Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Day off and more ink for Toni

I had a day off today. Toni was off to have more work done on her tattoo so I was on Pam sitting duty. We kicked things off with breakfast from Richard's before Toni went and I then settled down to have a nice relaxed day. New Japan and Combat Zone Wrestling took care of some of my time :) I probably should have been more productive but I was feeling a bit flat.

The flat soon went away when I saw the awesomeness of Toni's new ink. Here's some snippets of the work that she had done:

I'll be getting the goddess in the bottom right square done on my right arm to match Toni's. Can't wait to get this done!

Here's an updated shot of Toni's green man, just look at those eyes:

Given previous posts you won't be surprised to hear that we carried on watching more Tattoo Fixers tonight although All4 are slow in getting their catalogue updated so we'll have to stop soon and find another tattoo show to watch.

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