Sunday, 17 April 2016

Veggie heaven, Sara & Christian visit and new hair

It was a good day today. Toni and I started thing off preparing lots and lots of vegetables for dinner.

Two different colours beetroots

Many different colour carrots:

Being slowly assembled into a lovely dish that will be roasted:

The base for cauliflower/broccoli cheese (white sauce based):

Variation on a theme that will just have cheese rather than the white sauce:

Carrots prepped to be stir fried:

Sara and Christian arrived and engaged in catch ups and Zoe, Toni and I had hair cuts.

After the hair cuts came our delicious roast dinner which we all shared. There was roast beef for those that wanted it too but Toni and I stuck with just the vegetable dishes.

Skipping the beef was a real challenge for me but I am so glad that I did. Having a massive plate of the vegetables just left me content and full. Meat had been making me feel a little clogged up so it was nice to have a roast dinner and not feel that way. 

It was lovely having Sara and Christian over as we always have such a laugh with them but sadly they had to depart.

Our evening finished off with Toni and I watching the New York Rangers bear Pittsburgh Penguins 4 - 2 to tie their first round Play Off series 1 - 1. 

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