Thursday, 12 November 2015

Helloween book and EXO's dodgy Lightsaber video

Got home from work today to find an amazing package waiting for me. Here is the limited edition Hellbook, a 30th Anniversary book from German metal legends Helloween. It is a mighty tome of really high quality and I can't wait to dive in, all signed and everything.

I stuck on a few Helloween tracks to listen to and the next thing I know I've booked tickets to go and see them live in February!

I came across a video today by a Korean pop band called EXO. I got a bit excited as the song is called Lightsaber and it claims to be a Star Wars: The Force Awakens collaboration. 

Technically speaking it has naff all to do with Star Wars but does have our young "heroes" wielding lightsabers with the song referring to them.

I am not actually sure how I feel about it, I'm not really into K-Pop boy bands and the song is definitely 'boy band by numbers' but it does have a sort of vibe about it. I feel dirty!
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