Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Early morning exercise, new sofa and long busy day

Today was busy as a busy thing. It started off getting up at 7 and having to move a sofa out of the living room and into the garden to make way for a new one that was being delivered. The new one arrived at 7:15 but the men couldn't get it in the house as it was bizarrely packed in a box! Their rules said they weren't allowed to unpack it so Aaron and I had to and then get it in the house. That was far too much exercise for first thing in the morning.

New sofa safely installed in the living and it was time to work from home. I started at 7:45. There was a break of around thirty minutes but I then worked through until 17:45. One long ass day in which I managed to review a document for the boss and take a call with him and then complete peer reviews for twelve colleagues! That was a marathon session that's for sure.

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