Thursday, 12 September 2013

Final boss stage - CLEAR

Yesterday Sam had another communication saying that the company he had interviewed for wanted him back for a third interview today at 10:00. He set off nice and early all suited and booted. The third interview was with a big boss. I got a call at 10:40 saying that he was all done and was on his way home.

He thought it had gone well and answered everything that was thrown at him. They hadn't given him any idea when he would hear back again so we assumed it would be a couple of days.

Not long after getting home he came bounding down the stairs saying that he had an email informing him that he had been successful! He called them up straight away to accept and they want him to start this coming Monday! Result!

He'll be working at St Katherine's Dock in London and we'll be travelling in to London Bridge together :)

He is very happy and understandably so! I am so proud of him! Everyone is proud of him and happy too!

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