Friday, 10 February 2017

Kingdom Death: Monster

Well it's been a busy old week and I crashed out fairly early much to the amusement of everyone around me. After a quick nap I came round and it was time for our intrepid adventurers to set off again on another hunt in Kingdom Death: Monster. Tonight we started off by taking on The Butcher.

Sam had warned us that this one was likely to be a tough challenge from watching play throughs on Youtube. Tonight though the dice were in our favour and we dispatched our foe with relative ease and NO casualties either.

One trip back to base later we then headed out on another hunt to take on a White Lion, this time at level two. I guess we were overly confident following our meeting with The Butcher. We should have known better! It wasn't long before we were taking casualties and three of the four in our party were dead. It really went down to the wire in the end with my character finally claiming the victory one turn before I was likely to also meet my maker! Phew!

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