Friday, 11 August 2017

Gluten free inkypol and off to visit mum

Forgot to add this to my blog entry last night but we discovered a wonderful collection of gluten free inkypol in Tesco so we decided some sampling might be in order.

We can't wait to start sampling some of there :)

I worked from home this morning and then had a half day booked so that Toni and I could jump in the car and whizz off to Stratford-upon-Avon to visit mum. Before we left we watered the plants and I managed to capture this lovely web. You will probably need to zoom to see it properly.

The journey to Stratford was not an easy one with may of our roads acting more like car parks.

We did get here in the end though and were greeted with hugs, a smile and then gin and tonic and some lovely nibbles. I passed on the G&T but I did have the Angry Orchard cider that is in the horde above and it was lovely.

It was nice and relaxing just sitting around chilling.

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