Sunday, 29 November 2015

Hyper Japan Christmas Market - Sunday

Zoe and I were up WAY too early for a Sunday morning to get ourselves to Tobacco Dock for the Sunday instalment of Hyper Japan Christmas Market.

Despite my misgivings, Zoe was VERY excited about the prospect of seeing the IA show. As I had decided to give it another go I was at least prepared for what might be to come.

The first good thing was the fact that security were insisting that everybody stayed in their seats so there was at least a good clear view of the screen.

The animation was pretty impressive. the photos don't really do it justice. The addition of two live real dancers did at least partially make it feel more like a gig than watching the TV but only just.

The fans once again lapped it up but this sort of performance really isn't for me.

As is customary at these events both Zoe and I grabbed our change to have our picture taken with NHK World mascot DOMO!

I had meant to get lots of cosplay pictures today but sadly that plan went out the window. I did get a few though.

We met up with Sara and Christian and headed to the live venue an hour before LADYBABY were due to hit the stage again. I had hoped that getting there in time for the COSParade today would get us in a good position but it was rammed when we got in there. It was so busy that unfortunately I didn't manage to get any photos today due to where we were positioned. It was a shame as there was some pretty awesome outfits out there. 

Thankfully after the COSParade quite a lot of people drifted out so we did at least get to a better position ready for LADYBABY. Yesterday we had two songs. Today we had five. Well it was four really with one being repeated.

LADYBABY singer Rei turned 15 today so the LADYBABY Fan Club presented her some gifts which made her cry tears of joy.

...and introducing the LADYBABY baby:

Here's the full show thanks to

After the gig we headed to the Meet & Great for pics and autographs:

Our day finished off watching the chindonya group BENTENYA

Another fantastic day spent with wonderful friends!

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