Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Plans out the window and rescuing Jade

Well today didn't go as planned. I had wanted to leave early to be home to spend some time with Sam but a late in the day office emergency stopped that one in it's tracks. Problem contained I then tried to get out at my usual time only to have a further delay meaning that I then missed my usual train as well. Grrrrrr.

I did finally get home and Sam and I settled down to have some horror TV time when suddenly my phone rang. It was Jade in a panic as all the electrics in her flat had gone and she had been plunged into darkness. I rushed round there and scrabbled around in the airing cupboard to find the fuse box and thankfully it was just a tripped switch so things were restored quickly. Nice and simple and now she knows where the fuse box is too so can share that with Aaron just in case they get any future issues.

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