Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Yoshiki support @ Classic Rock Awards

After work I trotted off to The Roundhouse to meet Tom from JPU Records for a special meeting that he had put together. X Japan leader Yoshiki was appearing at the Classic Rock Awards and so he was arranging to get a large group of X Japan fans together to show their support as he did the Red Carpet walk. We had a good number of people there and were all presented with a Born To Be Free t-shirt to wear as we showed support.

Apparently the management of the Roundhouse (or maybe some of the artists) weren't too happy at having such a large gathering of X Japan fans hanging around. We weren't causing trouble or rowdy at all so it wasn't clear what their concerns were but they didn't try and move us on.

First down on the Red Carpet was Blackberry Smoke:

They were followed by We Are Harlot:

Not sure where he fitted on the 'Classic' Rock front but Bill Oddie was there looking very glamourous:

Finally the moment came when Yoshiki arrived and we all got a little bit more excited:

It was a great feeling to be there with so many wonderful X Japan fans showing our love and support for one of our heroes. Big thanks to Tom for organising everything.

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