Saturday, 12 September 2015

A meal with good friends

Today we broke free from the ties of home and went out for the evening to meet up with friends and have a meal. Things kicked off with everyone meeting up at Daraline Towers for a quick coffee and chat. Caz & Daz, Sara & Elmo plus Darren & Traci had the gang back together for the first time in AGES.

We then walked round the corner to try out Turku Art Cafe (a deviation from Kirvans,our usual restaurant of choice). The starters were really nice and their cherry juice was amazing! The main meals were lovely too although not everyone in our party agreed! Turned out that the two people least tolerant of spicy food were surprised to find that a dish that was not spicy in Kirvan's was actually very spicy in Turku Art Cafe. I shouldn't mock the afflicted but it was a tad amusing:

The really disappointing part was finding out there was no dessert when we all wanted some! That was just not! We then wandered back to Daraline Towers to spend a lovely time chatting and generally larking about. 

We had a brilliant time and it was great to all be together again. We've made a vow not to leave it so long until we do it all again!

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