Friday, 29 April 2016

Zizzi and Captain America: Civil War

Today was one of those rare days where Toni and I actually got to go out and spend some time together. We started off with a lovely meal at Zizzi.

 Non-alcoholic cocktail to start!

Melted cheese and bread

Pulled beef

Chocolate and banana calzone

After the noms we hit Cineworld to go and see Captain America: Civil War. Whilst I there had been doubts about this film I left very impressed. There were some very interesting character developments that I enjoyed and the action sequences were superb. I won't give anything away though. Here's a trailer if you haven't already decided to go and see it.

Oh yeah, there was Spider-Man, did I mention Spider-Man? Spider-Man was good and I am very very excited about the new Spider-Man films now!
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