Saturday, 13 August 2016

The Dolmen @ The Artemis Gathering

It was just a short drive today (with no car problems) down to Horley for a day out at The Artemis Gathering. As we parked up we spotted Bob's van so we popped over for a chat and a nice cup of tea. We were then joined by Sam, Caitlyn, Arthur and Steve for a chinwag. Next stop was Mel (via Sarah and Charlie) who we haven't seen for 18 months. So lovely to see her again and catch up on so much stuff.

The day finished off with another cracking gig from The Dolmen. The plan had been for me to join them at the end for Go Laddie Go but I should have known better than to trust Dolmen planning as I ended up drumming for half the set LOL.

Here's a brief clip of Chris, Charlie and I drumming like these is no tomorrow:

It was a brilliant night out with great friends, much needed. We then made our way back to mum's and once again had no problem with the car.
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