Sunday, 24 April 2016

House blitz, mum arrives and hockey marathon

Another day of not having to wake up too early which was much needed. Breakfast was once again provided by Richard's which was a good idea at the start although Toni ended up being glutened so we might not be doing that any more!

After the noms it was time to give the house a bit of a blitz in preparation for mum coming to stay. Next up was prepping another gorgeous roast dinner similar to what we did last weekend. Mum arrived just after five. Last time she visited was before Christmas so it was great to see her again. Tea and catch up was then followed by dinner.

We were spoiled with lots of hockey today. There were three games all of which decided the fates of teams in the First Round of the Stanley Cup Play Offs. Now the Rangers are out we are looking for a team to adopt. Washington Capitals advanced to the next round after beating Philadelphia Flyers 1 - 0 to take the series 4 - 2. I was happy with this and I can easily see the Capitals in the Finals. Dallas Stars made it really hard work to beat Minnesota Wild 5 - 4 (after being 4 - 0 up) to take the series 4 - 2. This was another result that I was OK with.

Sadly the third game didn't go my way. New York Islanders were leading Florida Panthers 3 - 2 in the series so I was hoping the Panthers could tie things up. They were 1 - 0 up at the end of the second when I went to bed so I was hopefully. Sadly I awoke to find that they has lost 1 - 2 after double overtime so this mean the Islanders are through winning the series 4 - 2. As a Rangers fan I most certainly won't be supporting the Islanders in subsequent rounds LOL
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