Saturday, 28 April 2012

WGW Day 3: The Bands

As is par for the course we got ourselves ready and headed out to The Spa.

There was a much better turn out tonight which was very encouraging to see. Such a relief to see more people there I can tell you!

Another debut for this weekend but what a debut it was. Fantastic upbeat guitar based goth. Really well received and very impressive for a debut. Great songs with some haunting melodies. Great way to start the evening and I can't wait to hear their album.

We've crossed paths before as I'd seen these guys at Destroy The Silence Festival in London. They didn't disappoint this time round either with a really strong set and lots of movement in the crowd. It was a well polished performance that shows how much they are developing as a band. It was nice to see a band like DEO on the stage at Whitby. Ed Grassby of Rhombus seemed to enjoy them!

William Faith and Scary Lady Sarah make a return to Whitby and this time as part of a band and a very post punky goth sound. Probably won't make myself many friends here but in my view they were too high on the bill but I guess they earned the placing due to their help and loyalty to the WGW brand over the years. They do need to work on their stagecraft and delivery more though as there was too much dead space between songs waiting for backing tracks to be triggered. That said the songs they have do show much potential and I'd love to hear them on an album.

I'm sure I wasn't the only person here who saw Die Laughing as the must see act of the weekend.
Once they started there was no stopping them, it was like they'd never been away. The new material sounds fantastic and sits next to the older stuff perfectly. Mike Unwins was a worthy stand in on bass. Choked introduction of the final song and it was nice to hear genuine heartfelt thanks. Ended on Safe Little World (what else?). Welcome back, looking forward to seeing more of Die Laughing!

They just do what it says on the tin. For me their performance completely washed away the sad memory of Ugly Buggs and Jay Aston and friends returned to form with an excellent Gene Loves Jezebel set.Tonight was also a much better show than when they recently support The Mission at Brixton Academy. I have a sneaky feeling there might not be many more GLJ gigs in the future so I am glad I made it to this one.

It was an excellent night of music tonight with some cracking sets with Die Laughing running away with the crown but Red Sun Revival and Dead Eyes Opened both came in close.

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