Saturday, 4 February 2017

Meat free Saturday

So, today we opted for breakfast from Richard's. I decided to not have bacon or bread. Breakfast was just as good as it usually is but I didn't have bacon or bread. This felt good.

Toni and I did have some plans for various bits of tidying up and decluttering but they were suspended in favour of chilling out and listening to very loud music to annoy the neighbours LOL.

Tonight the dinner that I made myself contained NO meat. It was a crunchy salad which was joined by oven roasted potato, sweet potato, parsnip and mushrooms. Today has been sponsored by NO meat and I feel great. Apparently that's a thing now, who knew? LOL

In other news the bold adventurers set out on another hunt in Kingdom Death: Monster and returned to camp with only casualty this time but we did repeat the Fuzzy Groin challenge again!

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