Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Back to work, new door, workmen and Shamanic Workshop

First day back at work today which was just delightful LOL. No it was fine but I'd rather have been off still.

Highlight of the day was coming home to find that we have a new door (finally). It's very nice:

On the downside we've had the council's contractors come and dig up the pavement across our drive which has caused a fair bit of chaos. This is the result of about an hours worth of work.....

According to Toni the rest of the day was spent either talking or at Richard's Cafe. No doubt they'll have billed the council a full day multiplied by the number of workmen!

A chilled evening followed as Toni, Zoe and I went to Giselle's for the next part of our Shamanic Workshop. Meditation and dream work was the order of the day here with some tasks to take forward.
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