Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Cardboard Box Treasury

I had a crazy business idea today. Not sure if it will catch on but I liked the concept.....

Cardboard Box Treasury. I get clients to pay me for my hosted Cardboard Box Treasury solution. They then give me all their money which I put in my cardboard box. If they want to tranfer money elsewhere then they tell me where it has to go and I then take it from the box and go and give it to the relevant person. Simples!

I am sure some of you will have spotted some flaws in this system..........

Security? In the interest of SOX and SAS70 compliance there will also be one cardboard box per client. I will have a team of bouncers to guard the cardboard box(es).

We can worry about the other details later *whistles*

If you think you might be interested in this fantastic Treasury solution then please contact:

Cardboard Box Treasury Solutions
4th Lock Up
Waterlook Bridge

Just in case anyone asks........ You ain't seen me, right!

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