Friday, 4 November 2016

Back in Star Wars mode

I am well and truly back in Star Wars mode again as the release of Rogue One rapidly approaches. I've temporarily put my quest to read all the Legends novels from start to finish on hold in favour of catching up with the new canon stuff (in order). I started off with Dark Disciple which I managed to burn through at a rate of knots.

Very brief synopsis: A one-time Sith Acolyte teams up with a cocky Jedi to take down a Dark Lord. What could go wrong? Dark Disciple is a brilliant novel. Great story, great characters and a great way to get back into things.

Next up is Lords Of The Sith which I am already a third of the way through. I'll give a brief update on that when I'm done.

Gilette are the latest company to jump onboard with Star Wars universe doing a licensing deal for Rogue One merchandise. They've even done a nice little trailer:

Expect some groovy box sets this Xmas!

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