Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Magickal focus ritual to protect Britain from fracking

Following a Facebook call from The Dolmen Grove yesterday, Toni and I prepared for a magickal ritual this evening, focusing on the plans for fracking around Britain.

"The Dolmen: The Calling an appropriate song for the on coming days.
At 9pm tomorrow night Grove members every where and anyone else who are half clued up on the issue of Fracking in the UK.
Please take some time to focus your MAGICK.
It will be a long journey but one that must be made if we wish to have an Earth worth living on.
United we shall change the future.
An awareness must be made to the general public everywhere, of the process called Fracking, let us pray the support to oppose this ridiculous process will be of all people who have a natural love and care for this earth.
Fracking will effect everyone regardless of belief or religion, it wont matter how rich or poor you are."

You can hear the song >>>here<<<

We started off with a new incense burner and then warmed up the Tibetan singing bowl and drum.

After a good period of warm up and preparation we headed out to the garden to perform our ritual which was also being performed by our pagan brothers and sisters all across the country. It's quite amazing how much energy two people can create together.

Here's the impromptu altar that we set up in the garden. Its a bit sparse but it did the trick.

A meditation and focus ritual may not seem like much in the grand scheme of things but in conjunction with all the pagan rituals being held at the same time; with all of our energies focusing on strengthening mother earth and changing these dangerous plans for fracking, we feel that we can make a difference.

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