Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Interview burnout, Pam's new muff and a visit from dad

It was a relief to have one of the two interview candidates cancel today as I think I am nearing interview burnout. Sometimes you just need to be able to get on and do some work LOL. I don't mind doing them at all but having done so many in the space of two days was just a little too much. In future I'll try and recommend that we spread them out a little rather than taking the overlapping compact approach.

Toni has been hard at it on the crochet trail again. This time she has made Pam an amazing muff. It looks fabulous and this is such a great photo:

We also had a visit from dad tonight who was down in London and business and was staying over for the night. It's always great to meet up and have a catch up. We introduced him to the wonders of Hell's Kitchen.
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