Friday, 15 June 2018

Slower paced day and Lucifer is saved #SaveLucifer

It was a much slower paced day today which was a welcome change. No emergencies, not a lot of issues and I even got to go home earlier than usual. RESULT!

Just before Season 3 of Lucifer ended it was announced that Fox had decided to cancel the show much to our disgust. The show was doing well and had a massive fanbase but became the victim of corporate decisions. Brooklyn Nine-Nine was another show that received a mysterious cancellation from Fox but after an internet campaign it was picked up by Amazon so the show would continue.

Lucifer leading man Tom Ellis was determined to try and find a new home for Lucifer and there was a #SaveLucifer campaign started by the fanbase and stars of the show. The good news was received today that those good guys at Netflix had picked up the show and so there will now be a Season 4 (and hopefully beyond).  I can't tell you how amazing this news is for everyone here in Glitzville.

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