Sunday, 17 January 2016

A little snow and snuggling on the sofa

We had a little snow overnight. Not a lot mind but enough to show it did. I wanted more but maybe it will come at some point.

We didn't get up until gone noon today which was a novelty. It was even more unique because Toni actually slept all the way through as Pam had a rare settled night.

We took it easy today and just chilled out. Breakfast from Richard's was accompanied by The People Versus George Lucas. This was an interesting docufilm with lots of people whining about the changes that George made to the Star Wars original trilogy and just for the existence of the prequel trilogy. It was funny to watch how worked up people got about the whole thing and their complete denial that anyone could actual enjoy the prequels. Nerd anger can be quite an amusing thing. 

 The rest of the day was spend watching the Harry Potter films all snuggled on the sofa. I seem to enjoy these films more each time I watch them which is nice as I was not a massive fan to start with so my appreciation is growing. We got the first three done today and I have a feeling we'll do the rest throughout the week :)

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