Saturday, 5 September 2015

Funky shoes and pistachio ice cream

It was a funky shoes day today. I love these:

Toni and I took Pam out to Ziyafet to meet Jamie and Jade to have a meal together. I kept things light and had lamb ribs for a starter, sea bass with rice for my main and was delighted to find that they had pistachio ice cream on the dessert menu. Rishta stopped doing it a while back and I was craving some so this meant a very happy KT! Here's a picture just for mum as she loves it too *grin*

It was delicious with lovely large bits of pistachio in it too just as it should be.

As the hockey season has started again here in the UK I decided to watch the Capitals v Giants webcast. It wasn't a bad game by any means and despite losing 3 - 5 the Capitals at least seemed to have the potential to be a reasonable squad this season.
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