Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Back to work, gardens and Lucifer

After a wonderful bank holiday weekend it was a real struggle going back into the office today. It's quite sad really as I was actually thinking I would rather be doing stuff in the garden rather than working LOL.

On the plus side I had a nice little run in with someone who thought he understand politics but appeared to only be able to recite garbage from the right wing press then claimed to not support either of the two main parties but was tired of all the Conservative bashing! Wait, what? This was on a thread where the Torygraph was bashing Labour (and Corbyn) and people were providing a few facts!

After work I did end up doing stuff in the garden as it was overdue for a mow so I rectified that situation! Looks great now and Toni was very happy.

Dinner was accompanied by the final episode of Lucifer season two and what a way to end things. That was a real  cliffhanger if ever there was one! Can't wait for season three and the wait is going to seem like forever.

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