or if he'll need a minor operation to remove the problem permanently. I'm hoping he can avoid the operation so fingers crossed on that front. Sam's one regret was not having gone here last time rather than going to the GP.

Peppered steak for dinner hit the spot beautifully and then I crashed out when we started to watch A Town Called Eureka. It seems like a pretty good show but I was just too tired to make it through even one episode LOL.

Having had a sleep I was then awake enough to watch New York Rangers v Boston Bruins. Given the disappointing game the other night this was one I wasn't looking forward to. Four minutes in and the Bruins were leading 0 - 1. The game started with Bruins dominating the play but the Rangers soon found their stride. First period ended with Rangers losing 0 - 1. Shots on goal were NYR 7 and BOS 13.

Second period started well for the Rangers but sadly at 02:49 the Bruins extended their lead to 0 - 2. Rangers had their chances but just couldn't score. The killed off nearly three minutes of penalty at the end of the period. Second period ended with Bruins leading 0 - 2. Shots on goal were NYR 14 (21) and BOS 11 (24).

Third period was a slow start with the Bruins once again being the more dominant team. Rangers just seemed to lack any real plan in the offensive zone with Rask being on form in the Bruins goal. A defensive lapse meant that the Bruins pushed 0 - 3 ahead. Final score was Rangers 0 - 3 Bruins. Shots on goal were NYR 9 (30) and BOS 8 (32). It was a very frustrating game to watch with none of the bounces going in favour of the Rangers and it wasn't for lack of shots tonight. Ho hum, roll on tomorrow night and hopefully a return to form!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Last.FM listening post

Here's last week's top picks music lovers!

Top weekly tracks:

Top weekly artists:

Overall top tracks:

Overall top artists:

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Strikes, laptop requested and Islanders blank the Rangers

So the buses were on strike this morning which was a bit of an inconvenience. Added to that the fact that lots of trains aren't stopping at London Bridge and suddenly we have a very interesting trip to work. Toni gave me a lift to the station due to the buses being out which took ages due to a great increase in the number of cards on the road. I had the choice of wait twenty minutes for a train to Cannon Street or get a Charing Cross so I option for the Charing Cross one. This was fast from Hither Green to Waterloo East so I got off there and then jumped on the Jubilee line to London Bridge to get to work. It might actually have been quicker to wait for the Cannon Street train!

Working day wasn't too bad. Spending more and more times in meetings so I've asked the boss to swap out my desktop for a laptop to make it easier for me to keep on top of things. Be interesting to see how that goes! Fingers crossed it won't be too long and I'll get a decent machine (or nothing will happen and I'll be stuck with my desktop and inconvenience LOL). Watch this space!

Ice hockey grudge match time tonight as New York Rangers took on arch rivals New York Islanders. Rangers have just won thirteen out of fourteen games and are on 52 points and the Islanders are currently leading the Metropolitan Division with 57 points. The first ten minutes was a bit cagey with neither team taking any unnecessary risks. It started to open up after that with both teams trying to break the deadlock. Period ended 0 - 0. Shots on goal were NYR 9 and NYI 13.

Second started with Islanders putting on the pressure. Islanders had a goal disallowed due to incidental contact with Lundqvist. Islanders kept up the attack and were rewarded at 08:49 as they took the 0 - 1 lead. Islanders dominated for the whole period. It was then 0 - 2 at 16:31. Rangers went on the power play and the Islander scored short handed to make it 0 - 3 at 19:19. Period ended with the Rangers losing 0 - 3. Shots on goal were NYR 12 (21) and NYI 19 (32).

Third period started with Lundqvist on the bench and Cam Talbot filling the Rangers net. Islanders continued to be a force to contend with and the Rangers just seemed to have no come back. Islanders won the game 0 - 3. Final shots on goal were NYR 6 (27) and NYI 12 (44). It was really hard to believe that this was the same team that I had been praising recently as they were pretty dire tonight.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Day off, sorting out the office and the doctor returns

Final day off today after our cancelled Center Parcs trip. It was time to start getting the office back in order ready for work once again and get my bag sorted out too. Toni has had another dip in her recovery and Pam was so bad that we had to call the doctor out again. Whatever she has had has really hit her hard. Another course of antibiotics to treat the lurg and more steroids to aid her breathing were the order of the day. Really hoping that this might start to clear it.

The doctor did seem far more attentive this time around and has also agreed to write us a letter to support our Center Parcs cancellation insurance claim. Hopefully that will be enough for us to get a refund.

On the plus side I am almost there, just a bit of a stubborn cough that I am trying to shift.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

New jammys and getting better

I didn't get round to blogging this the other day due to the lurgy and being distracted but Toni bought me some lovely new pyjamas recently. Absolutely wonderful and they are so warm.

The day was spent taking it easy. Toni's lurg is slowly subsiding and she is slowly making a recovery. My throat is almost clear too thank goodness. Pam's bronchal cough is also starting to subside so we might actually be on the final road to recovery at last.

Lots of hockey was watched, a gorgeous roast lamb was nommed and then some comedy Dave saw out the rest of the day :)