Thursday, 17 November 2016

New Rogue One posters, featurette and 360 video experience

Despite the frustration of no advance ticket links yet my excitement for Rogue One continues to grow on a daily basis. Following on from the two Japanese TV spots released yesterday we have now been treated to the visual delights of the Japanese movie posters.

Baze Malbus:

Bodhi Rook:

Cassian Andor:

Chirrut Imwe:

Jyn Erso:


Saw Gerrera:

Director Orson Krennic:

A really cool featurette was also released today:

Also revealed recently is this wonderful Star Wars 360 Experience video courtesy of Verizon and ILMxLAB. Entitled Rogue One: Recon it is an impressive video with fully controllable viewing angles.

The premise is simple: Conflict, above all else, rules the galaxy. As an everyday X-wing pilot flying for the Rebellion, be immediately immersed in the vastness of space with only your R2 unit and wingman by your side. What starts as a routine mission for Mon Mothma takes a sharp turn as you stumble upon unexpected Imperial presence - and something they will do anything to keep hidden.
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