Sunday, 22 December 2019

Berliner Weihnachtszeit, Peter Pane and Eisbären Berlin

Today we went to the Berliner Weihnachtszeit at the Rotes Rathaus, another Christmas market near to Alexanderplatz. It was much colder today and somewhat foggy first thing (I decided to not use the word mist as we were in Germany). This is the TV tower (you will see more of it later)

Awwww, how cute....

Of course it would be very rude not to pose in front of the weihnachtsbaum:

There was meat looking like an extra from Hellraiser!

The fog started to lift and so the TV tower returned (just)!

Of course when you are presented with a chuffing huge ferris wheel it is quite usual to consider a ride....

This was a much better weihnachtsmarkt experience for us. We might have bought quite a few things throughout the day. Of course that was the whole point of going in the first place so job done :)

We popped into Peter Pane for dinner as it is next door to our hotel. We love it there and visited quite a lot during the summer. The winter experience was just as good.

Peter Pane's Lemonade

Amazing burgers

My gorgeous wife! LOL

After the noms we hit the train to Warshauer Strasse and headed to the Mercedes-Benz Arena to watch Eisbären Berlin against Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers.

You don't see many crowds like this outside of hockey games in the UK

We had fabulous seats:

The team introduction was a spectacle just on it's own.....

Everyone was given a fan for making noise. Now this place holds 14.000 and it was almost full so there was a LOT of noise.

The atmosphere was electric. I don't think I've ever experienced anything quite like it. The Eisbären have a very vocal fan base with a large number of blocks all chanting in unison throughout the whole game with people actually conducting them.

Eisbären Berlin won the game 2-0. The first two periods were quite thrilling but they did try and defend the lead in the third. Great game though and we'll definitely be back again at some point.

This was an absolutely brilliant day.......

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