Saturday, 20 November 2010

Pretty Goth Theatre Festival @ The Fiddlers Elbow

After a morning of chilling and then pizza with Sam, Toni and I got our proper glad rags on and headed for London to attend the first Pretty Goth Theatre Festival at The Fiddlers Elbow in Kentish Town. This event was like a spin off from Dark Mills and was put on by our friend Luca from the band Calatrilloz.

Entry was free which was a bonus, we got a free CD each, and were treated to six bands, not bad at all!

Ever Orchid performed a simple set of what I would describe as shamanic art music. In some ways it reminded me of some early Psychic TV with some almost ritualistic vibes to it. Not everyone's cup of tea I expect but I quite enjoyed it.

See all the EVER ORCHID pics here: href="" target="_blank">201110EverOrchidPrettyGothTheatreFestival

We have seen IMPRINT at Dark Mills before and once again we were treated to a very dramatic performance. The opening number was superb with some very clever word play. If she had sung that 200 years ago she'd probably have been burned for heresy! Vocal style is mix of Tori Amos, Bjork with a little Alanis Morisette thrown in over a minimalist soundscape.

See all the IMPRINT pics here: 201110ImprintPrettyGothTheatreFestival

The enigmatic Rich Mills puts in another blinding performance with GLOBAL CITIZEN. I think they've improved a lot since I first caught them at Dark Mills and I really liked them back then. The new songs were really strong and should help them move forwards in popularity.

See all the GLOBAL CITIZEN pics here: 201110GlobalCitizenPrettyGothTheatreFestival

It was great to finally get to see CALATRILLOZ inside as our past two meetings have been outside at Dark Mills. The set was superb, full of energy and dramatics.

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SECTION (3) are purveyors of fine "old school" guitar goth rock. Singer David Roca was having a blast all night although his colleagues could have treated the audience to a smile or two every now and then! The songs were good though and I look forward to seeing them again somewhere.

See all the Section (3) pics here: 201110Section3PrettyGothTheatreFestival

Wow, RAVENSCRY were phenomenal. Not really goth as such but certainly some awesome femme metal. These guys really rocked the hell out of those that remained and they ended the night in spectacular fashion and looked totally delighted with the reaction they received.

See all the RAVENSCRY pics here: 201110RavenscryPrettyGothTheatreFestival

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