Monday, 29 May 2017

Beauty And The Beast

Today we were back at the cinema, this time at Cineworld in The O2. The Beauty And The Beast remake was our viewing choice as we wanted to catch one of the final showings before it ended.

Toni and Sam really wanted to see this but I was highly sceptical. I was concerned that something brilliant would be thoroughly ruined by taking it live action. 

Boy was I wrong! The whole thing was brilliant. Any fears I'd had were totally misplaced and what we were treated to was a visual treat with all the songs that we've all come to know and love. The CGI of the characters was amazing and was totally believable. All of the actors were tremendous and the cartoon and story was really brought to life (full pun intended). Even though I knew the story the acid test for this being successful was that for the last ten-fifteen minutes I went all mushy and had a fair few tears.

If you didn't manage to catch this one at the cinema then definitely get it on DVD/Bluray or catch on your fav routine streaming app. Highly highly recommended.
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