Sunday, 27 September 2015

Chilling with Sam

Sam and I got to spend some time together today as Toni headed of the moot and I stayed behind to keep an eye on Pam so that Sam didn't have to do it again (as he watches her quite a lot).

We started off with a good two player session on Samurai Warriors 4 on the PS4. This was a random purchase that I had made after the game showed up on a search on Amazon relating to something else. Have to say I was quite impressed. It's a silly over the top game with great graphics that is fun to play (especially in co-op mode). It's not the sort of game that I would ordinarily play but I'm certainly glad I picked it up.

We then took a break to indulge in a horror film. Having watch The Collector the other day we settled for the sequel, The Collection. Both of them are good films (in the Saw style). Lovely twist at the end left us hoping that someone will green light the third film which is tentatively titled The Collected.

So, we set a new record today for bailing out on a bad film. We got less than three minutes into Rumpelstiltskin before we both dived for the off button. Just to add insult to unjury we then picked a film at random which was Vanishing On 7th Street only to be confronted with the horror of Hayden "effing" Christiansen being in it. I don't mind him myself but Sam can't stand him LOL. I am pleased to report that the acting wasn't really much better than his Star Wars efforts but there at least long periods where he didn't speak! We didn't actually get to watch it all as Jamie turned up and we ended up talking instead.

It was a good day spending time together and I think he needed it this weekend :)

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