Sunday, 6 August 2017

Sleeping in, big breakfast, Bones and homegrown dinner

It appears that there was a need for sleep today as we didn't get up until gone midday. We did discuss going out for breakfast but decided to save money and have pullits and iffits from the kitchen instead. Turns out this was a good plan as we had a load of yummy things that needed to be used so we ate a big breakfast and saved a load of cash too.

Toni was delighted as she tried her gluten free olive bread which she said was amazing. Not for me as I don't like olives but it did look lovely especially once the cheese was on it.

We continued our Bones marathon today and burned through the rest of season 10 and then move on to Season 11.

Dinner was a lovely pasta dish with a sauce based on homegrown tomatoes and also our giant mushroom.

The flavour in the mushroom was absolutely amazing. Out of this world.

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