Saturday, 15 October 2016

Games, guitar and horror

After what can only be described as a frustrating week I was looking forward to a nice chilled weekend. Today was a great start to that.  The morning was spent playing a little Star Wars Battlefront and then some Vermintide. This was followed by me cracking out the old acoustic for a bit of music and songwriting :) It was a much needed therapy session.

Toni and I popped over to Essex to see Helen and Keith in the evening. After a quick snack Toni and Helen went off to see some friends leaving Keith and I to indulge in a little cheesy horror film fun courtesy of the Horror Channel.

We managed to get three films in: Satan's School For Girls, The Curse Of The Werewolf and The Sand. Satan's School was absolutely dire with wooden acting and a terrible ending. The Curse Of The Werewolf was the Hammer classic so passed muster just for the ground that it paved (not bad for a film made in 1961). The Sand was hilarious and had us both shouting at the TV but at least there was acting, a reasonable plot and some awful effects.

Once Toni and Helen returned we enjoyed a lovely Indian meal and then there was much fun and laughter before we headed back home again.
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