Thursday, 14 April 2016

Looong day and bento time

It was a long old day today. Stupidly I went in at my normal time having forgotten that we had a town hall meeting across the whole of our organisation that was scheduled to run at least an hour past my usual leaving time. Saying that, it was a productive day and the meeting was actually quite interesting (which surprised me LOL).

The plan had been to go and see Batman v Superman tonight but that has been put off until tomorrow. In other news we have managed to sell the Chrysler Grand Voyager so now we are back to being a VW club again with just the Polo and the Campervan on our drive.

It's been a while since we did it but Zoe and I went into bento mode tonight preparing our lunches for tomorrow. Some new tools made it great fun!

My elongated penguin

A proper penguin

Zoe's panda

Some extra bits and a sleeping penguin

Zoe's bento zoo

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