Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Day off, anarcho punk, gluten free yums and hockey

It was a day off for me today. I held the fort so that Toni and mum could go and spend the day at Eltham Palace. This was Toni's first proper day off since 27th December so I was more than happy to provide cover.

I spent the day listening to Crass and Conflict. You just can't beat the good old anarcho punk classics.

Toni and I did a late night Tesco run to get some bad stuff to eat. We were absolutely delighted to find these new gluten free yummy items! Whilst this might not seem like an amazing thing I should explain that regular corn flakes and rice snaps are not gluten free as they are coated in wheat flour. A big thumbs up to Nestle for doing this!

Gluten free biscuits done in the style of my favourites!

We finished the day off watching Tampa Bay Lightning v New York Islanders in game one of their second round series. As the New York Rangers are now out our support was for the Lightning as there was no way we would support the Islanders. Things started badly with the Lightning trailing 1 - 3 at the end of the first. It was even worse at the end of the second with the Islanders leading 4 - 1. Despite trying to mount a comeback the game ended with the Islanders winning 5 - 3 and so leading the series 1 - 0.

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