Sunday, 6 September 2015

Dolmen Grove Essex Moot

It was off to Grays today for our Dolmen Grove Essex Moot. It's been a while since I've been as I have had to cover Pam for the last couple of meet ups. En route we saw this wonderful car sticker:

Icthus Car Sales - for a deal built on trust. So amusing to see something like this. The logo on the left is supposed to be a wheel but actually looks like a pentagram!

Here's the logo from their website:
EPIC FAIL Ichthus Car Sales!

We had a brilliant time at the moot. Helen did an excellent talk on crystals which included some practical exercises too. I came away with some tiger's eye gold:

...and also a brand new pendulum that called out to me. It's made of sodalite:

Toni ended up with some rose quartz.

She was also drawn to a nice piece of orange calcite

...and this wand style clear quartz:

It was a brilliant day and so great to catch up with everyone again as well as see some new people that have started attending :)

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