Tuesday, 12 June 2018


Sometimes Star Wars fans can be the biggest bunch of a***holes in the world. Some of them seem to live in a world where they can't be happy unless they are bitching about the universe they profess to love so much.

When The Force Awakens was doing the rounds Daisy Ridley was forced to shutdown her Instagram account due to receiving a load of abuse from so-called fans. Now Kelly Marie Tran has had to do the same after suffering from months of racial and sexual harassment. This is frankly disgusting behaviour from people who are just not able to deal with the direction that their beloved Star Wars is moving with claims of having their childhoods destroyed. Maybe the problem is they never matured and grew up!

Now I still love all things Star Wars past and present (well maybe with the exception of The Holiday Special) and I am happy to see how things continue to develop.

The clip below is beautifully done and has things spot on. Watch from the two minute mark if it doesn't start there automatically.


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